A Scenario for a Peaceful New World Order

We live on a planet Earth with a unique blend of Cosmic Life Forms. These were planted here for a unique experiment: The test of Free Will!

The Supreme Creator is interested to get feedback upon how we use our divine freedom.

Mother Earth is experiencing a rapid spiritual Awakening and Ascension this year.
Jesus/Sananda published his channeled Autobiography on Internet, January 7, 2014.
He will probably introduce himself as a Christ Consciousness during summer.

In  2015 it is time for An International Peace, Spirituality and the Futures Conference.

See the rest of this three year old scenario in  http://www.peace.se/?p=157

About Ove Svidén

Ove Svidén was born on March 10, 1937 at 12:15 in Stockholm, Sweden. M.Sc., 1960, Aircraft Engineering, KTH, Royal Inst. of Technology, Stockholm. B.A., 1980, Psychology, Education, Politics at Linköping University. Received a Ph.D. 1989, on Scenarios, Dept. Management and Economics, Linköping University. Futures Research 1988-91, Systems Engineering and Consensus Formation Office at Drive Project, DGXIII, Brussels. CEO at ARISEeeig on Road Transport Informatics, 1992-99, Brussels. President, World Peace Foundation from 2001-, Stockholm (www.peace.se).
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