Webmaster@peace.se Patrik Kling

Our patient webmaster@peace.se Patrik Kling is a gift from Cyberspace. His able hands and mind, did lift my old home page into a modern Web Site: www.peace.se, separated the Swedish and English texts, organized its scenarios, letters and two blogs. One for the local Swedish readers: Filosofens blogg: www.peace.se/blogg , and one for an international audience interested in more wide ranging issues:  Peace Philosophers Blog: www.peace.se/blog

Furthermore, Patrik did join us in 2010, without asking for money! He just wanted to be part of the World Peace Foundation success story from the very beginning, I may assume. In any case, I am very glad for the face-lift he was able to achieve for us at WPF on the Internet and World Wide Web. And remember having offices in two capitals and a webmaster in a third major town, is no particular problem in our modern Internet and World Wide Web.

And hear and behold, during the latest months, a young Ms. Natalie@peace.se has joined the WPF-staff as a junior webmaster at the WPF/Brussels-Office. She had the mature experience to propose an iMac- and iBook-competence to our effective Cybernetting World Wide. Thus she will bring her thin, slim low energy iBook as a notebook when she takes part in, and report from, an EU Athens Conference in April 2014.

On top of the above, it should also be mentioned that only some weeks Natalie found out that my smart iMac also was equipped with the programs for a Swedish keyboard  with an å, ä and ö key, geographically locaded where I expect to find them. The important thing of course is that i can now sign my Internet Bank transactions with the proper:  Ove Svidén

About Ove Svidén

Ove Svidén was born on March 10, 1937 at 12:15 in Stockholm, Sweden. M.Sc., 1960, Aircraft Engineering, KTH, Royal Inst. of Technology, Stockholm. B.A., 1980, Psychology, Education, Politics at Linköping University. Received a Ph.D. 1989, on Scenarios, Dept. Management and Economics, Linköping University. Futures Research 1988-91, Systems Engineering and Consensus Formation Office at Drive Project, DGXIII, Brussels. CEO at ARISEeeig on Road Transport Informatics, 1992-99, Brussels. President, World Peace Foundation from 2001-, Stockholm (www.peace.se).
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