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The Creator is here again to fulfil the Creation!

Prime Creator Announces the Beginning of The New Golden Age I am Creator.  I have asked Lady Portia to take this message to give to the world.It is my great pleasure to make an important announcement.  All important changes in … Continue reading

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It is I, Sananda.

THE NEW SCRIPTURE  Chapter 1   As many of you know, we are preparing to release of Prosperity Funds for the good of all humankind any day now, to free all from the grip of economic slavery. There are just … Continue reading

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A Scenario for a Peaceful New World Order

We live on a planet Earth with a unique blend of Cosmic Life Forms. These were planted here for a unique experiment: The test of Free Will! The Supreme Creator is interested to get feedback upon how we use our … Continue reading

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Our patient Patrik Kling is a gift from Cyberspace. His able hands and mind, did lift my old home page into a modern Web Site:, separated the Swedish and English texts, organized its scenarios, letters and two blogs. … Continue reading

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Ove is back in Brussels after 25 years…

World Peace Foundation has moved its blog and web activities to Cyberspace/Central Europe, start New Year 2014. Welcome to our English Blog, rather passive for some three years. On January 2, 2014. We bought a modern Office Mac equipped … Continue reading

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