In one of my recent articles for the Valdai Club (Military Alliances versus Collective Security, 19 December 2017) I concluded that ever since the stand-off between the Delian League, led by Athens, and the Peloponnesian League, led by Sparta, all the way up to the recent rivalry between NATO and the Warsaw Pact members, permanent military alliances have, with some rare exceptions, if not directly paved the way to military conflicts, then greatly contributed to rise of tension. It was mainly due to the mutual nuclear deterrence (or MAD – mutually assured destruction) that the Cold War didn’t turn into a hot one. Collective security and military alliances are antipodes that can coexist neither in space nor in time; one excludes the other. Having only recently said that, I didn’t intend to return to the matter, at least for a while. However, some recently published documents, most of which thus far have been classified, force me to revisit the issue.

On 12 December of last year, the National Security Archive [1] published 30 documents that unequivocally testified that during the 1990 negotiations between Soviet and Western leaders, it was indeed promised by the highest officials of leading NATO countries that while a unified Germany would be in NATO, the alliance will not move an inch closer to Soviet (now Russian) borders. These newly-revealed documents, about which the Western mainstream media has remained silent, debunk numerous allegations made by many Western politicians, diplomats and experts (with some prominent exceptions such as the former Washington Ambassador to Moscow Jack F. Matlock, or the former US Secretary of Defence Robert McNamara) that any promises of NATO not moving East given to the Soviet leaders are simply myths. For the sake of brevity let’s refer to just a few of them.

So, in response to those few in the West who had different recollections of those crucial days in 1990, Mark Kramer writes: ‘These assertions were sharply challenged at the time by other observers, including former U.S. policymakers who played a direct role in the German reunification process. George H. W. Bush, Brent Scowcroft, and James A. Baker, who served as president, national security adviser, and secretary of state in 1990 respectively, all firmly denied that the topic of extending NATO membership to former Warsaw Pact countries (other than East Germany) even came up during the negotiations with Moscow on German reunification, much less that the United States made a ‘‘pledge’’ not to pursue it. In 1997, Philip Zelikow, who in 1990 was a senior official on the National Security Council (NSC) staff responsible for German reunification issues, maintained that the United States made no commitment at all about the future shape of NATO, apart from some specific points about eastern Germany that were codified in the Treaty on the Final Settlement with Respect to Germany signed in September 1990. ‘‘The option of adding new members to NATO,’’ Zelikow wrote, was ‘‘not foreclosed by the deal actually made in 1990.’’ [2] Echoes Steven Pifer from Brookings Institution: ‘Western leaders never pledged not to enlarge NATO, a point that several analysts have demonstrated’.[3] Mary Elise Sarotte asserts that ’contrary to Russian allegations, Gorbachev never got the West to promise that it would freeze NATO’s borders. Rather, Bush’s senior advisers had a spell of internal disagreement in early February 1990, which they displayed to Gorbachev. By the time of the Camp David summit, however, all members of Bush’s team, along with Kohl, had united behind an offer in which Gorbachev would receive financial assistance from West Germany — and little else — in exchange for allowing Germany to reunify and for allowing a united Germany to be part of NATO’.[4]

And one may go on and on. Moreover, the promised financial assistance was mainly in the form of so-called ‘Bush’s thighs’ (parts of chicken sent by the US). However, in newly-revealed documents we can see that, for example, on 9 February of 1990 the then US Secretary of States James Baker communicated to the Soviet Foreign Minister Eduard Shevardnadze: ’There would, of course, have to be iron-clad guarantees that NATO’s jurisdiction or forces would not move eastward’ (U.S. Department of State, FOIA 199504567 (National Security Archive Flashpoints Collection, Box 38). The same day he states to Mikhail Gorbachev: ‘We understand the need for assurances to the countries in the East. If we maintain a presence in a Germany that is a part of NATO, there would be no extension of NATO’s jurisdiction for forces of NATO one inch to the east (Ibid).’

I refrain from quoting from the memos from various negotiations with the participation of other political leaders such as Helmuth Kohl, Francois Mitterrand, Vaclav Havel on the matter. They can all be found in the published documents. They allow Svetlana Savranskaya and Tom Blanton to conclude: ‘ The documents show that multiple national leaders were considering and rejecting Central and Eastern European membership in NATO as of early 1990 and through 1991, that discussions of NATO in the context of German unification negotiations in 1990 were not at all narrowly limited to the status of East German territory, and that subsequent Soviet and Russian complaints about being misled about NATO expansion were founded in written contemporaneous memcons and telcons at the highest levels’ (emphasis added).[5]

In reading all these documents there remains no doubt that those who have denied that such promises were made but were, or should have been, in the know, were spreading fake news, while various commentators, to use Harry Frankfurt’s philosophical definition [6], were talking bullshit. But as an international lawyer I would like to make some legal comments.

Yes, there were no solemn treaties signed or ratified on these issues. Therefore, there is some truth in claims that Gorbachev and Shevardnadze may have been naïve in believing in such oral promises, though fixed in different written memos. But there is no truth to claims that oral promises do not have political or even legal consequences. The matter is that international law knows so-called gentlemen agreements in oral form, as well as unilateral statements that create legal obligations. The UN International Law Commission (ILC), whose task is the codification and progressive development of international law, having studied state practice and the judgements of the International Court of Justice (ICJ), has adopted the Guiding Principles on unilateral declarations capable of creating legal obligations [7] that state: ‘Just as every State possesses capacity to conclude treaties, every State can commit itself through acts whereby it unilaterally undertakes legal obligations under the conditions indicated in these Guiding Principles. This capacity has been acknowledged by the International Court of Justice’. It is also generally acknowledged that the heads of State, heads of Governments and ministers for foreign affairs are competent to formulate such declarations ex officio, i.e. without special credentials called full powers. The ILC confirms that ‘while written declarations prevail, it is not unusual for States to commit themselves by simple oral statements’. The binding character of such declarations is based on the principle of good faith. The states concerned, in this case the Soviet Union and the Russian Federation, as the state continuation of the USSR, may take them into consideration and rely on them. This is what the Soviet Union did in 1990 and 1991. The ILC also emphasises that ‘such States are entitled to require that such obligations be respected’. Therefore, NATO expansion to the East, the continuation of this major Cold War institution, whose very raison d’être had been the containment of an enemy who has since disappeared, was not only the greatest geopolitical tragedy of the end of the twentieth and beginning of the twenty-first century; it has also been contrary to international law and significantly contributed to the weakening its core principles.

It is not easy to deny that during the Cold War NATO played a counter-balancing and crucial role in guaranteeing the security of Washington’s European allies vis-à-vis Moscow’s missionary strive. However, in the post-Cold War world, NATO has become not only an anti-Russian, but an anti-European organisation, in the sense that by means of the Atlantic Alliance, Washington has deprived Europe of any independent foreign policy decision-making power, particularly on matters of European and international security. Moreover, as military might and political levelheadedness are often at odds, and what may be enjoyable for Uncle Sam may not necessarily satisfy Marianne or Germania, such an outsourcing of European security has become dangerous for the Old Continent. Therefore, it is natural that many in Europe, particularly in Rumsfeld’s ‘Old Europe’, consider the current tension between Russia and the West as one of the greatest follies of the century, one that is mainly due to the policies of Western political elites. Renaud Girard has written that ‘we definitely lack a serious policy on Russia’ and ‘it is urgent that France become closer to Russia’ (‘que la France se rapproche de la Russie’).[8]

Already in 1998, George Kennan, the father of the containment policy vis-à-vis the Soviet Union, warned against moving NATO closer to Russian borders: ’I think it is the beginning of a new cold war. I think the Russians will gradually react quite adversely and it will affect their policies. I think it is a tragic mistake. There was no reason for this whatsoever. No one was threatening anybody else. This expansion would make the Founding Fathers of this country turn over in their graves. We have signed up to protect a whole series of countries, even though we have neither the resources nor the intention to do so in any serious way. [NATO expansion] was simply a light-hearted action by a Senate that has no real interest in foreign affairs. [9] In the end, NATO’s existence became justified’, observed Richard Sakwa, ‘by the need to manage the security threats provoked by its enlargements’.[10]

And here we are. And there is no way back to those 1990s, which were so promising but failed to deliver. What has been light-heartedly done cannot be undone in the same way. The hardest thing for politician to do is to admit their own mistakes or mistakes made by their states (my country, right or wrong). Therefore I don’t expect any apologies or that somebody would start sprinkling ash onto his/her head. I am writing these words in the hope that there are those, especially among the younger people, who may learn from the mistakes made by their predecessors, and think more in terms of collective security than in terms of military alliances. Security against others has always been short-lived and illusory.


[2] M. Kramer, ‘TWQ: The Myth of a No-NATO-Enlargement Pledge to Russia’, Centre for Strategic & International Studies, Spring 2009 (

April 1, 2009)


[4] M. E. Sarotte, ‘A Broken Promise? What the West Really Told Moscow About NATO Expansion’, Foreign Affairs, September/October 2014.


[6] H. Frankfurt, On Bullshit, Princeton University Press, 2005.

[7] Yearbook of the International Law Commission, 2006, vol. II, Part Two, pp. 368-381.

[8] R. Girard, ‘La diplomatie française doit en finir avec le néo-conservatisme’, Le Figaro, Vox Monde, 29 March 2016.

[9] T.L. Friedman, ‘Foreign Affairs; Now a Word From X’, New York Times, 2 May 1998.

[10] R. Sakwa, Frontline Ukraine: Crisis in the Borderlands (I.B.Tauris, 2015), p. 4.

Views expressed are of individual Members and Contributors, rather than the Club’s, unless explicitly stated otherwise.
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Peace is standing at the door

Judas Iscariot

Monday, January 15th, 2018

Channel: Ann Dahlberg


I am Judas Iscariot and I come with big news today. Peace is standing at the door dear children. Many efforts have been made to achieve peace on our Earth and it has yielded big results. There have not been as many countries that are at peace at the same time on our Earth for hundreds of years as there are today. It is a blessing dear children – A large blessing for you and for our Earth. How would we otherwise be able to build up a better word, if there is a continuously on-going war? It is hard almost impossible since all your resources are going to the war industry instead of for humanitarian ends. It is your world dear children on Earth and it is you who determine where the money should go and it is now time for you to invest them in yourselves and the Earth that you love so much. It has already started in some countries where they have realized what it is that needs to be prioritized first, for instance their own population so that they have food, water and a roof over their heads.

Everything that is done should be done with love. Live with love, build with love and cultivate with love. Yes, everything that starts with a loving heart will fall in place the right way today. It is the ground that Mother Earth now stands on and it is actions based in love that grow roots today. Everything else is split apart and falls apart. It can simply not manifest itself as well any longer. Earth has chosen and you have chosen which actions it is that will give the best results. The organizations that work for the light and love are the ones that blossom today. Use your common sense and take the steps that are needed to bring in love into your life. Everything is already there for you – it is your trust and belief in our Father and Creator that is lacking. The world is open for you. Feel within you that the world is open. See the light instead of the darkness. See the love instead of hatred. Have trust instead of distrust. Understand that you are everything and that you have everything already today.

You are the weapons of love that God sent to Earth so that you would spread your love wide around. You are love, pure love and this is all that you need to be in order for this world to become the loving place that you all now wish for. You have waited for yourselves and now you are here. Yes, some are missing, but you are so many now that the tipping point has been reached and love has already won in the game that you played. Your hunger for love was greater than your hunger for power and now you follow God’s path again and prepare the path for many others who have fallen a little behind. It is a path of light and love that you walk on and Heaven smiles down on you. It supports and encourages you so that the light shines yet stronger in your hearts. Your role is to be bearers of light and love and the actions that you commit they are carried out in love. It is a true honor to be one of the selected on Earth today. It is a true honor to be a bearer of light and love. There are many tears that have fallen in your cups before you mantled this lot on Earth. You have gone through much darkness and light on Earth. You have much experience of both of these types of energies. You both cure and make amends at the same time. However, you have always had a perfect and magnificent soul within you. This you have all of you dear children and it is time now to let it grow now to its magnificent size and love. You have a great light within you, so let it shine now and light up the world you live in and it will give you all you need.

Much love,





Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


The messages posted on can freely be posted by other Lightworkers with the proper recognition of the channel and the translator as well as the website source

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White Hats Report #62 – January 15, 2018

White Hats Report #62 – January 15, 2018

White Hats Report #62

2018 – The year the American dream is restored?

First of all, we’d like to wish everyone a Happy New Year as 2018 will definitely be a year to remember and history will mark it as a turning point for the US if not the world. What’s coming in the next 12 months will be unsettling for some, long past due for others but will be remembered as a cleansing of the planet.

But before we go forward, it’s important we revisit and review the past so the information is fresh in our minds as in everything, it is connected. Nothing is created out of a vacuum so we will attempt, in the coming weeks, to provide the trail so that everyone can connect the dots on the sophisticated scam that has been perpetrated on the world for the past decades.

As has been and always will be our emphasis, the coming storm from the White Hats and affiliates will concentrate on the world financial sector. We’ve made it our objective to expose the criminal fraud perpetrated on the people of the world by the banksters. That onslaught will not abate but will increase in both intensity and documentation in the coming weeks.

But first….a trip to the past.

*February 12, 2012*

This is the day Lord David James of Blackheath stole 10 minutes of time in the House of Lords, directed and supported by the London section of the White Hats. The information imparted during that short speech revealed the criminal fraud perpetrated by the Federal Reserve and all their co-conspirators: the banks, Homeland Security and of course, the deep state’s own shadow government organization, Pureheart Investments, LTD. He exposed the bank trading programs and their overnight profit percentages and exposed the Federal Reserve as nothing but a criminal enterprise, in existence for the sole purpose of pillaging the assets of the world and stealing money from every living soul inhabiting this planet.

The fraud disclosed in London that day included the creation of $15T out of thin air, backed by gold that didn’t exist and they didn’t own, sent to the shadow government’s prime criminal business creation, enabled by Homeland Security’s bank clearance code and ignored by law enforcement, politicians and the public on both sides of the Atlantic. But to the cabal, just another day of thievery and deceit, a normal occurrence for an industry with no accountability, no oversight and no consequences.

It’s past time this… everything else the Deep State has created to control the world….comes to an end.

The fraudulent transfer of $15T from the NY Federal Reserve to the account of Pureheart at the time was 150% of the total debt of the US. To the cabal entrenched banksters, it was a drop in the bucket compared to the theft they perform on a massive scale. Billions, trillions, quadrillions and more are just the norm for these bloodsuckers of humanity. The secret space program, black projects and blackmailing, compromising and/or murdering anyone who gets in their way, the money trail has to be followed to unravel this centuries old financial scam. The people need to be freed once and for all.


The winds of change are on the horizon, the storm building in several areas will soon be upon us. We will be creating our own Category 5 force by engaging our readers and followers to assist with the effort. The banking/financial sector of life is purposely created with complication so the masses stay in a constant state of confusion. Cash is actually debt, debt is actually paper, paper is actually worthless and this pretty much sums up the Federal Reserve…worthless. Outdated in their redundancy, criminal in their operation and destructive in their unending quest for total control of the masses.

Its time they were exposed, taken on and taken out. We will endeavor to provide a look behind the curtain to the ones pulling the levers of world domination.


We remain undecided on the current Robert Mueller investigation. We know his past which includes being sworn in as FBI Director exactly one week prior to the 911 charade. We know he protected Romney when he cut off Florida FBI agents from investigating the fraud perpetrated on Edward Falcone. We know he refused to extradite Michael Herzog after being arrested by German authorities with incriminating evidence of trading program contracts involving Bush 41. We know he has been running cover for the Bush crime family during his entire time as FBI Director.

Are we to believe he’s now changed teams and working against his puppet masters who he’s so loyally and submissively served his whole career?

Time will tell but we remain skeptical.

Late Update

Chatter is circulating within our realm that certain west coast law enforcement agencies are preparing to serve massive arrest warrants this week. There is no other information regarding Federal vs. State warrants, how many are to be served, what the charge or charges are and if they are all related. We provide this information so as to not mislead as some sites and voices have been preaching imminent arrests for months if not years. Unfortunately, the source of the information is so raw that no other details are available because the source simply does not know. It’s possible it could be confined to a local matter and not related to the reported 10,000 sealed indictments all across the country.

Or….it could be related.

If that’s the case, the release of the long awaited Inspector General’s report could very well be the trigger point for unsealing the indictments and starting the arrests. It is reasonable to assert that if Mr. Horowitz does his job, the IG report will be a very scathing rebuke of the abuses occurring within the FBI and DOJ. If Mr. Horowitz rises to the occasion, he will expose the criminality that has been running cover for the deep state/shadow government for the last 70 years.

We have reported on various schemes, frauds and deceits perpetrated by the cabal on the people of the US since 2010. We have cited and documented crimes committed by various named individuals both in the government and out, in both Republican and Democrat parties and been specific on other details such as times, places, dates and amounts.

In last year’s election cycle, Wikileaks revealed emails which cast a darker, more sinister shadow, even eclipsing our exposure of the fraud, bribes, theft and attempted murder. We’ve named names and been clear about the depth of involvement of who is part of the cabal: Bush, Clinton, Biden, Obama, Greenspan, Bernanke, Romney, Herzog, Guenette, Ackermann, Cheney, Geithner, Jarrett, Dewhurst, Nevin, Panetta, Paulson, Pelosi, Reid, Rockefeller, Soros, Volcker and more.

The one and only one reason they’ve been able to operate their criminal enterprise is because they controlled the FBI and DOJ. The two groups we depend on to arrest the criminals and enforce the law no matter who is breaking it, are compromised. The last few months of disclosures regarding Comey, McCabe, Strzok, Page, Weisman, Fusion GPS, Christopher Steele all serve as examples of the corruption.

There will be more.

-Posted on January 15, 2018

Now Airing – The Critical Post – Chicago


14 January 2018

Read more at …..

Source:  Sananda Website:

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Operation Disclosure – January 14, 2018

Operation Disclosure

RV/INTELLIGENCE ALERT – January 14, 2018

No further Cabal Military Industrial Complex D.U.M.B.’s have been discovered.

The MIC nuclear stealth submarine that was destroyed yesterday was the last vessel of the known MIC sea fleet.

The final authorization of the transition event is in the hands of the Elders.

All currency holders will be exchanged within 2 months.

The new financial system (a.k.a. GCR) will be slowly disclosed over the course of these 2 months and announced after the exchanges have completed.

GESARA will be brought forth within a course of 6 months after the RV.

Sources confirm, the optimal window of release is early this week.

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Operation Disclosure – January 13, 2018


Operation Disclosure !!!

RV/INTELLIGENCE ALERT – January 13, 2018

Yesterday, Jan. 12, an anomaly was detected off the coast of Hawaii which held off the RV release.

Today, Jan. 13, the cabal attempted to nuke the Hawaiian islands and put the blame on North Korea.

(Sources have confirmed that the false alarm today in Hawaii was a cover story. The attack was real. The media had their “North Korea Attacks the Hawaiian Islands” story preemptively ready. The cabal panicked when the attack failed. A cover story was shortly made up and the attack was branded as a false alarm. The Emergency Broadcast System does not lie. Someone pressing the “wrong button” simply does not happen. This was another cabal attempt to derail the transition process by fabricating a war.)

Missile launches were detected in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Hawaii.

The launches originated from the same anomaly detected yesterday, Jan. 12.

The missiles were immediately intercepted and destroyed.

The anomaly was revealed to be a nuclear stealth submarine.

The nuclear stealth submarine was located and destroyed shortly after the attempted attack.

Planetary scans did not detect any anomalies two days ago on the 11th.

The Alliance believes the submarine originated from another D.U.M.B. located somewhere in the Pacific.

The Alliance is now actively searching for said D.U.M.B.

All legal documents regarding the RV/GCR/GESARA are signed and sealed.

The Chinese Elders are withholding RV authorization until the situation has been resolved.

The Alliance expects to resolve the situation within a couple of days.

In the meantime, the Republic is preparing for the deliveries of the prosperity funds in the U.S.

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Israel’s Takeover of the Internet

Israel’s Takeover of the Internet

It has been learned that major social media and internet service providers have, throughout the past year, been meeting secretly with the United States and Israeli governments to remove content as well as ban account holders from their sites. — Philip Giraldi

The ACLU is working to reverse the FCC’s decision on behalf of the CIA and the Israel lobby to destroy Internet neutrality.

What is extraordinary is that the rest of the world has not created its own Internet that cannot be censured by Washington and Israel.

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Another Step Toward Armageddon

Another Step Toward Armageddon

Paul Craig Roberts

The US military/security complex has taken another step toward Armageddon. The Pentagon has prepared a nuclear posture review (NPR) that gives the OK to development of smaller “useable” nuclear weapons and permits their use in response to a non-nuclear attack.

As Reagan and Gorbachev understood, but the warmongers who have taken over America do not, there are far too many nuclear weapons already. Some scientists have concluded that even the use of 10 percent of either the US or Russian arsenal would suffice to destroy life on earth.

It is reckless and irresponsible for Washington to make such a decision in the wake of years of aggressive actions taken against Russia. The Clinton criminal regime broke Washington’s promise that NATO would not move one each to the East. The George W. Bush criminal regime pulled out of the ABM Treaty and changed US war doctrine to elevate the use of nuclear weapons from retaliation to first strike. The Obama criminal regime launched a frontal propaganda attack on Russia with crazed Hillary’s denunciation of President Putin as “the new Hitler.” In an effort to evict Russia from its naval base in Crimea, the criminal Obama regime overthrew the Ukrainian government during the Sochi Olympics and installed a Washington puppet. US missile bases have been established on Russia’s border, and NATO conducts war games against Russia on Russian borders.

This is insanity. These and other gratuitous provocations have convinced the Russian military’s Operation Command that Washington is planning a surprise nuclear attack on Russia. The Russian government has replied to these provocations with the statement that Russia will never again fight a war on its own territory.

Those such as myself and Stephen Cohen, who point out that Washington’s reckless and irresponsible behavior has created an enemy out of a country that very much wanted to be friends, do not get much attention from the presstitute media. The US military/security complex needs an enemy sufficient to justify its vast budget and power, and the Western media has accommodated that selfish and dangerous need.

Russia today is far stronger and better armed than the Soviet Union ever was. Russia also has an alliance with China, an economic and military power. This alliance was created by Washington’s threats against both countries.

Europe and Japan need to understand that they have responsibility for the resurrection of the Cold War in a far more dangerous form than existed in the 20th century. Europe and Japan, whose political leaders are owned by Washington, have taken money from Washington and sold out their peoples along with the rest of humanity.

The entirety of the Western World is devoid of intelligent political leadership. This leaves countries such as Russia, China and Iran with the challenge of preserving life on earth as the Western World pushes humanity toward Armageddon.

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Operation Disclosure – January 10, 2018

Operation Disclosure

RV/INTELLIGENCE ALERT – January 10, 2018

Intel blackout still in effect.

Duration of blackout unknown.

No information coming in from any sources.

The last remaining hidden cabal elements are assumed to have been discovered.

The Alliance is preparing for the final offensive hence the intel blackout.

Exchange rates for the new financial system are updated on a daily basis.

The new financial system is set, ready to go live.

The current old slavery financial system is a facade.

If the Alliance’s final offensive proves successful, the transition event will begin.

The transition event will start with the RV, GCR, then GESARA.

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Benjamin Fulford Complete Report, January 8th, 2018

The ongoing war over the control of the financial system, and thus control over the future of the planet, is reaching a dangerous crescendo, multiple sources agree. Most significantly, the U.S. military distracted world attention last week with a fake feud between U.S. President Donald Trump and his former consiglieri Steve Bannon while they used SpaceX to launch their secret Zuma satellite, Pentagon sources say.

This ElectroMagnetic Pulse (EMP) satellite was launched as the U.S. government’s January 31st payment deadline looms, and will be used against North Korea, the sources say. Since North Korea is a proxy and is really too analog to be affected by an EMP attack, this is clearly a veiled threat at the Swiss controllers who hollowed out the U.S. and built up China.

Please note that the Western secret government uses the movements of celestial bodies to time major geo-political events, and that January 31st is going to be the date of the first combination blue moon, supermoon, and lunar eclipse in 150 years.

Celestial events aside, the U.S. petrodollar system is in mortal danger these days now that major oil exporters Russia, Venezuela, and Iran are selling oil without going through the dollar system. U.S. agency attempts at regime change in Iran and Venezuela have failed so far; emboldening other major energy exporters like Qatar and Indonesia into thinking of bypassing the petrodollar as well. Furthermore, Russia just doubled its oil export capacity to China on January 1st with a new pipeline.

Pakistan has also dealt a serious blow to the old system by announcing it will use Chinese yuan in trade, while expelling 1.4 million Afghans and inviting China to build a military base there. This means that heroin income from Afghanistan could be threatened. Since the petrodollar is more accurately described as the petro-narco-dollar, this also a big blow to the old system.

With this background, China is considering January 18th as the starting date for oil futures trading denominated in Chinese yuan and gold.

This is why Pentagon sources are talking about an EMP attack, while CIA sources are saying, as reported last week, that a back door is going to be used to “shut down the financial system.”

In this context, it is also worth noting that an Iranian oil tanker caught fire off the coast of Shanghai last week. Most likely this was most likely a veiled warning to the Chinese by the U.S. military-industrial complex to let them know they can still cut off much of China’s energy. In other words, they are telling the Chinese to back off from unilaterally replacing the old financial system until a final agreement is reached on the new.

Meanwhile, now that the top ranks of the Satan-worshipping Khazarian mafia in the U.S. have been decimated, the white hats are grabbing top European pedophiles and Khazarian mobsters and taking them to the U.S. military base on Diego Garcia Island, Pentagon sources say.

Julian Assange is now in U.S. military custody and has provided actionable information to U.S. military and agency white hats. For example, they are now using Navy Seals to track “at least seven… shipping containers to stop human trafficking,” Pentagon sources say.

In the campaign against the Khazarian human slavers, the second episode of the BBC mini-series “McMafia” showed Russian and Eastern European women being trafficked into Israel via Egypt, the sources note. Immediately after the show was broadcast, Egypt rounded up 75 people for human trafficking. Also, the Israeli criminal mastermind Moshe Harel was arrested last week for running a worldwide human organ trafficking network.

There is also a major attack going on against Khazarian hedge funds and their operators, the Pentagon sources note. They note that 10 Khazarians, including hedge fund Bridgewater Associates executive Bruce Steinberg, were “killed in a Costa Rican plane crash.” Former FBI chief James “Comey used to work for Bridgewater, but this may be a message to the shadow bankers and their investors,” they add.

“Attacks on hedge funds and Israeli dirty money continue as former Och Ziff executive Michael Cohen was indicted for fraud in Africa, and he is linked to sanctioned Israeli billionaire Dan Gertler,” the sources continue.

Meanwhile inside the U.S., President Donald Trump dissolved the voter fraud commission after its work resulted in over 10,000 sealed indictments that are now being acted upon, they say.

Hillary Clinton’s Uranium One, Clinton Foundation, and email scandals are being reported on in most major corporate propaganda media now that an official investigation has been formally announced by the FBI and the Justice Department. “After burning files and computers at her New York house, Hillary may be hanged for treason,” the Pentagon sources say.

In fact, Hillary and many others should be hanged for mass murder, and not just treason. If this investigation is real, it will lead to the underwater nuclear weapons that were used off the coast of Haiti to trigger a tsunami and earthquake there. That in turn will finally bring so-called mainstream attention to the Fukushima nuclear and tsunami mass murder attack on Japan. This will inevitably lead to the long-awaited purge of Japan’s slave politicians and their Khazarian puppet masters.

As we have long reported, the Fukushima attack on Japan was part of a plan by the Rothschilds and their hidden Swiss masters to move their Asian headquarters from Tokyo to North Korea. Then Prime Minister Naoto Kan has publicly stated that he was pushed to evacuate 40 million people from Tokyo to the Korean Peninsula in the wake of that “disaster.”

In a sign of just how deep the rabbit hole runs, a recently published Japanese book claims that World War 2 Japanese Emperor Hirohito was in fact a Field Marshall in the British Army. Here are scanned pages from the book claiming to show copies of British military cables that back their claim. Members of the Rothschild family have told us in the past that the Japanese role in World War 2 was mainly to steal gold from Asia in order to ensure continued Khazarian control of the world financial system.

Meanwhile, a source claiming to represent “the good side of the Rothschild family” sent a diagram with the instruction “follow the white rabbit.” At the very top of this chart they claim that the Vatican and Catholicism are the key to understanding it all.

In any case, one Asian leader who is deeply in bed with the Khazarian mafia, Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak, is already preparing to flee, according to CIA and MI6 sources in Asia.

Here is the raw intel from CIA Asia:

“This is very important:

“And the last sentence is the punch line:

‘Najib has yet to publicly comment on Mahathir’s appointment. The prime minister is scheduled to visit Saudi Arabia this week.’

“My MI-6 contact in Malaysia told me that ‘Najib is attempting to get asylum in Saudi Arabia. He may not come back to Malaysia. The heat is on him. He has siphoned off more than $5 billion from Malaysia and everyone in the know is aware of it.’”

Remember, Najib has been embroiled in a missing funds scandal involving Saudi Arabia and Goldman Sachs. He is also a key person of interest in the missing Malaysian Air Flights 370 and 17.

Najib is unlikely to find any real shelter in Saudi Arabia, though, because the regime there is no longer under the control of his former partners in crime, who have been purged. The U.S. military now de facto controls Saudi Arabia.

He could try to seek shelter in the Ukraine instead, but it is unlikely that the Khazarian criminal government there is viable for much longer, either. That is because most of the Eastern European countries it counted on to help it provoke Russia are moving away from the Khazarian fascist EU project. This can be seen in the rejection by 16 Eastern European countries of the plan to import millions of single young Muslim males. It can also be seen in their embrace of the Eastern-looking Eurasian one-belt, one-road infrastructure project.

In Germany, the former bastion of the EU project, nationalists are on the rise and demanding independence again after 70 years of occupation government. Angela Merkel, the most senior Khazarian bloodline person in power in the West, has been told to resign by the anti-bloodline Gnostic Illuminati. Remember, the regime that Merkel represents has mismanaged Germany so badly that the German birth rate has plummeted and the long-term survival of the German volk in and of itself is in danger.

Now that renditions of senior European Khazarians has begun, she will not be able to cling to power much longer. Many people have already vanished from EU headquarters in Brussels. People are also dropping off the radar in Italy and Switzerland.

A revolution in the West is unfolding before our eyes. Let us see how long it will be before P2 Pope Francis negotiates surrender.

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Operation Disclosure – yesterday – was a military deception

Operation Disclosure


Multiple sources have confirmed a massive threat appeared yesterday, Jan. 7 and was neutralized by the Alliance.

The RV release that was scheduled yesterday was military deception.

A threat appeared and it was neutralized, the cabal fell for the bait as expected.

There’s only so very few of cabal remaining, eventually, there won’t be any more of them.

The RV is once again scheduled for release today.

Military deception again or not? Nobody knows… That’s the point.

If no more threats appear, the Alliance will begin the transition event. Starting with the RV, then the GCR, and GESARA.

Victory is on the horizon.

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