Fulford: The ‘tectonic plate shifts’ in the world’s power structure!

Benjamin Fulford Update – Donald Trump to go on November begathon to Asia – September 18, 2017

Donald Trump to go on November begathon to AsiaUS President Donald Trump is scheduled to go to Asia in November, officially to attend an APEC meeting but in reality to go on a begathon, multiple sources agree. The begathon is aimed at getting money to keep the bankrupt US corporate government going beyond the December extension it was given by its mostly Asian creditors.

The US corporate government was given enough money to continue operation for 3 months after its September 30th fiscal year end payments deadline because “they threatened to destroy the planet,” Asian secret society sources confirmed during a meeting last week with representatives of the White Dragon Society. In other words, they confirmed the entire recent North Korean brouhaha is nothing but a major extortion campaign.The WDS, for its part, recommended that the Asians give the US corporate government a choice for beyond December: “either accept the next payments through Canada in exchange for Canadian led reform of your political and economic system or else we will call your bluff on all out nuclear war.” It is a pretty safe bet what the Americans would do if forced to choose between nuclear holocaust and Canadians.

In such a scenario the US military chain of command would remain intact and possibly even take over the Canadian armed forces as well. In exchange, the Canadians would have control over politics and the economy during a clean-up of the sewer that Washington DC has become. Such a move is likely to have public support. American support of the politicians in DC is below 10% even while support for the US armed forces is consistently around 70%. By contrast, over 60% of Canadians support their government because unlike the bribed, blackmailed DC swamp, it actually works for the people.

In any case, the signs of imminent US bankruptcy and collapse are proliferating day by day so, the ability of the US corporate government to keep kicking the can down the road is ending anyway and some hard choices will have to be made.

In California, for example, Calpers, the largest public pension fund in the US, and one of the best managed, is being forced to cut pension pay outs by as much as 90%.


Meanwhile, the State of Pennsylvania is joining Illinois, Puerto Rico, Detroit and others in being unable to pay its bills.


These events reflect the fact the petro-dollar system that has allowed the US corporate government to live beyond its means for the past 40 years is collapsing. As has been widely noted, China has announced it will be buying oil used gold backed yuan, dealing a deathblow to the petrodollar. Now Venezuela, one of the biggest sources of US oil imports, says it will no longer accept payment for oil in US dollars.


Another sign of desperation was “the US going after Indonesia for a huge 40% import (penalty) tax on the palm oil… A bankrupt Nation scrambling for dollars in any way they can to keep afloat. Just remember who came here at the onset and convinced the Indonesia government, with huge under the table payments, to cut down the jungles in the first place,” WDS sources in Indonesia point out.
In these desperate circumstances US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin last week echoed earlier Tweets by US President Trump when he threatened to cut China off from “accessing the US and international dollar system.”


Multiple pundits and experts sounded the alarm at these comments because it is clear the US would lose any economic war with China and that trying to cut China off from the dollar system would destroy the dollar, not China. That is because the United States is the most indebted country in the history of the planet and a cut off of finance would lead to a drastic drop in US living standards and isolation of the US from the world economy.

The Chinese, who prefer harmony to nasty fights, have been giving lip service to US calls to “sanction North Korea,” so as to avoid giving the Americans a pretext to take rash actions. However, senior North Korean agents based in Japan say the sanctions are in name only and that the supply of goods from China and oil from Russia continues to pour into North Korea unabated.

The Khazarian mafia, for its part, is pushing hard for the US corporate government to accept the Paris accords as a precondition for further financing. This move is being spearheaded by top Khazarians in the Trump regime like economic adviser Gary Cohn and Trump son in law Jared Kushner.
The problem with the Paris accords, other than the fact they are based on pseudo-science by bribed scientists, is that they keep the Khazarian mob in charge of the world financial system. The Paris accords do give the Chinese a bigger seat at the table but they humiliate India and Japan and keep overall Khazarian control intact.

At this point we need to take a close look at the connection between the Vatican, the P2 Freemason lodge and the Khazarian mafia to understand what is really going on in this planet.

David Rockefeller and members of the British Royal Family as well as members of the Rothschild family all point to the P2 lodge -the would be creators of a fascist world Roman dictatorship- as both the real controllers of the US dollar system and the source of most of the world’s terrorism. Top Khazarian mob leaders like Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu work for them, these sources say.

In Japan this writer has systematically documented how the P2 lodge, then headed by top Jesuit Peter Hans Kolvenbach, was behind the March 11th, 2011 nuclear and tsunami mass murder terror attack against Japan. Now Asian secret society and top Japanese gangsters sources both confirm that, since the Fukushima terror incident, truckloads of Japanese 10,000 yen bills (the equivalent of US $100 bills) have been shipped up to Fukushima. There the money is recycled to politicians and gangsters even as the public excuse being put out is that it is all being spent “cleaning up Fukushima radiation.” In other words Fukushima is being used as an excuse to launder radioactive money not radioactivity.
Former Japanese Finance Minister Heizo Takenaka is still one of the top Khazarian sub-contractors distributing this Fukushima terror money, Japanese gangster sources confirm.

Pentagon sources say “the war against the cabal in Japan will escalate after the removal of Pacific Commander Admiral Harry Harris,” due this year end.

In the meantime though, Japanese security police sources say that Khazarian slave Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is being informed in advance of “North Korean missile launches,” and is given a script to read in response. This charade is being carried out not only to extort money with the threat of nuclear war but also to create a plausible excuse to ramp up the widely despised Abe’s fake opinion poll support, the sources say.

If Pope Francis really is sincere about reforming the Vatican and the P2, he needs to come clean about Fukushima and reveal the documented involvement of Kolvenbach and his henchman Netanyahu.
Netanyahu’s “unprecedented trip [last week] to Colombia, Argentina and Mexico will do little to stop the war on Mossad and the war on drugs by the Southern Command, which was, and perhaps is still led, by General John Kelly who now runs the White House,” Pentagon sources point out.

Netanyahu’s trip prompted US Defense Secretary James Mathis and Northern Command’s General Lori Robinson “to visit Mexican military leaders in Mexico city September 15 after bibi [Netanyahu] left, to take down Mexican drug cartels,” the Pentagon sources say. The Mexican 8.1 quake may have been a cabal attempt to force Mexico to stop aid to [Hurricane] Harvey victims, the sources add.
Netanyahu may have also been seeking a place for political asylum because he knows the real Jews in Israel are waking up to the fact he is a Satan worshipping pseudo-Jew and are preparing to put him in jail where he belongs.

The Israelis are being forced to deal with their Satanic leadership because their Daesh mercenary army is being thoroughly defeated by a de facto alliance between the US military, Iran, Russia and Turkey. Even the Mossad linked Debka site acknowledges this reality by reporting a US/Russian pincer attack against Daesh.


The tectonic shift in the old power balance in the Middle East was underlined when Turkey, which has the second largest NATO army, announced last week it was buying Russian S400 anti-aircraft missiles.


The Pentagon sources also say that speeches on the September 11, 911 anniversary by US Trump, Mattis, Dunford and others “promise actions against terrorists (Bush-Israel) while refusing to name Saudi or Islamic terrorism as perpetrators.”

Taken together with the purge last week of 16 top Saudi officials, this may well mean Saudi Arabia’s new King Salman is cutting off his nation’s secret alliance with Israel in order to maintain the US military support his regime needs to survive. This means Israel too must purge its Satanic leadership if it is to survive.

The tectonic plate shifts in the world’s power structure now taking place are so huge that humanity may be liberated this autumn.


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PCR: Donald Trump’s presidency has been wrecked by hate groups

September 18, 2017 | Categories: Articles & Columns 

Whatever Happened to America?

Paul Craig Roberts

Over the course of my lifetime America has become an infantile country.

When I was born America was a nation. Today it is a diversity country in which various segments divided by race, gender, and sexual preference, preach hate toward other segments. Currently white heterosexual males are losing in the hate game, but once hate is unleashed it can turn on any and every one. Working class white males understand that they are the new underclass in a diversity country in which everyone has privileges except them. Many of the university educated group of heterosexual white males are too brainwashed to understand what is happening to them. Indeed, some of them are so successfully brainwashed that they think it is their just punishment as a white male to be downrodden.

Donald Trump’s presidency has been wrecked by hate groups, i.e., the liberal/progressive/left who hate the “racist, misognynist, homophobic, gun nut working class” that elected Trump (see Eric Draitser, “Why He Won,” in CounterPunch, vol. 23, No. 1, 2017). For the liberal/progressive/left Trump is an illegitimate president because he was elected by illegitimate voters.

Today the American left hates the working class with such intensity that the left is comfortable with the left’s alliance with the One Percent and the military/security complex against Trump.

America, the melting pot that produced a nation was destroyed by Identity Politics. Identity Politics divides a population into hate groups. This group hates that one and so on. In the US the most hated group is a southern white heterosexual male.

To rule America Identity Politics is competing with a more powerful group—the military/security complex supported by the neoconservative ideology of American world hegemony.

You can find the rest of the very long PCR article here:

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“The Benevolents” are here to jump start our species’ ascension

“The Benevolents” – GCR/RV Intel SITREP – Monday – September 18, 2017

The world is a big scary place… so we are told. Full of terrorists and dictators, thieves and hidden dangers waiting to pounce on our naive but good nature.Until it’s not.

Which is precisely what’s happening this week in New York City.

We are told the supreme council is now in town to lay out how the world is going to operate less the negative power source that has been 100% removed.

These beings are known as “The Benevolents” and they are here to jump start our species’ ascension so we can rejoin the rest of the cosmic community

These benevolents aren’t human per se. So much so, they have an ability to communicate in a way, well, that gets the point across regardless of how corroded the hybrid humanoid heart may be.

The Benevolents are at the United Nations to mend all that ails humanity by presenting themselves in full frontal view to all elected leaders of the 193 sovereign nations before the UN General Assembly.

The global crime syndicate known as the cabal has no more higher mind “roof” protecting them. Those that remained on earth are both cornered and controlled. The renegade minions reduced to muted mice stuck in a trap with no cheese to nibble on.

As a result the introduction of peace on earth and release of infinite economic abundance will be on the docket for the first time human history.

Just like that… everything gloriously comes from nothing. And humanity ascends. Cue the Clarion Trumpets!

And a golden decade arrives whereby everything that was bad suddenly 180 reverses into everything that is good, and in a new and exciting global synergy arrives or is at least remembered as possible.

This means our collective time to rise and be counted as a divine creation is now here. Like right now. Today. Deal with it.

No parades. No ceremonies. No press. Just an hour or two in a sterile banking environment for a few of us, than we return home to make dinner, clean the car, pay some bills and most likely weep for days.

Ascension, humanity, is our God given birthright not some gift of 1,000,000 metric tons of bullion given by a gaggle of five hundred year old Chinese men.

Sure they did their job, but now they are counting on us to do ours.

We are the meek of this earth, who must run the next leg of this miraculous marathon, and get these gold backed funds out to the poor, the crippled, the hungry, the abused, the broken, the abandoned and the spiritually weary.

And it’s just us for the time being until more of the meek awaken and trust our sudden wealth isn’t going away anytime soon.

Chances are the people we must help won’t look like us, won’t speak like us, won’t pray like us, won’t even smell like us… but they will breath and bleed like us.

They will need to eat like us, love like us, laugh like us… as they too have families they cherish and communities they care deeply about. It’s our duty to get them whatever they need and never relent in our mercy.

God never quit on us did He?

They deserve the same amenities and graces offered to us in our lovely North American zip and postal codes. And it’s our moral responsibility as Human Angels to deliver the deepest of humanity’s desires.

Canadians and Americans alike have a huge burden in the post RV world as such.

See, we had those fast Internet connections, free email updates and dial in conference call codes.

We had the credit and debit cards needed to buy exotic currencies and the disposable income to hoard it.

We had the advanced delivery services to send out endless currency gifts, as well as the trained military and local police forces to provide us safe passage to and from these redemption centers (now controlled wholly by HSBC–Wells Fargo has been eliminated from the process due to multiple and brazen attempts of fraud).

Therefore, what we do moving forward from this week on really matters to just about everyone else on the planet.

And I say that with a straight and sober face. Zim holders imparticularly.

How we operate given the immensity of our blessing will be a burden. There’s no way around that. Whomever we decide to help, whatever issues we decide to tackle and lives we dare to touch as a result fall on us to make right on a universal scale.

Remember, everyone is chalked by those same benevolents who are at the UN today, addressing all those 193 sovereign nation leaders and informing them of the new de-quarantined planet known to us as earth (but as Urantia in other star systems).

Yes they will be actively assisting in our liberation from vibrational, energetic and spiritual enslavement. But the bulk of the responsibility to make wrong right lies on humanity to fix humanity.

That said, have you prepared?

Are you ready for this flood of mercy that’s no longer coming but now here?

Or have you evacuated from the humanitarian responsibilities and shoved the currency (and your courage) in a sock drawer like most to all?

Well, whatever choice(s) you made along the way will be redeemed this week. That you can bank on.

And whatever return you are left with post redemption will either be an authorization to fly high and free like a Human Angel or become a death sentence as the rising planetary consciousness drowns you in a shallow pool of sudden wealth.

Surrender was the key. Some did it. Most didn’t. Sobeit.

As for ZIM holders, the number of zeros in your account just intensify the heavenly responsibilities on your soul. As all the sudden wealth you harvest will ultimately be the weight of the bear you wrestle with everyday for the rest of your lives.

So if you need help, support, ideas, encouragement, projects to fund or an online family / digital community to connect with that is also trying to put the pieces together in the aftermath of the RV, you are welcome to join us now at the new Human Angel Services website by submitting your email and/or project:


We’re all committed to “healing the soul of the world” through “Top Down Philanthropy.” All true servants are welcomed.

It’s a tall order but one we feel compelled to fill no matter the personal sacrifices or individual cost.

This level of service is what we understand God wants for our lives–so we intend to be cheerful givers and serve Him with a smile–even when we feel like crying due to all the suffering we are witnessing in the field.

This is the life we have chosen as Human Angels. And as greater good servants, we accept being rewarded from the grace and mercy of an unconditionally loving and omnipotent Creator Source.

The money is nice, but the deep and meaningful connection to God is payment enough.

Know you a divine beyond measure and soon to know the sacred nature is your existence as a soul incarnates human being.

May Yeshua bless and keep as souls who are blessed to be reading or sharing this post.

God is with us.

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Give Up ALL War and start celebrating LIFE!!!

Saint Germain via Susan Leland

“You Have Come to a Place Where 
You Must Give Up ALL War!!!”
Ashtar On The Road Teleconference
September 12, 2017 
“I am St Germain, and I stand before you, most Beloved Family, with open Heart and open mind!  And I invite you to join with me in this energy because I have an announcement to make.  We have, as you might say, turned a corner, opened a new page, or come to a new place on our journey into the Higher Dimensional levels!  And because we have reached this place, it is not only not a time to put an end to war, it is a time to remove all war from your Hearts, from our consciousness, from our subconsciousness, from everywhere in your beings!!!
“Now, I have an overview. I’ve been around for quite a long time, and I could very well recite to you the details of every war that’s ever been fought on Planet Earth.  But I don’t go there.  And I ask that you not go there anymore!!!  We’ve all learned the lessons.  It doesn’t matter which war, or how many people were involved.  It could even be war within your own selves.  That’s the big one that you’re all struggling to get past now to some degree or other, some more than others, of course.
“It’s about any kind of war that is harmful or dangerous or hurtful.  And I’m not just talking about Humanity!  I’m talking about all members of Mother Gaia’s kingdoms.  What do you suppose happens to those kingdom members outside your door when someone sprays Roundup in the gardens?  That’s war!  What do you suppose happens when there is drilling into the very Earth, and poisoning in the search for the treasures, the very lifeblood of Mother Gaia?  That’s war, a form of war!
“Now, before we move on up and start envisioning the way things will be, I am merely telling you it is time to let go of whatever sorrow, whatever grief, whatever anger and, yes, whatever fears – because this is all fear-based – you may have.  
“This constant propaganda about war!  Look at yesterday on your calendars.  That was the anniversary of 9/11.  How many of you saw something that dredged up the emotions of that day so that you could feel all of those 3D emotions all over again?  And how many of you – and be honest with yourselves – how many of you are afraid that there’s going to be another 9/11, or that North Korea is going to bomb Los Angeles, or some such thing?  It is not going to happen!!!  WAR IS OVER!!!
“And it is time for everyone to give up war on all levels – all thoughts of war.  You can’t bring them with you!  You can bring an overview without emotion of fear.  But you cannot bring the emotions of fear that war creates, war of any kind, with you.  So give it up!  Don’t go there anymore.  Release it and say a prayer if you wish, a prayer of release, a prayer of forgiveness and, yes, while you’re at it – and this is very hard, and I have no desire to demean in any way, the sorrow of anyone who has either himself or herself been a victim of war or has had a family member who has – but this is time to stop grieving and start celebrating LIFE!!!
“It is time to say, ‘Thank you, we have learned’ just like in the song.*  What she is singing about is a massively conscious determination that there is a better way.  And we all know that anyway.  So give it up.  Don’t celebrate war and its events.  Rather celebrate Peace and Freedom because, Beloved Ones, the Golden Age has all of that for you and more.  You just can’t bring the anger and the grief and the sorrow and all the fear-based emotions with you.  Leave them at the doorstep, if you want to see it that way, and come on in!
“Oh, what a beautiful, beautiful time we’ll have!  And there are going to be many, many changes.  You all know about all of the weather, the upsetting weather that’s been taking place Worldwide.  And yes, some of it has been aggravated and induced even.  
“Well, remember the weather in the Golden Age is temperate everywhere – except in the very highest of mountaintops – conducive to growing whatever you want to grow.  And you’ll get to a point where you’ll simply think it and there it will be – a field of flowers, for instance.  There will be no more harshness in the weather.  Mother Gaia will be singing with you to partner.  The lion shall lie down with the lamb.  And predatory plants and animals, along with predatory humans, will not be there!  It’s that simple.  
“Perhaps one day the transcripts of Ashtar can be accessed to recall his immortal poem – I shall say that I can say that.  He wouldn’t say that, but I can say it.  It is called ‘Ode to the Extinct Mosquito.’  You will enjoy that tremendously!  And so when there are more people to help at Ashtar On The Road, perhaps that can be accessed.  There are boxes and boxes of transcripts and tapes from those early years, as well as the later years.  So!  All I’m telling you is to let your imaginations go!  Access your Divinities and be in that High Dimensional place, and all of these concerns will not be there.
“By all means, follow what’s going on – with Love.  Seize the moment, it’s not just about carpe diem – it’s seize every moment!  You start thinking, ‘Oh, oh, somebody’s doing something really bad.  Turn that around and send them Love, Compassion, Forgiveness and ultimately Gratitude!!!
“Every, every, every event that you and all of Humanity have ever lived has a bright side to whatever has taken place.  Find that lesson, find that Light, find that Love and rise up into the place where you are secure and free and joyful and, most of all, where that Loving Peace fills the entirety of your being and you have become a Golden Age Being of LoveLight!
I am here with you now, and yet I am here to welcome you to that High place.  So be joyful, Beloved Ones!  Check your baggage at the door – you don’t need it anymore – and come on up and join the great Gathering of Loving Beings who are already here to welcome you, because this is what you have ordained for yourselves as your destinations here on the Higher Planet Earth in the Golden Age!!! And so it is.  Namaste!”
*St Germain was preceded by “Last Night I Had the Strangest Dream,” sung by Joan Baez.
Transcription by Marta.
Given through Susan Leland, September 12, 2017. www.AshtarontheRoad.com  
© Ashtar On The Road Publications 2004-2017.  All rights reserved; however, this is a gift to all of us and it may be distributed freely on condition that all accreditation is acknowledged and that no part is altered or deleted.
Source:   http://sananda.website/saint-germain-via-susan-leland-september-12th-2017/
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Time for a New Gold-backed Financial System

“The Choice” – GCR/RV Intel SITREP – Friday – September 15, 2017


The schedule is set.

The moment the USD ends worldwide, the USN begins, and we redeem. Sobeit.

Intel from the East is patient and disinterested in the ever building desperation.

Intel from the West is anxious, consumed with immediate performance to stave off collapse.

Never have I seen these two law hidden “news feeds” in such polar opposition.

Which to believe? Neither.

The truth lies somewhere in the middle.

Redemption momentum is gaining with unprecedented strength, while the cabal structures of yesteryear vanishes from the face of the earth.

And by vanish I mean disappear. Poof. Gone. As if it never existed and can only be reviewed researching the memory of history that you personally lived.

You’ll never find a record of the GCR/RV on the Internet.

You had to live it. And live it we did.

Today we know all indigenous races and their leaders are gathered in the Philippines for a weekend of historic ceremonies announcing the liberation of humanity.

The Maharlika (Lemurian name for Philippines) is a very special place historically and vibrational as it relates to the earth’s major key lines.

Israel was the cabal’s long planned New World Order headquarters because it lied on the 33rd Parallel North, and where they were to create a perfect division of the world, one below the 33rd parallel in abject poverty, and one above where the master Anglo race would be cultivated and allowed to thrive if they managed the other human races of color.

Now I realize that sounds racist, but beyond the religious imagery and overt color references, but understand this is battle between good and evil waged for -3 millennia and understood this way by on the front lines of protecting earth and its native inhabitants.

Clearly something “ain’t right” with all that is happening today. That’s because all is being restored to its original truth, including the currencies and overall financial system.

Hence the chaos. Many hurricanes if you will. And then will come the calm after the storms have passed. Also known as the RV.

Those who desire to participate in the transition remain, those who do not depart. Pretty simple.

That goes for all wealthy sovereign families patriarchs, world leaders, military generals and titans of industry.

God or not God is the choice.

All will make it. Most have.

A few still resist and this is what we are witnessing–the late adaptors or non adapters making their own individual choice.

The Yosef persona was activated for this community because of the unending wealth and responsibility coming into your earthly existence.

His face matters less than his message of abundance, harmony, surrender and yes radical truth.

How you interacted with “Yosef” is how you interact with yourself.

Upset with him is upset with yourself. Indifference is indifference. Praise is praise.

At your core place of knowing, this is how you communicate with thyself and why his messages appeared so multi-polar… as Yosef was appealing to all colors across the human spectrum within everyone choosing to participate in the transition as a Human Angel or otherwise the world over.

Know you have been called into service now. Activated just like Yosef to execute your divine covenant in service of God.

And you will encounter similar resistance, indifference and adulation as He did. Thus allow the Yosef experience–good, bad and ugly–serve as an example for yours.

Nothing more, nothing less.

God is with us

Source: Human Angel Services

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The Pentagon Is Spending $2.2 Billion To Arm Syrian Rebels & Falsify Paperwork, September 14th, 2017

The Pentagon Is Spending $2.2 Billion To Arm Syrian Rebels & Falsify Paperwork

A joint report published yesterday by the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Program (OCCRP) and the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network (BIRN) alleged that the Pentagon is supplying up to $2.2 billion worth of Soviet-style arms and ammunition to Syrian rebels.
This may come as a shock to some, as President Donald Trump just announced in late July that he was ending a covert CIA program that funded Syrian rebels, which seemed like a regime change for the U.S. government. The CIA has been creating, arming, and funding terrorists and rebels for a very long time. This isn’t new information, but many had hoped that this practice would come to an end after Trump’s latest decision.
Nevertheless, the Pentagon continues to funnel record breaking amounts of weaponry into Syria. What’s worse, the U.S. government is attempting to cover it up by allegedly falsifying the paperwork.

OCCRP Report Reveals Pentagon’s Involvement in Syrian War

Through analyzing procurement records, shipping information, official reports, leaked emails, and interviewing insiders, the OCCRP and BIRN discovered how the Pentagon is fuelling the Syrian war. Please keep in mind that this is entirely separate from the CIA program Trump just ended that was funding Syrian rebels as well.
The report states that the U.S. strategically uses “vaguely worded legal documents” that makes it difficult to establish where the weapons actually end up, which could potentially hinder efforts to stop arms trafficking and “puts the Eastern European governments who sell the weapons and ammunition at risk of breaching international law.”

Foreign Policy reported:

The program sidesteps long-established checks on international weapons trafficking, the report alleges, and appears to be turbocharging a shadowy world of Eastern European arms dealers. . . .
According to the report, many of the weapons suppliers — primarily in Eastern Europe but also in the former Soviet republics, including Kazakhstan, Georgia, and Ukraine — have both links to organized crime throughout Eastern Europe and spotty business records.

You can refer to the below diagram to get a better understanding of how much the Pentagon is planning to spend on arming Syrian rebels:
Although the reporters were able to track down most of the purchases, one large purchase that was made — to the tune of $479.6 million — specifies no end destination at all. The reporters’ analysis of said purchase suggested that it will likely end up in Syria, but it’s still strange that no end destination stated.
Part of the evidence suggesting that it will end up in Syria lies in multiple contracts signed in September 2016 that originally cited Syria, but these references were deleted from public record when the researchers contacted the Pentagon to ask about them in March. When asked about this specific purchase, the Pentagon refused to comment. The researchers did, however, make copies of both the documents before and after the Pentagon altered them.
Balkan Insight, which is hosting the original investigative report, explained: “Seven US procurement documents were whitewashed to remove reference to ‘Syria’ after reporters contacted the Pentagon to enquire about whether the exporting countries – Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Ukraine and Georgia – had been informed of the destination.”
Another issue this report and the Syrian war in general helped to shed light on was the U.S. government’s change in quality requirements for weaponry. Previously, the Pentagon required suppliers to provide them with weapons that were no older than five years old, but the U.S. recently changed these requirements given the scarcity of supplies in the surrounding area.
These lower standards haven’t come without a price, however. A Pentagon contractor died in 2015 from a decades-old RPG exploding at a firing range in Bulgaria. The contractor was supposed to train Syrian rebels, but died as a result of these older, lower quality weapons. Not only is the U.S. still using older weaponry, but they’re still using that same contractor involved in the incident as well.
The Pentagon was also caught allegedly undermining the arms control systems. The report reads: “In supplying the Syrian rebels, the Pentagon has used highly unusual and misleading legal documentation that exploits a loophole in the system designed to prevent diversions of arms to terrorists, embargoed groups, or war criminals.”

A Deeper Look at U.S. Involvement in the Syrian War

The U.S. government played a role in funding Al Qaeda, the Islamic State (previously known as ISIS), and rebels in the past, and the government clearly has a vested interest in the Syrian war given all of the misinformation it’s been spreading. This was brought to light late last year when the Pentagon paid a PR firm over $500 million to create fake terrorists videos and when the White Helmets were caught staging and filming fake rescue scenes (you can watch a video on this here).
Another example was when President Trump claimed there was a chemical weapons attack in Syria earlier this year, and mainstream media was quick to paint it all over the news, when in reality there was never any chemical weapons attack in Syria in April. It was simply a fabricated story perpetuated all over mainstream media (MSM). Higher-ups in the military and the CIA actually communicated this to Trump, yet he refused to listen to them and still launched 50 missiles at a Syrian military base.
Let’s not forget when North American MSM falsified data and reported that Russia bombed a hospital in Syria, when in reality that hospital still stands. The fake ‘al Quds hospital‘ news story was reported by CNN and PBS, stating that Russian airstrikes took down the hospital in April 2015, killing innocent civilians — none of which is true. In fact, Russia released satellite imagery proving that the hospital was still standing later in the year.
Plus, you have the White Helmets, a group posing as independently-funded aid-workers that MSM praises but is, in reality, tied up with the very terrorists they claim to stand against and funded by the West. Vanessa Beeley, an independent researcher and journalist, explained the White Helmets situation in the following statement: “What we are seeing here is an eradication of Syrian state institutions and the implantation of a Syrian shadow state by predominantly the UK and the US, but also supported by EU governments.”
In other words, Beeley believes that the White Helmets were created and funded by the West in order for them to represent a shadow government on the grounds. Beeley states that the White Helmets “are in fact multi-million funded, conservatively speaking, a hundred million dollars, from the US – $23 million via USAID; UK around $65 million; France is supplying equipment.”
There has been a heavy propaganda campaign surrounding the Syrian war, one that North Americans have been eating up and eagerly listening to via mainstream media and the U.S. government. If you watch the media, you probably blame Assad or the Islamic State for what’s going on, but who’s really to blame for it?
The U.S. government certainly is in part, because they’ve helped fuel the chaos on both ends by funding Syrian rebels and selling weapons to the Islamic State. Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard even proposed a bill recently in an effort to put an end to this government corruption, titled the “Stop Arming Terrorists Act,” which only received an alarming 13 supporters.
Gabbard was quoted as saying that the “CIA has also been funnelling weapons and money through Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar and others who provide direct and indirect support to groups like ISIS and al-Qaeda. This support has allowed al-Qaeda and their fellow terrorist organizations to establish strongholds throughout Syria, including in Aleppo.”
Even Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. spoke out about the Pentagon’s ties to terrorists, explaining:
In fact, many of the ISIS fighters and their commanders are ideological and organizational successors to the Jihadists that the CIA has been nurturing for 30 years. The CIA began arming and training the Mujahedeen in Afghanistan in 1979 to fight the Soviets. Following the Soviet withdrawal, the CIA’s Afghan Mujahedeen became the Taliban while its foreign fighters, including Osama bin Laden, formed Al-Qaeda. In 2004, then British Foreign Secretary Robin Cook told the House of Commons that Al-Qaeda took its name—meaning “database” in Arabic—from the voluminous CIA database of Jihadists—Mujahedeen foreign fighters and arms smugglers trained and equipped by the CIA during the Afghan conflict.
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Counterfeiters to be thrown out by September 30!

“Supernote” – HCR/RV SITREP – Wednesday – September 13, 2017


Back in October of 2013, the distribution of the $100 USD “Supernate” counterfeit bills got so bad they had to make a new $100 bill with an advanced light refractory security element built into every bill.

North Korea since the 1970’s was a known counterfeiter of Chinese Yuan, but began doing the same with the USD in the 1999’s and then kicked the program into hyperdrive in 2007-8 after the market collapse.




This was done to keep the USA, Inc afloat through the financial storm blowing in from the East after China threatened to pull the plug on the Western World’s entire old financial system via Lehman Brothers debt instrument calls.

This began where are at now–the total elimination of the old financial system highlighted by the elimination from existence of the USD permanently.

Some like the Church Bank are preparing for this doomsday scenario, banking and leveraging gold assets in other parts of the world not being dependent on the US banking system for our lifestyle or daily currency.

Others banks and credit unions won’t be as fortunate because they either didn’t have the foresight or war moral allegiances to overcome sovereign counterfeiters–the largest of these is Federal Reserve Board. A thieving group of Zionists have all gets thrown out September 30, 2017.

What makes the RV complicated is knowing who the enemy is, what’re they are, and what they have left up their sleeve, and when their cobra will strike next.

The USN has has yet to be voted into law by the Us Congress, which by GESARAS ownmandates, must occur before the new financial system can function in the United States.

So by Israel/dark nobility continuing to hold hostage negotiations and threatened the US Congress (Freedom Caucus in the House Republicans Lindsey Graham, John McCain and Democrats in the Senate).

No bill can reach the desk of a sitting US President, so he can sign it into law immediately. The USN and all other global revaluing currencies wait patiently on he sidelines just waiting its turn… so does the world… and so do we.

North Korea is but a pawn that pits the USA against China / Russia in order to start WW3, which is a fire the cabal must light in order to delay the global monetary reforms– which is their true death blow.

Legally we’re all waiting on Congress and then ultimately President Trump to start the RV by passing and signing into law the gold backed USN.

This is why banking details are secondary because without s recognized currency by the rest of the free world, our USD is s lame duck instrument of value being shot at by the minute by the rest of the world.

This is why North Korea is suddenly shooting missiles at Japan, and why Israel’s Netanyahu is traveling the world looking for a friend.

But it’s too late BiBi. Your bed is made. Trump’s too. Thankfully, our bed, bedroom and house are very different even though we too are waiting on the same thing.

It’s all about those damn USN still. Sobeit. God’s is with us.

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Amerika rider nu in i sin dödsdans som stormakt

Behold a Pale Horse, and its Rider is Death

Behold a Pale Horse, and its Rider is Death

Paul Craig Roberts

Two of America’s most populous states, Texas and Florida, are in hurricane ruins, and Washington is fomenting more wars.

The US national debt is now over $20 trillion, and Washington is fomenting more wars.

The entire world is helping Washington foment wars—including two targeted countries themselves—Russia and China—both of which are helping Washington foment more wars. Believe it or not, both Russia and China voted with Washington on the UN Security Council to impose more and harsher sanctions on North Korea, a country guilty of nothing but a desire to have the means to protect itself from the US and not become yet another Washington victim like Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Yemen, Syria, Serbia, and Ukraine overthrown in a US coup and now poverty-stricken.

I once thought that Russia and China were checks on Washington’s unilateralism, but apparently not. Both governments have been knuckled under by Washington and both voted to punish North Korea for striving to be sufficiently armed to protect its sovereignty from Washington.

Why are Russia and China repeating their same mistake that they made when they supported Washington’s no-fly UN resolution for Libya, a resolution that Washington and NATO stood on its head when they launched air attacks that helped the CIA organized “jihadists” overthrow Libya’s progressive government and murder Gaddafi?

Russia knows that it is surrounded by US nuclear and military bases. So does China. The question is: have Russia and China capitulated out of fear? Or is their cooperation with Washington a ruse while they prepare their own strike on Washington, or are the two misguided governments trying to cooperate with Washington a la sanctions so as to avoid having to confront a US military attack on North Korea?

It requires much competence to confront evil, and there is probably more evil in Washington than there is competence in Russia and China, two countries interested in being rich to an extent that it might cost them their sovereignty and existence.

When you see such potentially powerful countries as Russia and China collapse under Washington’s pressure in the UN Security Council, it makes you wonder if the various analyses of Washington’s many weaknesses are real, and if they are real, if Russia and China are aware of them.

How does one go about explaining why two countries, whose sovereignty is in the way of Washington’s world hegemony, help their known enemy bully yet another small country, especially one in their orbit of influence? How can Russia complain of sanctions against Russia based on nothing but Washington’s propaganda when Russia supports sanctions against North Korea based on Washington’s propaganda?

Russia and China have nothing to fear from North Korean nuclear weapons. Indeed, no one does except a country that attacks North Korea. What is the explanation for Russia and China lining up with Washington’s foreign policy against North Korea when Russia and China know that Washington’s foreign policy is hostile to Russia and China?

Just the other day Washington announced that it was increasing its navy warships in the South China Sea to make sure China doesn’t think the South China Sea is Chinese, instead of American, territorial waters. Just the other day more election interfering charges were leveled against Russia. This time Facebook was the mechanism by which Russia stole the US presidential election.

These positions taken by Washington are absurd. Yet, they are becoming the reality. The frightening development is that the entire world, the entirely of the UN and Security Council are now captured by Washington in The Matrix. It seems that not even Russia and China can any longer see their own national interest.

Russia and China are working hand-in-hand with Washington toward their own demise.

It is becoming biblical. Washington the anti-Christ is subverting all good on earth.

Behold, a Pale Horse, and its Rider is Washington.

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The rule of continuity of US foreign policy has again proven its worth



Less than nine months after Donald Trump promised to “drain the swamp in Washington DC,” he is chin-high in its mud. The rule of continuity of US foreign policy has again proven its worth. It is another matter that his concessions to the establishment, renunciation of many election promises and dismissal of campaign allies will do nothing to strengthen his hand. On the contrary, he is rapidly retreating from his positions, while his already shaky domestic policy standing is getting worse. For the Establishment, he will in any event remain an outsider and even an enemy, no matter how hard he toes the line. At the same time, he is losing the protest electorate that wants changes and voted for him in November last year. By all evidence, both America and the world should prepare for new Trumps and new upheavals.

In August, the establishment continued its resolute assault on the considerably weakened President and the remnants of his anti-establishment team and emerged victorious from both the bureaucratic infighting and the struggle to define US foreign policy.

At the bureaucratic level, the White House has been cleansed of all influential supporters of dramatic foreign policy change, renunciation of imperial policies, and promotion of narrowly egoistic national interests. The cleansing culminated in the dismissal of White House strategist Stephen Bannon, the main force behind America Above All policy and the architect of the Trump 2016 victory. With Bannon out of the way, the presidential staff has been swallowed by the traditional establishment. His six-month-long confrontation with National Security Adviser Herbert McMaster, who represents the traditional military establishment and has been seeking to convert the Trump administration to a “normal” Republican administration steering a “normal” Republican foreign policy, has ended in a complete victory for the latter. The inner circle of the rogue president now includes not a single influential supporter of a “roguish” policy. The takeover of Trump by the establishment has been accomplished and what is ostensibly “his” administration is currently dominated by a tandem of the traditional Republican political bosses and the traditional brass.

This has immediately influenced US foreign policy which, at the tactical level, is rapidly returning to its habitual mainstream rut. In late August, Donald Trump announced a return to the former policy on Afghanistan, a very indicative step. For at least five years in the past, he favored an early and complete withdrawal of the leftover US contingent whose presence in Afghanistan for 16 years (the longest war in US history) has cost 2,500 American lives and over $1 trillion. By all standards, this is a total failure. Leaving Afghanistan was a (and Steve Bannon’s) key election promise. But on August 21, Trump said he had changed his mind. This was a clear departure influenced by the now all-powerful establishment. Incidentally, both National Security Adviser McMaster and Defense Secretary James Mattis were against leaving Afghanistan.

Trump’s new Afghanistan strategy includes the following: first, to keep the US military presence indefinitely and transit from Obama’s time criteria (withdraw troops in 2014 and then in 2016) to condition-based criteria (depending on developments in Afghanistan). These conditions have not been defined – intentionally. Thus, the US will remain in Afghanistan for a long time, at least for as long as Trump is President. Second, to make an insignificant increase in the US contingent’s strength (according to experts and insiders, by 5,000 to 10,000 officers and soldiers); third, to urge the US’ European allies and other US partners to increase their contingents proportionally; fourth, to lift most restrictions on US military operations in the country; fifth, to call off the plan to build a US-style democracy in Afghanistan or any plans of state-building for that matter; sixth, to put more pressure on Kabul to implement reforms and fight corruption (these two goals are already mutually contradictory); seventh, to envisage the possibility of incorporating some “moderate” Taliban factions into the national government sometime in the future and to seek the weakening of the Taliban, rather than a complete rout, so they are ready for a political settlement on terms dictated by the US and Kabul; eighth, to bring tougher pressure on Pakistan, which is helping the Taliban by wittingly or unwittingly giving them refuge in its territory; and ninth, to intensify security and economic cooperation with India for the benefit of Afghanistan.

Though described as “new,” this strategy is not really new. In fact, it is only a slight adaptation of the Obama administration’s approach in 2011 (when the pullout of the bulk of the US contingent began).

First, it was Obama who began by increasing the US contingent to 140,000 but withdrew most of the force by 2016, leaving only 8,000 (that are in Afghanistan now) indefinitely. Trump continues this policy, but the extra force he is sending will not change the situation in any way. It seems clear that a force of 13,000 to 15,000 will not be able to do anything whatsoever, even if allowed greater operational latitude, where 140,000 US troops (plus allied forces and coalition partners), all engaged in active warfare, failed to defeat the Taliban and other Islamists, who currently control about 40% of Afghan territory.

Second, it was Obama who from the start attempted to force the allied countries and other US partners to boost their contingents in Afghanistan. But he failed despite the Obama craze that marked the start of his presidency. It is highly unlikely that the European NATO countries would like to meet Trump half-way against the background of increasingly uneasy trans-Atlantic relations. More likely than not, this US demand will create yet another irritant.

Third, the former administration likewise did its best to pressure Pakistan and see it as part of the problem. In fact, Obama began by looking at Afghanistan and Pakistan as a single knot of problems and he began bringing pressure on Islamabad. There were threats to strip it of US aid and withdraw its status of chief US ally outside of NATO, as well as drone attacks on Pakistani territory and special operations without the knowledge of the Pakistani authorities (Osama bin Laden was killed during one of these). As a result, the US had to discontinue its transit through Pakistan, with the latter increasingly drifting towards China. But Pakistan was no more loyal to America. Nor will it be now, given that Islamabad is firmly in the Chinese orbit.

Fourth, the reason for this is that Trump’s “new strategy” is similar to the Obama policy of intensifying its partnership with India. Both George W. Bush and Obama regarded New Delhi as a preferential partner regarding Afghanistan and Central Asia, seeking to use India as a counterbalance to an increasingly influential China. At the same time, Pakistan has been helping the Taliban and other Islamists in Afghanistan precisely to minimize the Indian influence. This means that the more active New Delhi is in the region, the more zealous Pakistan will be in supporting the Taliban and the Islamists. It is much more important for Islamabad to curtail the growth of Indian influence than to receive US aid.

Fifth, it was also among Obama’s priorities to refrain from bringing Western-style democracy to Afghanistan and pressure Kabul on reforms and fighting corruption. In 2009, he renounced attempts to create a democratic Afghanistan and focused on preventing the Taliban from reassuming power to turn Afghanistan into an oasis of Islamic terrorists. In fact, Trump has formulated this objective of US policy in the same way. Under Obama, the objective was pursued by combining aid to the Afghan government with demands to reduce the scale of corruption and implement reforms. Another vector was to try to weaken the Taliban as much as to make them sign an agreement with the Americans. The result was lamentable. Since Trump does not intend to stage large-scale operations in in Afghanistan, the result is likely to be worse.

Finally, sixth, there is nothing new in Trump’s plan to reach a political understanding with some moderate faction of the Taliban in the future. Obama attempted this between 2010 and 2012 and failed. The likelihood that the Taliban will accept a deal with Washington today, now that they are much stronger and will not be the target of operations, is small, if they refused to negotiate with Washington in a relatively weakened state, when the US was conducting a series of major military operations.

Thus, the Afghan strategy announced by Trump cannot change the situation in the country for the better. At best, Washington can prevent a rapid collapse of the current regime and the Taliban’s return to Kabul. In the meantime, the general situation in Afghanistan will slowly but surely deteriorate. It will be up to the next administration to clear up the mess and make bold decisions.

But Trump’s proposals could complicate the budding regional cooperation of the five leading regional power centers (Russia, China, India, Pakistan and Iran) and re-intensify the geopolitical rivalry in Central and South Asia just when India and Pakistan’s accession to the SCO has created favorable conditions for cooperation within the organization and thus for a gradual reduction in friction between India and China and prospectively even between India and Pakistan.

In effect, the US is emerging as a spoiler in relation to Central and South Asia. It will try to take advantage of the Indo-Chinese rivalry, the Indo-Pakistani antagonisms and Pakistan’s gradual reorientation toward China in order to wrest New Delhi from regional cooperation processes aimed at aiding Afghanistan and Central Asia and thus make improvements in the regional security and development situation less probable.

The United States has no intention of cooperating with other key regional players. Indicatively, Trump’s address made no mention of cooperation on Afghanistan either with Russia (while interaction with it between 2010 and 2012 was a crucial component of the positive agenda in bilateral relations), or with China, which plays an increasingly important role in the Afghan economy, or with Iran. This will only perpetuate a situation where parallel, uncoordinated and even controversial processes will develop relative to Afghanistan and the Central Asian countries.

Moreover, both the continued US presence in Afghanistan and US attempts to step up cooperation with India with disregard for identical cooperation with Russia, China, Pakistan and Iran could intensify geopolitical rivalries and tensions in the region and create two opposing groups of states: the United States and India, on the one hand, and Russia, China, Pakistan and Iran, on the other. Washington seems to be aiming precisely at this.

First, both Russia and China have long insisted on the United States’ final and definitive withdrawal from Afghanistan. They suspect that the indefinite presence of a relatively small US contingent incapable of putting up effective opposition to the Taliban and other radical groups is meant to promote US geopolitical influence in Central Asia. Now these suspicions will again be confirmed. From the point of view of both Russian and Chinese interests, Trump’s decision is the worst of all options, because the US neither “is doing the job” it undertook back in 2011, nor is leaving Afghanistan for good.

Second, the US orientation toward India is a sign that Washington continues to be committed to the Obama-era South and Central Asia concept, which is even reflected in the State Department’s organizational structure. The concept is aimed at merging these two fundamentally different regions into a single geopolitical entity and turning Afghanistan into a bridge of sorts between Central and South Asia, thereby stimulating its development. Its main aim is to break Central Asia from Russia, erode the Central Asian countries’ involvement in the EAEU and the CSTO, and balance Chinese influence in the region with the help of New Delhi. More likely than not, this will induce Russia and China to invigorate their policies. As a result, instead of serving as a cooperation hub, Afghanistan – and Central Asia – once again are at risk of becoming an arena of confrontation between Washington, on the one hand, and Moscow and Beijing, on the other, as well as a component of a new Russian-American and Chinese-American Cold War.

What does this mean for Russia? Primarily this confirms the fact that there are no longer opportunities to overcome Russian-American confrontation and start at least limited cooperation under Trump. Nor will there be any in the near future. Trump has surrendered to the establishment and become its puppet in an important foreign policy area that directly involves relations with Russia. It is highly unlikely that in the foreseeable future the “rogue” president will overpower the “inner state” and have his way in other crucial areas. Accordingly, there is likely to be little change for the better in US foreign policy with regard to Russia (especially Russia, considering its “instrumental role” in US domestic policy). On the contrary, Afghanistan and Central Asia will continue to be an organic element in Russian-American rivalry.

So, what conclusions can be drawn for the prospects of US foreign policy as a whole? And is it true that the traditional establishment’s containment of Trump will make America reassume its traditional globalist and imperial foreign policy aimed at retaining US “global leadership” and expanding a subservient “international liberal order?” On the surface, this is so, and the new Afghan strategy announced by Trump is meant to create the impression that America is committed to its globalist foreign policy and the global understanding of American national interests.

In fact, however, even against the background of the establishment’s containment of Trump, the United States continues changing its role as global hegemon to that of great power which pursues policies not so much in the interests of the system that is oriented to it as in its own, if egoistically understood, interests. Despite the traditionalist and globalist rhetoric, this is basically what we’re seeing in the new (old) strategy on Afghanistan.

First, the logic of American actions is purely selfish. The Trump administration has accepted an indefinitely long continuation of this senseless and hopeless horseplay in Afghanistan in order to avoid a shameful defeat rather than because it wants to promote long-term stability, security and economic development or prove the success of the US presence (neither can be achieved with the help of the measures announced by Trump). In the current situation, an American withdrawal will clearly show that the United States has suffered a fiasco and the initiative on the ground could finally be taken by the regional power centers, including hostile powers like Russia, China and Iran. It may also lead to the downfall of the current Afghan regime. This defeat, both military and political, is a second Vietnam. This is unacceptable for Trump, who has promised to “make America great again,” win victories and act from the position of strength. As a result, the ultimately inevitable decision is simply being passed on to his successors at the White House. In other words, the imperative is to take care of one’s own egoistic political interests rather than regional and international security.

Second, an indicative sign was the wave of criticism raised by Trump’s address on Afghanistan in the United States. It transpired that many members of the political and military elite understood the hopelessness of the US presence in Afghanistan, favored an immediate withdrawal, and even openly recognized that Trump’s initial plan to pull out troops was correct.

When the United States’ transition from the role of global hegemon to the role of great power, even strongest power, is complete, Russian-American relations will get another chance.

Views expressed are of individual Members and Contributors, rather than the Club’s, unless explicitly stated otherwise.

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Fulford: Fiat money collapse in US or Japan first?

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High level and high stakes Mexican stand off continues despite 911 weather warfare attack on US

The intense struggle at the highest levels of world power has become a Mexican stand-off with the Khazarian mafia staging weather warfare attacks on the US in a desperate attempt to retain control of the Federal Reserve Board. Hurricane Harvey, followed by Hurricanes Irma, Katia and Jose have all been associated with some sort of electro-magnetic beams emanating from Antarctica, US Navy sources say.


There was also confirmation of sorts in the so-called mainstream media that large 25 degree Celsius warm caves filled with life have been found in Antarctica.


The timing of this announcement may have just been a coincidence but it seems to be a way of letting the world know that Nazi bases built in volcanically heated caves in Antarctica before, during and after World War 2 are real. This is something the Russians have long been saying.

In any case, a senior source in the P2 Freemason lodge hinted at their involvement in the attack by saying “There is no way out for America, only the big agreement.” The P2 have previously claimed the ability to conjure storms, earthquakes etc. through esoteric rituals linked to astrological events. The journalist Lance Schuttler, who recently interviewed this author, has heard the same thing through his own sources.


The White Dragon Society, for its part, used its esoteric powers to weaken hurricane Irma but did not stop it entirely because it felt the US government needed a reminder on the anniversary of 911 that legal action has yet to be taken against the perpetrators of that act and the people who stole the US Presidential election in the year 2000, senior WDS sources acknowledged.

People who still refuse to believe the reality of weather manipulation technology are encouraged to read the article at the following link as an introduction to the topic:


In any case, Pentagon sources, for their part, say “Hurricanes, wars, and mayhem appear to be a failed cabal attempt to delay the global currency reset and gold-backed financial system as Irma downsized, and Katia, Jose lose their power.”

The weather warfare was only a small part of the high level brinkmanship going on as the September 30th payments deadline for the US corporate government approached.

The Trump administration and the military junta that backs it was using North Korea as an excuse to threaten all out nuclear war if the US government did not get funding to continue its operations past that day. Trump also used this tweet: “The United States is considering, in addition to other options, stopping all trade with any country doing business with North Korea,” to threaten to stop all trade with China.

As a result of all this bluster, the US government was given enough money to keep going until December in order to buy time for world leaders to come up with a more comprehensive conclusion to the ongoing US bankruptcy negotiations.

Asian secret society sources, for their part, are now saying they have backed off their plan to back bitcoin as an alternative to the current financial system. Although they did not give their reasons for this, they also admit the North Korean situation has kept them “very busy.”

For now at least, the Chinese have not gone ahead with their gold and yuan based oil futures trading, which would constitute a frontal assault on the US petro-dollar. Trump, for his part, having gotten a bit of money to kick the can down the road, has softened his North Korea war talk for now. The privately owned FRB as well as its Khazarian controlled counterparts the EU Central Bank and the Bank of Japan also got the green light to resume goosing world markets with unreal money.

In the US corporate media, this was all reported as though the three month extension in the US debt ceiling was entirely a US domestic issue that was solved via a compromise between Trump and Democratic Party officials.

This move has angered Trump’s base, with many former Trump associates now saying the Trump regime has de facto ended. Ousted Trump consigliari Steve Bannon gave an interview on CBS 60 minutes that was a “hit that unleashes him as eminence grise of Trump and wing man outside the White House to take on globalists, Republicans, China, and the deep state,” one Pentagon source claims.

CIA sources in Texas, for their part, say Trump’s compromise so angered Republican Party brass that Republican Senate Majority Leader “Mitchell McConnell and someone else put a contract out on Trump.”

What we have witnessed is little more than a temporary cease fire in a battle that is sure to heat up again over the coming weeks and months. What is at stake is control over the Federal Reserve Board and thus the right to print and distribute US dollars.

On that front, the Khazarian mob is still losing big time. “Israeli dual citizen, Rotshchild agent Stanley Fischer was booted out as FRB vice chair while goldmanite Gary Cohn was blocked from running the fed,” Pentagon sources note. The Trump regime is now going to be in the position to select 5 out of the 7 FRB governors, a situation not seen since 1936.

“It may well be that the FRB will be absorbed into [The US] Treasury when the gold-backed dollar is launched, as treasury Secretary [Steven] Mnuchin has refused to drop Andrew Jackson from the $20 bill,” the sources note. Jackson, of course, was the last US president who successfully ended Khazarian mob control of the US monetary system.

The system as it is currently run is unsustainable so, one way or another, a replacement will need to be found. The privately owned central banks have already put $2 trillion into propping up markets this year alone with the result that $7.4 trillion worth of bonds are now trading at negative interest rates. The financial markets are thus getting further and further out of touch with the real economy and no matter how hard the central bankers try to avoid reality, reality has a way of eventually catching up to you.



If the US military junta fails to take on the FRB within the US, the big move to end the privately owned central bank fiat money system may well come in Japan. A senior source in Japan’s royal family says that Japanese security police have compiled an arrest list of 700 Khazarian mob stooges in Japan. Of these, the top 70 are being followed 24 hours a day. Among those at the top of the arrest list are 5 former Prime Ministers, 4 former Bank of Japan governors, 3 former top Finance Ministry officials, 4 former chairmen of large banks and 8 top industrialists, the source says. The WDS has the list.
Source:  http://sananda.website/benjamin-fulford-report-september-11th-2017/

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