Source:  http://humansarefree.com/2011/09/history-of-house-of-rothschild-complete.html

The Rothschilds have been in control of the world for a very long time, their tentacles reaching into many aspects of our daily lives, as is documented in the following article.

However, before we jump to the timeline, let’s read this invaluable introduction which will help us to clearly understand who the Rothschilds are as opposed to who they claim to be.

Definition of Zionism: an organization of so called Jews whose goal is to create a nation for Jews.

Definition of Judaism: Jews collectively who practice a religion based on the Torah and the Talmud.

Just one of a multitude of Rothschild Palaces

Khazarian Ashkenazis

The Rothschilds “claim” that they are Jewish, when in fact they are Khazars. They are from a country called Khazaria, which occupied the land locked between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea which is now predominantly occupied by Georgia.

The reason the Rothschilds claim to be Jewish is that the Khazars under the instruction of the King, converted to the Jewish faith in (or about) 740 A.D., but of course that did not include converting their Asiatic Mongolian genes to the genes of the Jewish people.

The Thirteenth Tribe

85 – 90% of Jews are Khazars

You will find that approximately 85 – 90% of people in the world today who call themselves Jews are actually Khazars, or as they like to be known, Ashkenazi Jews.

These people knowingly lie to the world with their claims that the land of Israel is theirs by birthright, when in actual fact their real homeland is over 800 miles away in Georgia. Let’s Pretend We ARE the chosen people!

Source:  http://humansarefree.com/2011/09/history-of-house-of-rothschild-complete.html

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NATO serves the Anglo-American Military-Industrial Complex

Pence Goes to War: America Will be Fighting Forever

By Philip Giraldi

Pence may or may not have known that military academy graduates have only a five-year active duty commitment after graduation. Many do not stay in the service after that point, instead using their security clearances and resumes to obtain well paying positions with defense and national security contractors. Read more…

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Valdai: “Putin and Xi as a united front against Trump,”

SPIEF-2019 as the Moment of Truth for Russia and China (and not Only Them)

“Putin and Xi stand up in St. Petersburg as a united front against Trump,” CNN declared bluntly, summarising the results of the SPIEF-2019 in terms of the China-Russia-USA triangle. Equally clear and sober assessments were expressed shortly after the forum by many other influential press outlets and authoritative commentators. There is a “Moment of Truth,” when everyone simultaneously opens his or her eyes and observes the true state of affairs in the world. A moment that is priceless in the midst of information wars and fake news waterfalls. A moment that is impossible to “drown” in caveats and reservations, which differs to global decision-makers, who consider delicacy the surest sign of weakness, writes Viktor Sumsky, Director of the ASEAN Center MGIMO University.

It is clear that the question of whether Moscow and Beijing are becoming allied, given their mutual interests, is not simple. The whole process of normalisation, and the progressive development of these relations over the last quarter of a century, reflects the understanding that the alliance the two countries concluded in the 1950s proved ultimately untenable. Then again, that experience need not be repeated, as it is not necessary to cooperate against any third party.

Is anyone proposing the revival today of the very model of interactions that Stalin and Mao “forged” 70 years ago? On the other hand, the thesis that Russian-Chinese relations have now reached an unprecedentedly high level does not indicate a degree of mutual understanding beyond what was achieved within the framework of “that alliance”. Should the stated moratorium on uniting forces against a third party be treated as a religious commandment that is good for all time? 

Why not, given the rhetorical nature of these questions, come up with a thesis about a New Union, forged in response to the existential challenges that Russia, China and the world as a whole are encountering at the beginning of the 21st century? 

The reference to the existential nature of challenges is not an exaggeration. The updated versions of the US National Security Strategy and National Defence Strategy, approved by President Trump in 2017-18, clearly indicate that China and Russia are considered the global opponents of the United States. Since then, a number of other official American documents have been published which reference this assertion.

The assessments from two seasoned Asian diplomats, who spoke to me separately, are sobering. When the Americans tell you that you are an enemy, they say this with deadly earnestness, one diplomat said. When the Americans tell you that you are an enemy, they mean they want to destroy you, another diplomat said. 

Is it possible to imagine that given the current dynamics in relations that China and Russia have with the United States, as well as in light of Washington’s newest doctrinal exercises, the leaders of the Russian Federation and the People’s Republic of China are not exchanging views on how to respond – separately or together – to this alarming situation? When they exchange views, is not this the coordination of activity against a hostile forei

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Benjamin Fulford Reports, April – June, 2019



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Disclosure: Once the transition is complete, the healing and rebuilding of the world begins.


(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation of the world based on intelligence received from several sources which may or may not be accurate or truthful.)

The recent deaths of former officials and HRC’s brother are attempts by the Deep State Cabal to cover their tracks.

The Earth Alliance is in full control of Deutsche Bank (DB).

The collapse of DB will be initiated to trigger the crash of the stock markets and eventually the ultimate collapse of the fiat financial system.

The new Quantum Financial System (QFS) will then be implemented to stabilize the global economy.

The expected time frame for the RV to begin is before DB collapses.

The Earth Alliance will be overseeing the private redemption of RV basket currencies with their own security methods.

All exchanges will be transacted through the QFS.

All accounts will be monitored by the QFS.

All redeemer’s funds will not become immediately available until after the transition.

Funds will be held as a security precaution until confirmation arrives that the Deep State Cabal has been completely eradicated.

However, all redeemers will be compensated with high interest.

Once the transition is complete, the healing and rebuilding of the world begins.

Source: Operation Disclosure

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America’s intentions to dominate China, Russia and the World

This Outlaw Power: America’s Intent is to Dominate China, Russia and the World

By Christopher Black

On May 30th the US Department of Defense released its strategy paper for the Indo-Pacific region in which, after several pages of lies about its role in the world as savior and benefactor, set out America’s intentions to dominate China and Russia. It is another item of evidence that the United States government and its allies are conspiring to commit crimes against peace by planning, initiating and waging wars of aggression against those nations. Read more…

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Federal Reserve and the Bank of England financed WW II

Notre site en Français: mondialisation.ca

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Asia-Pacific Research

History of World War II: Nazi Germany was Financed by the Federal Reserve and the Bank of England


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First published in May 2016

More than 70 years ago was the start of the greatest slaughter in history.

The recent resolution of the parliamentary Assembly of the OSCE fully equalizes the role of the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany at the outbreak of the Second World War, except that it had the purely pragmatic purpose of extorting money from Russia on the contents of some of the bankrupt economies, intended to demonize Russia as the successor state to the USSR, and to prepare the legal ground for the deprivation of her right to speak out against revision of results of war.

But if we approach the problem of responsibility for the war, then you first need to answer the key question: who helped the Nazis come to power? Who sent them on their way to world catastrophe? The entire pre-war history of Germany shows that the provision of the “necessary” policies were managed by the financial turmoil, in which, by the way, the world was plunged into.

The key structures that defined the post-war development strategy of the West were the Central financial institutions of Great Britain and the United States — the Bank of England and the Federal Reserve System (FRS) — and the associated financial and industrial organizations set out a target to establish absolute control over the financial system of Germany to control political processes in Central Europe. To implement this strategy it is possible to allocate the following stages:

1st: from 1919 to 1924 — to prepare the ground for massive American financial investment in the German economy;

2nd: from 1924 to 1929 — the establishment of control over the financial system of Germany and financial support for national socialism;

3rd: from 1929 to 1933 — provoking and unleashing a deep financial and economic crisis and ensuring the Nazis come to power;

4th: from 1933 to 1939 — financial cooperation with the Nazi government and support for its expansionist foreign policy, aimed at preparing and unleashing a new World War.

In the first stage, the main levers to ensure the penetration of American capital into Europe began with war debts and the closely related problem of German reparations. After the US’ formal entry into the first World War, they gave the allies (primarily England and France) loans to the amount of $8.8 billion. The total sum of war debts, including loans granted to the United States in 1919-1921, was more than $11 billion.

To solve this problem, creditor nations tried to impose a extremely difficult conditions for the payment of war reparations at the expense of Germany. This was caused by the flight of German capital abroad, and the refusal to pay taxes led to a state budget deficit that could be covered only through mass production of unsecured Marks. The result was the collapse of the German currency — the “great inflation” of 1923,  when the dollar was worth 4.2 trillion Marks. German Industrialists began to openly sabotage all activities in the payment of reparation obligations, which eventually caused the famous “Ruhr crisis” — Franco-Belgian occupation of the Ruhr in January 1923.

The Anglo-American ruling circles, in order to take the initiative in their  own hands, waited for France to get caught up in a venturing adventure and to prove its inability to solve the problem. US Secretary of State Hughes pointed out: “It is necessary to wait for Europe to mature in order to accept the American proposal.”

The new project was developed in the depths of “JP Morgan & Co.” under the instruction of the head of the Bank of England, Montagu Norman. At the core of his ideas was representative of the “Dresdner Bank” Hjalmar Schacht, who formulated it in March 1922 at the suggestion of John Foster Dulles (future Secretary of state in the Cabinet of President Eisenhower) and legal adviser to President W. Wilson at the Paris peace conference. Dulles gave this note to the chief Trustee “JP Morgan & Co.”, and then JP Morgan recommended that H. Schacht, M. Norman, and the last of the Weimar rulers. In December, 1923, H. Schacht would become Manager of the Reichsbank and was instrumental in bringing together the Anglo-American and German financial circles.

In the summer of 1924, the project known as the “Dawes plan” (named after the Chairman of the Committee of experts who created it – American banker and Director of one of the banks of the Morgan group), was adopted at the London conference. He called for halving the reparations and solved the question about the sources of their coverage. However, the main task was to ensure favorable conditions for US investment, which was only possible with stabilization of the German Mark.

To this end, the plan gave Germany a large loan of $200 million, half of which was accounted for by JP Morgan. While the Anglo-American banks gained control not only over the transfer of German payments, but also for the budget, the system of monetary circulation and to a large extent the credit system of the country. By August 1924, the old German Mark was replaced by a new, stabilized financial situation in Germany, and, as the researcher G.D Preparta wrote, the Weimar Republic was prepared for “the most picturesque economic aid in history, followed by the most bitter harvest in world history” — “an unstoppable flood of American blood poured into the financial veins of Germany.”

The consequences of this were not slow to appear.

This was primarily due to the fact that the annual reparations were to cover the amount of debt paid by the allies, formed by the so-called “absurd Weimar circle”. The gold that Germany paid in the form of war reparations, was sold, pawned, and disappeared in the US, where it was returned to Germany in the form of an “aid” plan, who gave it to England and France, and they in turn were to pay the war debt of the United States. It was then overlayed with interest, and again sent  to Germany. In the end, all in Germany lived in debt, and it was clear that should Wall Street withdraw their loans, the country will suffer complete bankruptcy.

Secondly, although formal credit was issued to secure payment, it was actually the restoration of the military-industrial potential of the country. The fact is that the Germans were paid in shares of companies for the loans so that American capital began to actively integrate into the German economy.

The total amount of foreign investments in German industry during 1924-1929 amounted to almost 63 billion gold Marks (30 billion was accounted for by loans), and the payment of reparations — 10 billion Marks. 70% of revenues were provided by bankers from the United States, and most of the banks were from JP Morgan. As a result, in 1929, German industry was in second place in the world, but it was largely in the hands of America’s leading financial-industrial groups.

“Interessen-Gemeinschaft Farbenindustrie”, the main supplier of the German war machine, financed 45% of the election campaign of Hitler in 1930, and was under the control of Rockefeller “Standard oil”. Morgan, through “General Electric”, controlled the German radio and electrical industry via AEG and Siemens (up to 1933, 30% of the shares of AEG owned “General Electric”) through the Telecom company ITT — 40% of the telephone network in Germany.

In addition, they owned a 30% stake in the aircraft manufacturing company “Focke-Wulf”. “General Motors”, belonging to the DuPont family, established control over “Opel”. Henry Ford controlled 100% of the shares of  “Volkswagen”. In 1926, with the participation of the Rockefeller Bank “Dillon, Reed & Co.” the second largest  industrial monopoly in Germany after “I.G Farben” emerged — metallurgical concern “Vereinigte Stahlwerke” (Steel trust) Thyssen, Flick, Wolff, Feglera etc.

American cooperation with the German military-industrial complex was so intense and pervasive that by 1933 the key sectors of German industry and large banks such as Deutsche Bank, Dresdner Bank, Donat Bank etc were under the control of American financial capital.

The political force that was intended to play a crucial role in the Anglo-American plans was being simultaneously prepared. We are talking about the funding of the Nazi party and A. Hitler personally.

As former German Chancellor Brüning wrote in his memoirs, since 1923, Hitler received large sums from abroad. Where they went is unknown, but they were received through Swiss and Swedish banks. It is also known that, in 1922 in Munich, a meeting took place between A. Hitler and the military attache of the US to Germany – Captain Truman Smith – who compiled a detailed report for his Washington superiors (in the office of military intelligence), in which he spoke highly of Hitler.

It was through Smith’s circle of acquaintances Hitler was first introduced to Ernst Franz Sedgwick Hanfstaengl (Putzie), a graduate of Harvard University who played an important role in the formation of A. Hitler as a politician, rendered him significant financial support, and secured him the acquaintance and communication with senior British figures.

Hitler was prepared in politics, however, while Germany reigned in prosperity, his party remained on the periphery of public life. The situation changed dramatically with the beginning of the crisis.

Since the autumn of 1929 after the collapse of the American stock exchange was triggered by the Federal Reserve, the third stage of the strategy of Anglo-American financial circles started.

The Federal Reserve and JP Morgan decided to stop lending to Germany, inspired by the banking crisis and economic depression in Central Europe. In September 1931, England abandoned the gold standard, deliberately destroying the international system of payments and completely cutting off the financial oxygen to the Weimar Republic.

But a financial miracle occurred with the Nazi party: in September 1930, as a result of large donations from Thyssen, “I.G. Farben”, Kirdorf’s party got 6.4 million votes, and took second place in the Reichstag, after which generous investments from abroad were activated. The main link between the major German industrialists and foreign financiers became H. Schacht.

On January 4th, 1932, a meeting was held between the largest English financier M. Norman, A. Hitler, and von Papen, which concluded a secret agreement on the financing of the NSDAP. This meeting was also attended by US policymakers and the Dulles brothers, something which their biographers do not like to mention. On January 14th, 1933, a meeting between Hitler, Schroder, Papen and Kepler took place, where Hitler’s program was fully approved. It was here that they finally resolved the issue of the transfer of power to the Nazis, and on 30th January Hitler became Chancellor. The implementation of the fourth stage of the strategy thus begun.

The attitude of the Anglo-American ruling circles to the new government was very sympathetic. When Hitler refused to pay reparations, which, naturally, called into question the payment of war debts, neither Britain nor France showed him the claims of the payments. Moreover, after the visit in the United States in May 1933, H. Schacht was placed again as the head of Reichsbank, and after his meeting with the President and the biggest bankers on Wall Street, America  allocated Germany new loans totalling $1 billion.

In June, during a trip to London and a meeting with M. Norman, Schacht also sought an English loan of $2 billion, and a reduction and then cessation of payments on old loans. Thus, the Nazis got what they could not achieve with the previous government.

In the summer of 1934, Britain signed the Anglo-German transfer agreement, which became one of the foundations of British policy towards the Third Reich, and at the end of the 30’s, Germany became the main trading partner of England. Schroeder Bank became the main agent of Germany in the UK, and in 1936 his office in New York teamed up with the   Rockefellers to create the “Schroeder, Rockefeller & Co.” investment Bank, which “Times” magazine called the “economic propagandist axis of Berlin-Rome”. As Hitler himself admitted, he conceived his four-year plan on the basis of foreign financial loans, so it never inspired him with the slightest alarm.

In August 1934, American “Standard oil” in Germany acquired 730,000 acres of land and built large oil refineries that supplied the Nazis with oil. At the same time, Germany  secretly took delivery of the most modern equipment for aircraft factories from the United States, which would begin the production of German planes.

Germany received a large number of military patents from American firms Pratt and Whitney”, “Douglas”, “Curtis Wright”, and American technology was building the “Junkers-87”. In 1941, when the Second world war was raging, American investments in the economy of Germany amounted to $475 million. “Standard oil” invested – 120 million, “General motors” – $35 million, ITT — $30 million, and “Ford” — $17.5 million.

The close financial and economic cooperation of Anglo-American and Nazi business circles was the background against which, in the 30’s, a policy of appeasement led to world war II.

Today, when the world’s financial elite began to implement the “Great depression — 2” plan, with the subsequent transition to the “new world order”, identifying its key role in the organization of crimes against humanity becomes a priority.

Yuri Rubtsov is a doctor of historical sciences, academician of the Russian Academy of military sciences, and member of  the International Association of historians of world war II

Translated from Russian by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

ru-polit.livejournal (originally from 2009) 

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The new Quantum Financial System (QFS) will stabilize the global economy


(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation of the world based on intelligence received from several sources which may or may not be accurate or truthful.)

The collapse of the old fiat financial system is imminent.

The Deep State Cabal are bankrupt and therefore lack the funding to save themselves or retaliate.

Deutsche Bank (DB) is nearing the point of no return which will trigger a systematic implosion of the old fiat financial system.

What is left of the old fiat financial system (such as mega corporations, companies, etc.) will be auctioned off to new owners that are working with the Earth Alliance.

The new Quantum Financial System (QFS) will then be implemented to stabilize the global economy.

All currencies will be revalued based on gold reserves.

The RV is expected to occur prior to the collapse with a redemption window of 1-2 months.

After the redemption of RV basket currencies is complete, the Earth Alliance will trigger the collapse of the old fiat financial system and initiate the final phase of the transition..

Once the collapse is triggered, mass indictments will also begin which will complete the take down of the Deep State Cabal and also serve as a final blow to the stock markets.

The final phase of the transition is worldwide GESARA compliance which will be achieved once these 5 conditions are met:

1. Redemption of RV basket currencies

2. Implementation of the QFS

3. Mass indictments/arrests of the Deep State Cabal

4. Dismantling of the EU

5. Reformation of laws

Change of incredible proportions is on the horizon.

Source: Operation Disclosure

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Benjamin Fulford Full Report June 3, 2019

By Benjamin Fulford, White Dragon Society

People with real-world intelligence contacts are all buzzing with the feeling that something big is coming down. “My gut feeling is that we are very close to the end of the U.S. Corporation. I can say this, as what is happening here in the region is connected. There is change in the air. The corrupt governments are being exposed and will either step down or be removed by ‘the people,’” was how a CIA source in Asia described the mood. Many apparently disconnected events all point to this.

Let’s start with the situation in East Asia, where Indonesia has shut down all of its banks and pawn shops for 9 days starting this week. This move to shut down all gold trading and international banking came immediately after Malaysian Prime Minister Mahatir called for replacing the U.S. dollar with a gold-backed trading currency.

Papua, New Guinea, home to some of the world’s largest gold reserves, just selected James Marape as Prime Minister. Marape wants to effectively nationalize his nation’s mineral and energy resources.


King David Peii II of the Twin Kingdoms of Papaala and Me’ekamui (Bougainville), the de factocontroller of Panguna, the world’s largest gold mine, told the White Dragon Society he was close to Marape:

“Interestingly, he happens to be my own schoolmate, friend, and U-Vistract client [referring to the gold-backed currency which King David created]. I just sent him my congratulatory message. When the appointed time comes, God opens all doors.”

The shutdown of Indonesian banks and the gold-related moves follow an unprecedented ten-day shutdown of the entire Japanese banking system from April 27th to May 7th. This unprecedented shutdown also led to speculation (including by this writer) that it would lead to some sort of financial announcement, but nothing happened in a manner that was visible to us common people. However, we are now hearing from British royals that the shutdown was needed for IT work related to the Quantum Financial System. It is also related to the announcement on April 9th that Japan would be issuing new currency starting in 2024, the sources say.

These moves all began to be implemented in March 2019 after Cardinal George Pell, the head of the Vatican Bank, was found guilty of molesting young boys, P2 Freemason sources confirm.

These moves will also have a major effect on the Dutch royals’ Bilderberg group and its members, since it means the petrodollar system set up by Bilderberg point man Henry Kissinger is being systematically dismantled, the P2 and British sources say.

The Dutch royal family is also now facing an existential crisis, as their involvement in the Malaysian Air Flight 370/17 is facing public, official, criminal scrutiny. Prime Minister Mahatir of Malaysia, speaking at the Foreign Correspondents Club of Japan last week, publicly acknowledged that Malaysian Air Flight 370 which vanished in March of 2014, and Flight 17 which was shot down in July 2014, were the same airplane. He said the Dutch refused to hand over the black box from the plane to Malaysia, even though the flight originated in Malaysia and had a Malaysian pilot. Mahatir also made it clear there was a politically motivated attempt right from the beginning to blame Russia for downing the airplane. His comments can be seen here starting at the 40:35 mark.


In fact, Dutch whistleblowers and others have already thoroughly exposed this entire murderous incident. This link here tells the real story:


The reason this incident is being brought up now is because public statements by a sitting head of state mean this entire sordid episode can no longer be swept under the carpet. The investigative trail will surely lead to the Nazi Dutch royal family.

A letter to the editor posted on this site by a Dutch whistleblower has a lot of interesting information on the relationship between the Dutch royals, the Nazis, the Bilderbergers, and the EU. Some highlights include:

News that a Dutch submarine was deliberately sunk by the British to silence it because it had spotted the Japanese fleet on its way to Pearl Harbor.

Holland has remained secretly under Nazi rule since 1945.

Adolf Eichmann was killed because he was planning to blow the whistle on the Nazis.

The Hitler Cabinet has continued silently since 5 May 1945 under the leadership of the succeeding Dutch heads of state Wilhelmina, Juliana, and Beatrix… and now the Belgian Étienne Davignon, whereby the Nazi regime was taken over by the European Union.

There are many other signs apart from the goings-on in Asia to show that this neo-Nazi power structure really is falling apart now. First of all, we note that German Chancellor Angela Merkel (Hitler)’s government is in danger of collapse after “the surprise resignation of her coalition partner the Social Democrat leader.”


As this was going on, Merkel told visiting Chinese Vice President Wang Qishan that she was willing “to improve global governance systems jointly with China.”


The neo-Nazi regime in the Ukraine is also in trouble. Starting this week, Russia is cutting off supplies of coal, oil, and petroleum products. They have also cut off gas transit through that country.


In this context, one wonders if outgoing Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko removed all the computers from the presidential office to hide evidence before an expected regime collapse.


Another Nazi regime, that of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel, is also wobbling as his attempt to form a new government collapsed last week. British royal family sources confirm that it is only a matter of time before he is formally charged for war crimes.

Pentagon sources note that Israel got “double-teamed by the U.S. and Russia” at this past weekend’s security summit in Singapore. Furthermore, it is “also squeezed by the UN and EU to give up its claims to 860 sq km of Lebanese waters which are now under Russian protection as France, Italy, and Russia drill for gas.”

We can also see the U.S. military is in open defiance of Zionist attempts to manipulate them, as top General Joseph Dunford said publicly that he would not be fooled by false flags, in what was clearly a reference to Israeli attempts to start a U.S. war on Iran.



The U.S. Navy also refused orders to send the USS Abraham Lincoln carrier task force to Iran, according to Gordon Duff of Veterans Today.

Pentagon sources say there is a big push by the Americans and the Russians to create “a grand peace deal for the Middle East” which will force Israel to give up its nuclear weapons, in exchange for Saudi Arabia and Iran to promise not to acquire weapons of mass destruction.

It is interesting to note that a radically rejuvenated “King Salman” presided over an emergency Islamic summit last week. It looks like the body-double filling in for his assassinated nephew Mohammed Bin Salman has been fired and replaced with a fake king instead. This Saudi regime change is probably the reason why Softbank has suddenly run out of money.


The fact that Softbank has suddenly hired Cantor Fitzgerald (CF) to try to get investors for a $100 billion tech fund is also very interesting, because CF is a primary bond dealer with the Federal Reserve Board and not a normal securities company.


In other words, this could be a sign that Softbank is trying to use them to contact the new controllers of the Fed now, because his former Saudi (Kissinger) backers can no longer create billions of dollars out of thin air.

This of course brings us to the big kahuna—the United States of America Corporation. Here the signs are that President Donald Trump is losing the trade war he is waging on China and just about everybody else, too.

The official Chinese Xinhua news agency notes as follows:

“The 200 billion U.S. dollars’ worth of Chinese goods on which the United States imposed additional tariffs accounts for 41.8 percent of China’s exports to the country, but only 8 percent of China’s total exports,” said Wang Zhijun, vice minister of industry and information technology. “Moreover, about half of the affected enterprises are foreign-funded enterprises, including many American companies,” said Wang.

Trump’s predicted exodus of manufacturers from China is also not happening, says Xinhua, noting that “Official statistics showed that from January to April, actual foreign investment in China’s manufacturing sector jumped 11.4 percent year on year.”


By contrast, U.S. imports and exports in April fell by 2.7% and 4.2% year on year, showing both a shrinking economy and a growing trade deficit.


That is probably the real reason Trump suddenly dumped his much-ballyhooed revised trade deal with Mexico and Canada by imposing tariffs on Mexico. He is also lashing out at India, the UK, Australia, Japan, and other trading partners. It sounds like he is desperately trying to drum up money wherever he can in order to stave off bankruptcy.

In this context, it is also interesting to note that the U.S. families who own (or used to own?) the Federal Reserve Board are also trying to hit up Poland for the ridiculous sum of $300 billion.

Pentagon sources, for their part, did not seem worried about any imminent bankruptcy of the U.S. corporate government and were instead more focused on restoring the competitiveness of the real U.S. economy. “Department of Justice and FTC antitrust actions against Google, Amazon, and Facebook will force more competition,” the sources note. These high-tech companies are also now being forced by the G20 to pay taxes like everybody else, they add.


“The technology/trade war with China may end with the Quantum Financial System superseding fiat currency, the global currency reset, and the release of suppressed and ET technologies,” the Pentagon predicts.


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Afghanistan Future

Valdai Club

Taliban in Russia and the Future of Afghanistan

On May 28, 2019, a formal reception was held in Moscow to mark the centenary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Russia and Afghanistan: in 1919, Soviet Russia became the first state in the world to recognize Afghanistan’s independence. The meeting was attended by Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, former Afghan President Hamid Karzai, representatives of the Afghan Embassy in Moscow, and also by a delegation of the Political Office of the Taliban Movement in Doha, headed by the deputy head of the Movement, Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar. A brief conversation between the Russian cabinet minister and representatives of the Taliban took place on the sidelines of the meeting.

This meeting again demonstrated Moscow’s determination to intensify the dialogue between all of the significant political forces within Afghanistan. It continued the series of regular meetings between the government and the opposition in Afghanistan with Russia’s mediation. The inter-Afghan dialogue and the Moscow format for talks demonstrated their effectiveness. As Sergey Lavrov noted in his speech at the aforementioned meeting, the holding of these talks “marked the beginning of a new stage on the path to launching a peace process, giving it maximum legitimacy through the involvement of all of the country’s socio-political forces, including the opposition. In this context, we are pleased to welcome in this hall the delegation of the Taliban Movement. ”

Thus, this Moscow meeting continued the ongoing contacts between Russian diplomats and trustworthy Taliban representatives. This process has a very clear and obvious explanation. Russia, perhaps more than any other major power, is interested in a political solution to the Afghan crisis and the return of peace and stability to the country. This is necessary to ensure the border security of both Russia and Afghanistan as well as Russia’s allies in the Collective Security Treaty Organisation. The destabilising impact of the conflict in Afghanistan on overall stability in Central Asia is obvious. Related to this are terrorism, the illegal arms trade, and drug trafficking from Afghanistan.

It is also obvious that achieving a sustainable peace in Afghanistan is possible only with the involvement in the dialogue of all the significant political forces in the country and mutual confidence-building. Without the Taliban, such a peace process is simply impossible. The Taliban controls a significant proportion of the country’s territory, and all the attempts of the Americans and their allies to break the Taliban over the course of nearly two decades have come to nothing. Moreover, the responsible and moderate Taliban representatives are perceived by many in the Pashtun area as their national movement, in the broad sense of the word, and it is also impossible to ignore this factor in reaching a settlement of the conflict in Afghanistan

It is also important to mention the Pakistan factor in this settlement. After the recent accession of Pakistan to the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation, Russia’s bilateral contacts with this country have become more active. It is important that a significant proportion of the Russian-Pakistani projects are developing in the field of military cooperation and regional security dialogue. The issue of Afghanistan has been taken into account. Among Pakistani expert circles one can find almost a consensus that sooner or later, it is the Taliban that will become the dominant political force in Afghanistan. In the event of a possible withdrawal of American troops, this, in their opinion, will occur almost automatically. However, the preservation of the American presence in the country will not restrain the Taliban indefinitely. Maps of the territories controlled by the Taliban confirm this. 

At the same time, many in Pakistan also view the trustworthy elements within the Taliban as a national Pashtun movement in a broad sense. It is important in this regard, that the current Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan and the country’s defence minister Pervez Khattak are ethnic Pashtuns. In their policy towards an Afghan settlement, elements of general Pashtun solidarity can be traced, as well as the desire to ensure that in the future, there would be responsible authorities in power in Afghanistan that would recognise the current Pakistani-Afghan border according the so-called “Durand line” and would not violate the territory of Pakistan (which often happens now). Therefore, Pakistan and Russia have common interests in establishing peace and stability in Afghanistan, and the strengthening of bilateral dialogue (taking into account the influence of Pakistan on the trustworthy elements within the Taliban) can be useful for a political resolution of the conflict.

Thus, the benefits Russia can enjoy from involving the Taliban in the inter-Afghan dialogue are obvious. However, at the same time, each such meeting causes practically hysteria within certain jingoist circles in Russia itself (even though they are marginal and don’t having a real influence on politics). After the last meeting, in connection with the anniversary of diplomatic relations, in various newspapers and websites there appeared articles with extremely harsh, and even offensive criticism of the Russian foreign minister. The Islamophobic messages were also very transparent. While some of these articles were deleted from the web after a couple of days, the fact remains. Attempts to stir up public opinion in Russia and place into doubt contacts with the Taliban and the effectiveness of Russian diplomacy are most likely to continue. 

While it is absolutely clear that the only goal of information campaigns of this kind is to pursue a political game, they also reflect an obvious desire to prevent Russia from realising its national interests in achieving peace in Afghanistan, and, in fact, disrupt Russia’s efforts to broker peace in the country.


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