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World Peace Foundation was founded as a non-profit, tax-exempt organisation, 501(c) 3, in New York County in January, 1999. Mr Chun Dam Master is the founder of WPF. Insamlingsstiftelsen World Peace Foundation is fund raising organisation according to Swedish law. It was incorporated on November 13, 2001, at the Stockholm County Council. Founder and president of the Swedish branch of WPF is Mr. Ove Svidén. Co-founder is Mrs. Jade Ekström member of the Advisory Group, Planetary Citizen, United Nations, New York.

World Peace Foundation has no philosophical, religious, political or economical ties. World Peace is our purpose. "The World Peace Foundation in Sweden integrates a number of qualified beneficial goals for society, such as scientific research for peace, education and training for peaceful co-existence and Non-Violence for children, young people, parents and teachers in all of Sweden, and promotes peaceful co-operation in the Nordic Countries."
In the World Peace Foundation Library below you can find some documents in English:
Letters to the founder of World Peace Foundation in New York.

Yours Sincerely
World Peace Foundation
Ove Svidén

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