ICC Letter, 18 Oct 2011

The International Criminal Court
Information and Evidence Unit, Office of the Prosecutor
Post Office Box 19519, 2500 CM The Hague, The Netherlands

Your reference: OTP-CR-600/09

Dear Sir, Madam

Indeed we are living in interesting times. I am  herewith proud to provide you with some new facts, evidence and a systems accusation, in order to again sue Sweden for not following the UN Declaration of Human Rights.

By means of a ’clever’ set of insider by-laws, Swedish social security officials, police, lawyers, and judges together can get away with a scheme supposed to be beneficial for a child in distress, but instead lead to a situation allowing authorities to kidnap a child from its parents and expose it for a profitable hidden child abuse by assigned foster parents! Already in 1983 the German news magazine Der Spiegel made the following headline for the phenomenon: KinderGulag in Socialstaat Schweden.
Sweden as a socialist prison-camp for children, Soviet style!

This third letter to the International Criminal Court in Haag intends to provide you with a creative systems approach to remedy Sweden’s misuse of a Law with special conditions for care of young people (Lag 1990:52 med särskilda bestämmelser om vård av unga). This Systems Approach, hopefully will spur afflicted children and their parents to provide ICC Office of the Prosecutor with additional relevant facts, evidence and case stories that can help you pursue this ICC case: OTP-CR-600/09.

Which are the seven most prominent defects of the Swedish LVU-system?

  1. A corrupt legal system acting out of the 50 year long One Party Social Democrat rule, Soviet style.
  2. The possibility to effectively hide children up to 18 years of age to their parents in private Homes for Care and Custody (HVB) under full secrecy.
  3. Secretly selling the hidden LVU-childs as a highly priced service to sex-addicted persons and pedophiles (unscrupulous police officers, lawyers/attorneys/judges and politicians)
  4. Labelling the afflicted mothers as the cause of the problem, and pursue them economically, socially, mentally and physically by means of  by-laws and drugs.
  5. Thousands of desperate mothers and LVU-children have ended their lives by suicide because of the ’remarkable situation in Sweden’ during the last generation’.
  6. Thus, as an end result, the National LVU-scam in the corrupt wellfare-state of smart social-engineering, Sweden can be accused of managing a mild form of genocide! But of course, by creative book-keeping, this is not revealed in our National Statistics open to the people.
  7. All the above is skillfully managed by the Nomenclatura via Sweden’s Commercially Free, Monoply TV and Radio (SVT/Pravda).

As a broad brush summary, Sweden started as a Middle Way between the Capitalist and a Socialist society in the 1930s. The Swedish mixed economy was created before Communist atrocities were revealed to the world. During three decades after WWII, the Swedish Social Democratic System came to be an icon to welfare economies in the world. And then corruption set in, as in the Soviet State, some 30 years earlier. The social engineering of  people in ‘Wellfare Sweden’ via a large amount of smart by-laws corrupted the legal systems under the spell of hidden agendas among the ’greedy experts mis-using the secrecy for own benefits’ within Social Security Administrations.

Then followed the collapse of the Berlin Wall and the Soviet Empire. But Sweden did not change its path towards a totalitarian Brave New World! With tree Russian speaking witnesses this year, seeing the of the profitable Swedish kidnapping of LVU-children from their mothers, they independently agree that Sweden has gone even further on the path of an One-Party regime than Soviet: KinderGulag in Socialstaat Schweden!

So far Sweden has been criticized several times by the United Nations and The European Court of Human Rights. But Sweden is a rich country. We have paid the fines and then been able to carry on as usual! This is said as a challenge to ICC to pursue the ”Social Security Kidnapping Situation in Sweden” case beyond what has been able to do by the UN and EU legal systems so far.

Help Sweden up again on the beaten road of European Democracy by an Ésprit de Loi à là Montesquieu principle: BALANCE between law making, judging and execution!

Stockholm 18 0ctober 2011


Ove Svidén
Philosophizing President of World Peace Foundation and scenario writer
Email: ove@peace.se        Website: www.peace.se       Phone: +46-8-25 86 43
Vesslevägen 40, apt25,  SE-167 67  BROMMA/Stockholm, Sweden
Peace Philosophers Blog:   http://www.peace.se/blog/



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(easily found on the web: www.peace.se/blog/)