ICC Letter, 1 Oct 2010

World Peace Foundation
Stockholm, Oct 1, 2010

To The International Criminal Court
Post Office Box 19519
2500 The Hague The Netherlands

Your reference: OTP-CR-600/09. The Hague, 20 April 2009
Our reference: The Situation in Sweden, 1 April 2009

Some additional stories on kidnapped children in Sweden

The Swedish Social Authorities are engaged in trading with children, kidnapped from their parents under the so called LVU-law. (LVU means the Law for Care of Children, and is originally intended to provide a child with a foster family in case of alcohol or drug disability by its biological parents.) However, the LVU-law is heavily misused.

The term trading is correct and not exaggerated, as the money given to the local commune is so profitable, that Social Authorities are requested to seek for ’weak parents’ and thus acquire more profitable LVU-cases by the Commune politicians behind the scheme. This unfair trade with defenceless children is totally inconceivable by ordinary Swedish citizens, because he main media is silenced on these cases. Profitable trading LVU-children was created by the Political Left some 60 years ago. It was a means to make kidnapped children into obedient citizens!

Annually, some 1 percent (some 7 billion SEK) of the Swedish State budget, is leaked to the corrupt LVU-trading. It is handled at the commune level as a secret bonus to politicians of all levels, to social secretaries, friends and relatives that own or manage the assigned foster homes.

To illustrate the brutal consequence of the above we will as a reminder to you here tell a number of typical stories:

1. Om March 2, 2010, four children were kidnapped, without legal ground. Their mother was offended. Some 20(!) members of the Police and Social Administration broke into their home at an early hour of the day. They frightened both the parents and the children still in their pyjamas. Some of them even wet their pants.

2. By now, 5 months later the four children in the above case have been spread out in four different foster families. An attentive woman in Järna, 40 km from Stockholm, saw the seven year old girl play late at night on the street. She asked where she lived and why she was out so late. The girl mentioned that she had been kidnapped and now lived in the house nearby. But she did not want to go in as she was afraid for the foster parents inside. With the girl’s name the woman to contacted her father who contacted the local police who transported the girl to to the foster parents. The police then threatened the attentive woman with words like: ”If you interfere once again, we will take your children also!”

The unhappy girl was removed to a new address already the next day…..

3. On March 5 two armed police officers and two social secretaries have forced themselves into a flat in Stockholm/Märsta. A four month old baby was brutally taken from her mother whilst feeding it by the breast. The baby is taken away without the necessary clothes or food. The social secretary says to the heartbroken mother: ”you can cry as much as you want to, but you will not see your child again”. The two other daughters 3.5 and 4.5 years old, were separately taken directly from their kindergarten care.

4. On May 16th the oldest daughter in the family above had her fifth birthday. The Social

Authorities had agreed upon the arrangement that this could become the first meeting in three months time between the biological parents and their two daughters after the kidnapping. The family birthday meeting was thus maximised to one hour. The ”birthday party” takes place in the Commune office building in Märsta. A number of social secretaries attend and the assigned foster mother attend. The younger sister of the 5 year old is known to be quite shy, and she desperately clings to her mother with a crystal clear declaration: ”I will go back home with you, and not with that mean lady or any other (pointing at the foster mother).” The younger sister did not understand that she or her mother had any saying in the matter. After only 30 minutes meeting, rather than 60 as promised, the two sisters are violently forced into the cars of the social secretaries and brought back to their respective foster homes.

The children have already forgotten to use their mother tongue, english, which by Swedish law they have the right to use. The name of the baby has been changed by the authorities without informing the parents. Imagine the pain a mother must feel when the child no longer dares to recognize her?

5. ”For the best of the child” is the portal paragraph of the LVU-law, but the social secretaries do not even bother to ask the child involved, when they formulate the recommendations to a court case. The children are treated as pawns to the state bureaucracy, as objects with no value, especially those with an immigrant background.

Grown up children are not allowed to phone or visit their parents. When they contact them they are forbidden to speak their mother tongue. If they run away from their foster homes they are punished hard, though without beating, as this is forbidden by law. This law to stop physical beating of a child is a means to attract more LVU-cases to the secret and lucrative bonus scheme.

6. What makes Swedish civil servants so brutal and uncivilised? Money. Big LVU-money are handled by Authorities within the dispersed and corrupt Swedish Democracy!

Sweden again needs a State governed by law.

Please help our country out of the ”trap of peace and neutrality” that has totally taken away our ability to get rid of our outdated materialist system. We do not even see ourselves, that Sweden has become a totalitarian society. We do not have the guts to change our predicament any longer.

So, please ICC, International Criminal Court in den Haag, give your verdict and perspective on the corrupt situation in Sweden!

Be bold. Say to us clearly what has to be said. Help us behave as mature souls in a civilised society. Educate our souls to the European Spirit.

This will enhance creative political rejuvenation in Sweden. We hope for your response in good time before our next general election in 2014.

Yours sincerely
Ove Svidén
Vesslevägen 40, lg. 25, SE-167 67 BROMMA, Sweden
ove@peace.se      www.peace.se      +46 8 25 86 43