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The Situation in Sweden

During the last some 30 years, a hidden bonus system has been developed. LVU is the name of a law that allows the local Social Administration to separate a child from its parents, if  it is deemed necessary. The LVU,  i.e. the Care of Young Persons (Special Provisions) Act 1990:52, is approved by the Swedish Parliament, and misused by the local Communes with a budget from the Ministry of Health & Social Affairs.  When created, the law was used in exceptional cases, e.g. when a drug addicted mother was not able to take good care of her own child, the Social Authorities were allowed to find a foster home for it.

The problem today is that some 500.000 Swedish parents and young persons have had a direct experience of the misuse of the LVU-law! Some thousands of them have even taken their own lives in despair! How come? The LVU-Law has been developed to act as a cover for a smart bonus system!  Furthermore, it has take such large proportions now that some one percent of the Swedish State budget, or 10 billion SEK annually, is estimated to be ’stolen’ from the State and given to the beneficiaries of the bonus system. Hidden bonus rewards are desperately needed to compensate and motivate the Political Elite of an Equalitarian Welfare State!

During the last decade I have come in direct contact with more than twenty afflicted mothers, fathers and children of this national LVU-scandal to be. I know about some 50 similar cases confirming my conclusions. During the last year I have spent some hundred hours listening with horror to the stories from desperate Swedish citizens about the covert doings from the Social Authorities. In the Swedish part of my Web Site: I have included a number of letters I have written to Politicians, Social Authorities, Police, Public Prosecutors, Courts, Justotieombudsmannen, Justitiekanslern, Media, fosterhomes, ministers, judges, attorneys, lawyers, journalists, parents and children. And as National principle, most of my uncomfortable letters are not been answered. As a last resort I even used an old Swedish constitutional right to make a plea to King Karl XVI Gustav!

From all the above contacts I have made some preliminary conclusion that I will present here in scenario form. The result is a short English version of the Web Site article: Sagor från det korrupta Landet Lagom (Fairy Tales from the Corrupt Swedish Country of Golden Sufficiency).

My professional career includes a M.Sc in Aeronautical Engineering at Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, 1960, a B.A. in Social Sciences, 1980, and a Ph.D. from the Department of Management and Economics at Linköping University in 1989. My Ph.D. thesis has the title: Scenarios. After my 16 years at Saab Aerospace Corp., Future Studies also was my prime focus for my later work as Energy Adviser to the Volvo Group. I spent a year as a researcher in Austria, at IIASA, The International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis, on the issue of Computer Assisted Road Traffic Safety. Then I worked for three years in Brussels in the EU DG-XIII project: SECFO, Systems Engineering and Consensus Formation Office. As a senior citizen I now claim to be acting as an international consultant and free philosopher, beyond academic disciplines. A draft for a second thesis, I AM Philosophizing, can also be found in:

The brutal misuse of the LVU-Law in Sweden intrigues me. Fifteen years ago a smart journalist friend Åsa informed me about it. I could hardly believe her. She had followed similar cases for some decades in the town of Katrineholm, and fought an uneven battle against the local social authorities, organizing combined riding schools and foster homes. Behind it all, Åsa observed an eager Social Democrat, Göran Persson, chairman of the local Government Council. Using false accusations, Åsa was frightened by the police so as to drop her case against the massive Swedish divide-and-rule Government,  She is a dangerous witness  to the development of a smart ’bonus industry’ within an immature country.

The situation in Sweden can be illustrated by some examples:

1. In 1997 I helped a 15 year boy, Tim, escape his LVU-prison by helping him writing a letter. Tim was used as a stable boy in a foster home, owned by a mature couple living at a well equipped farm house. The owner presented himself as a former employer at Borås Social Security Administration.  He showed me a receipt of some 12.000 SEK, claiming that this was the ’small’ monthly contribution he had received for organising a foster home for Tim . (But I knew that this was the smaller part of the normal 30.000 SEK/month rate in 1997, given to the commune insiders for managing a foster home) Tim presented his signed letter, saying he wanted to stay with his mother and sister close to the school which I assisted. The owner tried to convince Tim to stay on and handle the new horses he just bought for the stable.  But Tim claimed his interest to live with his family and go to the school he preferred. Two days later Tim was released. The foster family just had to find another innocent victim for their lucrative insider trade with horses and LVU-’objects’.

2. In year 2000 a mother Emma was asked to meet with the Social Security Administration before picking up her two boys at the nursery school. Bluntly, Emma was offered two alternatives:

    Either you accept that your ex-husbond take over the charge of your children,

    Or, you will never see your children again…

This was the ’bureaucratic finesse’, by which the brutal Authorities created a crisis between two Swedish citizens, stopped the child allowance to Emma, and earned some extra 2×50.000 = 100.000 SEK/month on them as labelled LVU-cases! The local bureaucrats obviously regarded the mixed marriage between a Norwegian man and a mother from Irak as easy target without an understanding of the hidden bonus industry. As an insider in the Commune’s Building Unit, the man has cleverly given the Commune an extra income, and helped himself get rid of an  ex-wife to establish a new Scandinavian marriage.  Smart thinking by insiders in a corrupt society.

3.  In 2007, I assisted Emma above, to try get her children back; (case T 1648-07) at Eskilstuna Tingsrätt, i.e. the District Court. But, the judge Rebecka Wiking did the opposite to our claims. Emmas right to meet her children was reduced from to 6 hours every second week, to a mere 2 hours every sixth week. Furthermore, the judge suggested that Emma should be responsible for the cost of the trial!  We protested wildly, and not a word was entered about it, in the otherwise very detailed 12 page protocol.  Such impudence! First take her children from Emma, and then 7 years and several court trials later asking her to pay the bill for a fake trial. Such things do happen in Sweden, behind the scene.

4.  At the time of the trial above, Rebecka Wiking was also a acting lawyer of the Eskilstuna Advokatbyrå AB. According to their Web Site, she was responsible for children and family care. I mentioned to the CEO of the Advokatbyrå that Swedish law does not permit a lawyer to simultaneously act as a judge. Half a year later Eskilstuna Advokatbyrå still had Rebecka’s selling face on their Web Site. Inside though, under her photo, the text read: Rebecka Wiking does not work here any longer. But, to the dumbfolded Swedish people she might very well still be on their payroll for special duties!?  Today, 17 months after the trial above, the Eskilstuna Advokatbyrå AB has deleted its Web Site! They apparently prefer to keep the tricks of their trade secret.

5.  The Swedish society has some peculiar methods that I need to explain to an audience of international readers: After a change of government,  the old one still has two weeks to act! Thus, when 12 years of Social Democratic reign under Prime Minister Göran Persson ended, after the general election in September 2006, his Swedish labour party, Socialdemokraterna, had two weeks to install a judge of their taste in Eskilstuna Tingsrätt. This might have been the way that the unusually young  Rebecka Wiking got her position as a judge. She entered office  beginning of March 2007,  only half a year before leading Emma’s case T 1648-07.  Eskilstuna is the place for  the administration of Södermanlands Län. This is also the region where the Social Democratic Elite has its mansions and country seats. As a lawyer, it can be assumed that Rebeccka gets many discrete offers for an extra income.

6. Oscar was a 7 year boy, trapped in a nasty LVU-arrangement. Against his will, the Social Administration and the District Court had clear legal papers telling that the biological father should be responsible for Oscars upbringing, even if Oscar himself preferred to live with his mother. One day they both came to my flat and asked me for shelter. They were on the run from the mean LVU-authorities. As a sign of fear Oscar needed 24 hour napkins not to wet his pants when living with his father. But he was dry when living with his mother in my flat. Can any mother ignore those signs?

7. Can you imagine sending a 7 year boy too school with baby pants? This was the scheme required by the local Social Security Administration. Why?  The money the commune earned from the LVU-labelled boy explains it. At that time with a Social-Democrat reign, the Commune could earn 50.000 SEK/month of their ’LVU-arrangement with Oscar.’ That apparently is more attractive to the Commune than the LVU-law requiring a treatment that is ’best for Oscar,’

8. Some two weeks after I had Oscar and her mother staying in my flat, I got a mobile phone call from a policeman, calling himself  ’Bo’. He asked if I possibly had a mother an her son living with me? Without saying his or their full names he said that the mother had a long list of criminal records, and if I let her live in my house, I did risk 2 years of prison! My heart started to beat. I am not used to that sort of threats. After calming myself down for an hour I phoned a friend, where I had met Oscar and her mother two days before. That was the signal for Police to step in. When they raided the place an hour later, of course they did not catch the able refugees. The important thing to mention here though, is that obviously police is using bugging to safeguard their mission to earn their part of the LVU- money. Bugging by the Swedish Police is formally not allowed, unless in cases of terrorism. But in a state that cherishes the principle that: Authorities have the right on its side, until the opposite can be proved in Court, it is possible to bug a mother and her child in order to safeguard a corrupt LVU-cashflow. The Police has organised a Special Transport Unit to handle these LVU-cases.

9. In a totalitarian democracy like Sweden, defiance to the law is a serious matter. In our peaceful society large resources were put on getting Oscar back in line with the profitable LVU-arrangement claimed by Authorities. As a small gesture of human rights however, Oscar’s mother still  had the right of a monitored contact with her child, two hours every sixth week. Once this was arranged at an anonymous parking lot. After the allotted hours was over,  Oscar determinedly decided that he rather wanted to buckle up in the child’s seat of her mother’s car, rather than in his biological father’s in which he had arrived. Indeed a clear indication of preference! Both Oscar’s father and the Social Assistant present, reached for their mobile telephones, and five minutes later the police was in place! Apparently they were prepared. Oscar was successfully brought back to justice and into the hands of the father he feared. Another profitable victory for the Corrupt Society!  Two years later Oscars Mother had to spend 6 weeks in jail, accused for her taking away the boy from the Social Administration’s terror. Law and Order.

10. Furthermore, the active Police force had once before showed it’s muscles by threatening Oscar’s grandmother Lena by a chase with three Police cars with blue lights flashing. After hailed her gently to the roadside, they just disembarked, walked around in their bullet proof vests and patted the holsters as a sign of power! They did not say anything, just showing off.  For the sake of completeness it should also be mentioned that Oscar has two siblings, that he has never seen. They were taken from their mother the day they were born!  (Dear, ICC, do you see the Soviet style here?)

11. Flat obedience is expected from the Swedish citizens since the time of King Gustav Wasa. From 1548 the King decided that Sweden should be Protestant. Like King Henry VIII, our King wanted to remarry. As the Pope did not agree to that, both England and Sweden had to reform their constitution. The King became the Defender of the Faith. That established the unusual law obedience and humble attitude of the Swedish citizens to Central Administration for centuries to come. Sweden is a peaceful country. Too peaceful. We have been spared the experience of war for two hundred years this year, 2009.  It is not conceivable by the citizens that Swedish Authorities are corrupt. That is totally beyond reach of our peaceful minds.

12. Swedish is a Germanic language. From the mid of the 19th century to the end of WWII, Germany was the cultural, scientific and political Icon for Swedish societal development. Sweden adopted its strong belief in the Social Democratic Party line from thinkers in Germany. Together we shared the respect for the strong leadership, law obedience and respect for central administration and bureaucracy. The sentence: Der Fürer denkt für uns, i.e. the Leader thinks for us, was valid also in Swedish minds, until the Second Wold War was over. This Germanic belief in a leader that does the thinking, is still valid in the Swedish Oligarchy.  

13. In 1936 M.W. Childs published the book SWEDEN, The Middle Way. It formulated a middle way between Capitalism an Socialism. Stalin’s form of Marxism had not revealed its flaws yet. Swedish authors and politicians like Gunnar and Alva Myrdal, formulated the academic base for an Social Society with child rearing and schools organised by the State.

14. But we did not understand that after the fall of the Soviet Empire, Sweden should have realised that the vision of our Mixed Economy had to shift! We are still trapped in a belief of the Good State in the able hands of an Honest Nomenclatura. Our bureaucracy led civil servants, have not to be either civil or servants to the public. They follow the rules of the book rather than take responsibility for the problems at hand. They are led by Sovjet type Politrucs, well trained by the dominating Social Democratic Party for 60 years. Swedish Authorities do not have to follow a Constitution. They follow the verbal orders from skilfully chosen Party men smuggled into the Administration Hierarchy. Sweden has thus become the Last Sovjet State, without the citizens understanding it themselves.  It is now time for change.

15. To illustrate the above I know a couple John and Anna, with a Swedish citizenship, that have been terrorised by our national form of Nomenclatura. With a number of false accusations and labelling,  the Social Administration tries to get hold of their youngest daughter into a profitable LVU-case. But the well educated Swedish parents, a Norwegian born M.Sc.,  and a Russian born Jewish engineer, gave clever resistance to the Mean Swedish Administration. At one stage of the harassment, mother and her two children fled to her old flat in Moscow for a month! That creativity was not expected by the Swedish Authorities, that decided to drop the case – for a while at least. A former Soviet family that left their homeland in the 1991 revolution seeks refuge from the terrorising Swedish Social Security System, back in in Moscow! Dear Reader, do you now understand that Sweden can be regarded as the last Soviet State?

16.  70% of the Media personnel of Swedish State Radio and Television have a left wing affiliation today. Main newspaper editors circulate lists of forbidden areas to their journalists. LVU-cases are silenced in Main Media. Occasional glimpses may be seen in provincial press. But if not obeying the first warning, a bold journalist is soon replaced. During a period I sent some 50  ’Letters to the Editor’ to some 50 Swedish Newspapers and TV-channels. Nothing was published. Once I sent my article on a LVU issue as a ’Bold Letter to the Editor.’ Then I got my first E-mail answer ever, from Aftonbladet(s) Editor for Debate: We are not that bold! 

17. In 1959 religious freedom was legalised in Sweden. A generation of mild religious persecution followed. With ridcule the intellectuals humiliated other belief systems that the Scientific Materialism proclaimed by the Secular Social Democratized State. Materialism was taught at all levels in a school system designed to separate children from their parents as early as possible. In year 2000 the Church of Sweden was finally separated from the State. However, there is still an exception: Our King must submit to the Protestant Faith! Thus the Crown Princess Victoria must follow a Protestant wedding ritual in 2010, when She marries.

18. Prime Minister Olof Palme was an aggressive Social Democrat to the end of his life. In one sentence he opened the door to the Profitable LVU Bonus Idea:  Familjen är bärare av borgerliga värderingar/ The family is the carrier of right wing values!  That attitude opened an aggressive Socialist chase of the family: Establish schools at all levels that preaches materialism to the future labour class, i.e. all Swedes. In 1970 an appeal to Save the Family was effectively met with ridicule and contempt from political activists and Authorities alike.

19. As Prime Minister, Göran Persson followed suit. He was able to raise the level of state funding to the Communes for their ’efforts’ to handle the LVU cases discretely. At beginning of the election year 2006, an LVU-labelled object, i.e. a child,   was priced to 50.000 kronor per month! That is ten times the rate usually given to a foster home: 5.000 Kr/m. Where goes the rest? To the LVU Bonus System designed for Insiders in the corrupt Social Democratizised Public Authority System? After the general election when a right wing Alliance came into power, the LVU rate was reduced to 37.500 SEK/Month. A gesture in the right direction, but in no way a solution to the afflicted families. A direct result was that the Communes experienced a deficit. Why? The hidden bonus receivers still claimed their traditional share! So to make both ends meet less money was assigned to the afflicted children!

20. In the 1970’s, a major change in the Swedish Constitution has been administered. One of the important changes, was to legalise that: whatever a bureaucrat does is right, until otherwise revealed in a Swedish Court. Thus, the System takes responsibility, not the Civil Servant. The notion of personal responsibility is erased from the Faceless Swedish System. This explains the Nomenclatura’s internal success with the profitable LVU-System. It has been a hallmark of deceit from the Strong Party in position to select obedient bosses for the Swedish Administration Hierarchy for the latest 50 years! Power Longevity Corrupts.

21.  Susanne is a mother of six children, who has lost four of them to the LVU-System.  Some month ago her daughter said that her assigned foster parents had bought her a horse for 24.000 kronor (i.e. less that 2/3 of the monthly Commune budget for her). This is a typical guesture from Social Authorities: Demand that the children call the foster parents mom and dad, and drown them in toys and gifts. Actually, the lack of toys in the home of the biological parents is often used as a sufficient reason for LVU-labelling a child.

22. In a small northern Swedish Commune an angel of a Socialchef, i.e. a Manager of LVU- and Family Matters, was abruptly dismissed from her position. Why? What had she done? She was following the LVU-law, and within the best of her professional ability she helped solve the family problems in the way that was best to the children, within the allotted budget! Well, she did not actively label innocent children with the LVU letters, opening up a cashflow to the Commune budget from the State! Can it be said more clearly: Truthful professional social work does not pay. Give up your professional compassion for the afflicted children. Join the corrupt LVU-scandal to come, and keep your job in the Communal Social Administration!

23. Young women are attracted to become Socialsekreterare, i.e. junior secretaries direct from school without academic merits. Each LVU case is assigned to 3-4 independent secretaries. Two of them are given the authority to administer electronic payment of the bills related to the handling of LVU expenses. I have been told that sometimes such a junior secretary is ordered by her boss to accept a politician to her room and ’administer’ his bills on the LVU-budget she is so well trained to use. This shows the creative bookkeeping needed to cover up the LVU-scandal. Dear young social secretary, Poor You, You have been lured into an ’interesting social job with human beings’, and innocently used to manage a criminal drain of state money!? Usually a junior social secretary holds for 2-3 years. Others harden themselves and are rewarded with a BMW official car to pursue the dirty business for the local Social Administration. Such a corrupt misuse of young innocence, where personal conscience is a barrier to promotion.

24. Sixteen year old Maria became an LVU-case when her father died. Her mother was addicted to alcohol, and that was sufficient reason for the Social Authorities to act. The some two hundred thousand kronors she inherited from her father was to be locked up in the State Bank until she was 18 years old. Screaming, she was transported in a Police car to a combined foster home and riding school in Sösdala. The manager guarded her profitable LVU-catch, and misused her as a farm maid. Maria was an elite swimmer with national reputation. When I tried to help her by arranging a small budget to pursue her training, Maria’s foster parent and riding school manager cut the credit card into pieces!  Thus I decided to sue her to the Police formally in a letter. The Police never recognised my letter. But Maria mentioned a month later to me that the case had been dropped. This is the happy-go-lucky official Swedish method: denial and silence! Uncomfortable letters does not need to be answered. Two years later, I heard that the riding school in Sösdala was terminated and the manager had got a new position as Senior Social Assistant in Karlstad. This is a typical illustation of how the leading Socialdemocratic Party reorganises its insiders.

25. In Early March 2006 I made a formal report to the Stockholm Police Authority. On 2006-03-16, it was registered as case number: 0201-K64368-06. A return letter to me with a formal decision dated the next day 2006-03-17 says: A preliminary investigation will not be pursued. Reason is lacking assuming a criminal offence under the public prosecution is committed.
Case closed – the Swedish way: Silence.

26. My formal report to the police above was labelled Report to the Police on the hidden One Party Reign in Sweden. I did sue an hierarchy of insiders within S.A.P. (the Labour Party’s Mother organisation since year 1895), LO (the present Labour Union) and Socialdemokraterna as the dominating political force in reign during the latest 60 years.  Under this troika, I also criticised  the lower branches of the hierarchy for their misuse of the LVU-System for personal bonuses and violation of human dignity by reducing the prospects for young people to a sound future.

27. The following action plan was proposed in my letter above:

.1 Identify the hierarchy/network of responsible persons.
.2 Put the misusers of the LVU-system to Justice.
.3 Establish a Commission of Truth, with an authority to act
beyond the limitation of Public  Courts to help free the
Swedish society from the corrupt misuse of the LVU-System.
.4 Listen to the afflicted young people and their parents.
.5 Clarify the issue and bring it to The European Court of Human Rights.
.6 Compensate the afflicted youngsters and their parents.
.7 Renew the Swedish Corporative LO-Socialdemokraterna Reign

My report ends with a paragraph that recommends Sweden to follow Montesqieu’s principles for a strict division between a law creating Parliament, an acting Government, and a Legal Power to judge.  (Sweden is soon mature enough to leave its party style Oligarchy, in favour of a democracy based upon individual responsibility.)

28. Three months after my report to the Police, A Public Inquiry of Mismanagement/Neglect in the Social Child Care was started. The Chief Investigator Göran Johansson even mentioned his mission as a Commission of Truth, i.e. the very words I had used in my report to the police. He established himself in a modern office in walking distance from the Government.  (Utredningen om vanvård i den sociala barnavården, S 2006:05, SOU Statens Offentliga Utredningar). Results are expected in December 2009. The time table indicates that it was the leaving Social Democrat Government under Göran Persson(s) that wanted an office for the discrete management of the lucrative LVU-Bonus program well hidden in the Ministry of Social Affairs during the 4 years when the Social Democrats would have to be in opposition! Göran Johansson gladly distributed his flashy business card to impress. But, quietly he manipulated the content in the report to fit the objectives to hide the lucrative LVU Bonus Business! (Lisa is my best witness to all this). By the way, how did Prime Minister Göran Person know already in June 2006, that he would lose power later in the General Election in September?  He was threatened by a leading member of the Bilderberg Group, i.e. The World Financial Elite: ’If you do not loose power in the election, we will do to you what we did to Olof Palme’.  Dirty politics!

29. In autumn 2007 after decades of harassment, the members of the Association Stulen Barndom/ Stolen Childhood delivered a similar claim as my above, to the European Court of Human Rights. It was to be labelled Case No. 22633/07, Lindberg et al. against Sweden. The delegation delivered the case by hand to the Court in Strasbourg. After a week the receiving official said over the telephone: ’I did not realize that the situation in Sweden was so bad’.

30. Then, in a letter from May 22, 2008, Peter Lindberg received the following response from The European Court of Human Rights:  Herewith I will inform You about that the European Court of Human Rights consisting of a committee of three judges (B.M. Zupancic, Chairman, E. Myjer and A. Power) in accordance with article 27 of the Convention, have decided on 15th May 2008, in accordance with article 28 in the Convention, to dismiss the above complaint as it did not comply with the claims specified in the articles 34 and 35 in the Convention, (signed S. Naismith).
This is a crystal clear bureaucratic text.

31. Behind the scenes something much more dramatic happened: Naturally the  Swedish Government did not like the possibility to have our national LVU-bonus system  scandalised in an international context like the European Court of Human Rights? That should seriously damage the carefully created image of Sweden as a Champion on Human Rights! Thus two senior civil servants were ordered to withdraw case No. 22633/07, Lindberg et al. against Sweden from the EU Court agenda!  As can been seen from the above, their mission was accomplished. Who were the guys entrusted with this important task?  A mistake would be fatal. Thus a clever combination of a right wing and a left wing politician was assigned to the task: The Swedish Minister o Social Affairs Göran Hägglund and Commissioner Margot Wallström from the European Union in Brussels!!! 

32.  The above events shows bluntly that the Totalitarian Swedish Reign does not give a damned to the well-being of its pawn citizens. The Minister for Social Affairs, Göran Hägglund is a Christian Democrat from the present Alliance Government.  The Commissioner Margot Wallström has a solid Social Democratic background. Together they did nothing to bring the  case back to a Court  in Sweden, as could be assumed. They swept the case under the carpet and silenced it the Swedish way! This is the remarkable conclusion. To blame other nations for not following the Human Rights Conventions is OK.  But to follow the same rules for its own inhabitants is treason. Dear Reader, do you realise that the solid Swedish belief in Human Rights is corrupt. Even more, it is part of a State Secret!

33. Berit Nilsson is chairman of RFFR, Riksförbundet För Familjers Rättigheter. It is a country wide organisation assumed to protect the Human Rights of LVU-children. RFFR has a handsome budget from Socialstyrelsen/ The National Social Security Administration. Berit Nilsson engages innocent apprentices to run her face saving business. But she uses the offices mostly for her private consultancy. But in reality Berit Nilsson is doing the opposite to what she is supposed to do: to help LVU-afflicted families. Rather, she has helped put the lid on many sour LVU-cases during the 25 years of the RFFR existence. Socialstyrelsen bribes Berit  to calm down frustrated parents, not to bother the Central Social Administration Bureaucrats! RFFR is just another fake facade to hinder insight into the profitable LVU Bonus Business.  To ’compensate’ for her stressful job, Berit Nilsson was given a vacation cruise to the Carribean….. (Lisa is my best witness to all this.)

This Scenario Style Summary of the Situation in Sweden, does not comply with the normal rules for a Legal Document. However, in spite of its judicial deficiency,  I sincerely hope that the International Criminal Court can give me some response to the petition. I hope that my philosophising style on the LVU-scandal to be, reveals to You the desperation I and some half a million Swedish inhabitants feel. As I see it now, Sweden needs a refreshing ICC perspective on its totalitarian tendencies.

Help me get rid of a Junta of greedy politicians that with cold blood has destroyed the lives of half a million Swedish citizens, children and their parents,  just for the sake of their wish to share a smart bonus!

Please, write me a short official letter of recognition, preferably also with some first reactions and recommendations, that I can include together with my letter above, in a coming version of the Web Page:

Stockholm April 1,  2009.

Yours Sincerely

Ove Svidén
President of the World Peace Foundation         +46 8 25 86 43
Vesslevägen 40,  SE-167 67  BROMMA,  Sweden



For those international readers who have the time and interest, I have also included here a philosophic long range perspective on the issues raised in the above letter:

According to Aristotle different political systems follow each other in a regular order. Oligarchy precedes Democracy. After it comes Anarchy. Sweden is still in its Oligarchical phase. Most Swedes are afraid of expressing their individual will. We stick to the group. Media presents politicians, with a letter in brackets, to enhance group affiliation: e.g. Göran Persson(s).  It will be interesting to see if Sweden will experience some Real Democracy before the Anarchy of the Apocalypse (i.e. the era of understanding and explanation). A number of Religions say in their sacred texts that: A Spiritual Awakening will mark the End of Times.  I wonder if the Swedish People, so well indoctrinated in the Scientific Atheism, will notice the change at hand? Whatever the case, Anyhow, the coming events in Sweden will certainly become an important eye-opening lesson to the World.

The Swedish people has been well trained to follow the rules from a King of God’s Grace for centuries.  The change to a Atheist/Materialist Social Democratic Party has not changed the people’s basic obedience to the Authorities.  Furthermore, the present Swedish Constitution declares us into a Constitutional  Monarchy. The King has no right whatsoever of expressing a political view of his own.

The Parliament in Sweden increased its democratic strength some one hundred years ago. Member of Parliaments of the first political party generation were idealistic and honest. A good old Social Democrat had two books that he revered: The Bible and the Party Book. A true Labour Party member denied his individuality and subdued to the Labour Union’s strict demand of voting Social Democrat.

Then came the realists. With honest argumentation, Socialdemokraterna easily became the largest party and dominated Parliamentary life ever since the late 1930’s. To safeguard membership, the Labour Union co-ordinated the payment of fees to themselves and to the Social Democrat Party. The loyal members still believe that  the Swedish welfare is a result of Socialdemokraterna, not of  Government actions. The media propaganda does not explain the difference to the blue-eyed voters.

Then came the career politicians with Olof Palme. Equality beyond the Socialist and the Communist countries became the hallmark of Swedish form of ’Group Democracy’. Religious freedom opened for a value free atheist propaganda by the Socialist Democrat Governments to follow. New-speak also became the hidden language of Power in Brave New World (Orwell). Smart thinking without moral constraints, made the doors wide open from left to right. People, Communes and Administrations should be controlled by money. Why Honesty, if Smart Corruption can give you so much more in your own pocket? Industrial CEOs and Union Bosses alike could be silenced by bonuses.  Thus, it can be estimated that the Socialist Junta (LO together with Socialdemokraterna) in Sweden has been able to steal some 1% from the national budget by means of the misuse of our LVU-Law. (But in the name of balance, it should also be mentioned, that Right Wing tycoons and financial crooks, have been able to cheat the people ten times as much by means of full membership in a corrupt International Banking System! Sweden the Middle Way!

As the World at large now goes into a financial collapse (WWIII?), each country has it’s own variant of it. Some 250 years ago a New World Order Idea was formulated among a financial elite of 13 banking families in Frankfurt am Main. It was first to be tested in the French Revolution. It has been improved and refined in all financial crises and wars thereafter. When the Bank of England was formed in 1694, BoE was allowed to submit bank notes, ten times the value of the 1.25 Million GBP gold collateral, deposited in the bank. The situation in Sweden today is that forty times the reserve in the Riksbanken is being lent out to the market. And the half-way nationalised banks earns interest on every krona of it.  Thanks to modern computer technology, and the currency reform possible after the assassination of Olof Palme, it is not even necessary to print bank notes to create money. Just add a smart number of Ones and Zeros into the computer, in creative positions! Furthermore, the dirty tricks played by the International Banks in 1992, made Sweden better prepared than the U.S. Banks for the financial crisis in 2008. The crisis then, became a blessing in disguise to us! We thank the dirty International Banking System for that lesson.

In the Mixed Economy in Sweden, during the last decade, Industrial Leaders have been able to earn bonuses at international levels. That has encouraged envy and jealousy in the Socialist Block . Union Bosses and Public Insurance CEOs do now receive bonuses of eye-opening levels. Slowly by slowly Swedes wake up to the insight that politicians of any colour are deceiving them by means of a monetary system, with most of its levels cleverly hidden.  This may be our form of spiritual awakening! Eventually, the Entire World has to go through the ordeals, in one form or another, during the next decade! Thus an International Bonus Banking Scandal hopefully will force a Peaceful New World Order into being.

With the above philosophising as a framework, let us look into the upcoming Swedish LVU-scandal again. Some thirty years ago Göran Persson must have found out the possibilities for his Katrineholm Commune to raise its income by increasing it’s number of LVU-cases. Together with our Germanic trust in Administrations, Authorities and Leaders, the weak Commune Democracy could be led to ’positive outcomes’ by the the clever use of a Sweden’s Social Democraticised Legal System. Vänskapskorruptionen in Sweden, i.e. the National Frienship Corruption explains the LVU-drain possible to the hidden beneficiaries in a Socialist Junta. Let us now assume that Göran Persson is the Architect of the hidden Swedish LVU Bonus System? In his position as Prime Minister for 12 years, it was an easy task to increase the State Budget for the LVU-System.  On the surface it was aimed to help the afflicted. But buried into the directive, the LVU-System could still be enjoyed by the hidden Social Equalitarian Elite Junta! The existence of such a hidden Junta is the backside of the Peace, Sweden has enjoyed for 200 years. As a Court Jester and  a Whistle Blower, I now eagerly embark on a Crusade against the Holy Swedish Elite of Equalitarians!

At midnight September 17/18 2006, It was clear that the Social Democrats had lost the Government Power to the Right Wing Alliance under Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt. With an extra wide grin, Göran Persson announced that the should immediately step back as leader of the Social Democrat Party. Remember the death sentence he had got from the Financial Elite if he did not lose power? That explained it. Göran Persson won his life, by losing the election.

Mr.G. Persson could retire in style, living in the Mansion he got as a gift from LO, the rich Labour Union. To cover up the deal, the Law on Taxes on Gifts was withdrawn, just in time before the transaction. Until then taxation on gifts was a favoured law by the Social Democrats. But when in position to give a tax free present to the Great Leader, the Law on Gifts could temporarily be withdrawn. After all it was Göran Persson who had succeeded in getting the most profitable building contracts to LO. And furthermore, It was the Building Guild (Byggettan) in LO that had the economy that gave their members some 30% higher salaries that the rest of the LO-collective. But that is of course a Union Secret!

Another remarkable trade secret in LO is SIFU (Sist In, Först Ut). This means that the latest addition to a work force, is the first one to leave in an economic squeeze?! This means that an older LO member that has paid his fees for many years, has an advantage over younger ones. The calculated consequence is that it is better profit for LO to raise the salaries of an older chap, than to invite an unemployed youngster! Even more, keep them back in school as long as possible. Thus the unholy alliance between LO acting for its members, and the political party Socialdemokraterna, designed to govern the entire population, gives Sweden an ageing workforce. As a result, Sweden has also the largest unemployment among young people in the world. Why?  Sweden has a Union Power second to none, perhaps only comparable to the Mafia enhanced Unions in Italy. Mussolini should have jumped for joy is the saw how far Sweden has come on it’s path if Corporativism: Curb the individual’s free will in effective organisations!

Furthermore, to take away a child by means of a LVU-label, from the future work force, gives LO, the Labour Union more cash margin to reward an Equalitarian Elite of Insiders.  On top of that, even a desperate LVU-suicide, adds an small economic bonus to the Corrupt Junta!

Mia had been employed at Hennes & Mauritz fashion house for a decade. She had a Institute Diploma in Purchase Economy. When such a position was announced at H&M, Mia ran to the Personel Manager. The following dialogue emerged:

          M: I want to apply for the job!

          PM: We have designed it for a man.

          M: So, I have no chance then?

          PM: Correct.

          M: Then I resign!

          PM: That is a bold decision…

Five years later Mia had not been able to rejoin Sweden’s work force. At age 35 Mia was offered an early retirement by the Social Administration/ Försäkringskassan.  At age 40 she accepted it, disillusioned!  This is in a flash, how the Socialist Junta has been able to protect the Swedish Labour Market and reserved it as a playground to it’s own Insiders! 

Mary had the great misfortune to be LVU-placed in a foster-home of double/ faced Christian/ Satanists.  She was used as a farm maid, sexually abused, and brutally offended as a victim in the family’s rituals. It marked her for the rest of her life. Eventually, after having escaped her tormentors and after many insulting investigations without being believed, she did get an early retirement. In that position Mary asked for a remuneration in the form of an education she did not get as a teenager. But the Försäkringskassan (the Totalitarian State Insurance Administration) answered that grants for education is not possible for people in early retirement…

Stefan had been a profitable ’case’ at Hörby Commune for ten years. As a former decorated elite soldier and son of a manager of the police he was an able observer of the atrocities in the local Social Administration. He was the whistle blower, enabling me to understand and write about the creative/criminal money flow in the Commune. In autumn 2006, the Commune decided to get rid of Stefan. He had become dangerous. One day he did not turn up to an appointed meeting with his Senior Social Secretary. That was the only event needed for her to ask a junior secretary to write a letter ’ending Stefan’s case.’  That letter did not get any diary number, in order not to be traceable in the archives. Another loyal junior secretary put Stefan’s social allowance to zero. Two months later I learnt that the former Senior Social Secretary Eva Rehnlund had received 2.2 Million SEK as severance pay, plus 150.000 SEK to cover the costs to move her home from Hörby.  As Stefan had been living together with a heroine addict for a year, it can be assumed that also he was labelled LVM, i.e. the Law for Social Care of Alcohol and Drug Addicts. As such, I can assume that ’case Stefan’ had given Hörby Commune a gross income of more than 5 million SEK. So, in a Commune perspective, case Stefan had been highly profitable, even considering the high costs for the Senior Secretary’s golden handshake…



Did you appreciate the Dark Saga above? I now speak as a Medieval Court Jester, the only one allowed to whisper the truth into the ear of the King. And in a corrupt Royal Court Environment, the King was not allowed to kill the witty Jester. The King needed the truth.

In a similar way, I now whisper the truth to both ICC, and CBS 60 Minutes!
What can be done to get rid of the Swedish Totalitarian Tendencies?
Help us come out of our Political(s) Oligarchy,

And first and foremost, help us Swedes understand the moral crime of taking a child away from it’s parents!

Ove Svidén