ICC Letter, June 2012

The International Criminal Court
Information and Evidence Unit, Office of the Prosecutor
Post Office Box 19519, 2500 CM The Hague, The Netherlands

Your reference: OTP-CR-600/09

Dear Sir, Madam

I am  herewith providing you a fourth letter with some new facts and evidence in order to again sue Sweden for not following the UN Declaration of Human Rights.

The enclosed Cry for Help letter escaped Swedish censorship and reached the twin’s mother Natalia Petrova at midsummer 2012. It has been translated into English by Google, edited and forwarded to the ICC by me, as requested from Maria’s and Nelly’s mother.

It is worth mentioning that some 21.000 new children are kidnapped /year in Sweden.

*  The overall costs for the Family and Child scheme is estimated at some 12% of  the total Swedish Government Budget. The swedes still believe their Authorities!

*   Smart insider schemes among civil servants see to it that only a fraction of this budget reaches the children in need for the help. Russian friends say Sweden is worse than Sovjet.

*    Severance payments given to corrupt lawyers, judges, police, prosecutors and politicians also take its toll. To sweep atrocity under the carpet does have a cost.

*   By enhancing a family conflict, and labeling it PAS, Parent Alienation Syndrome, smart Social Administration personnel can take away children from their parents and profit upon an adoption scheme among friends. A fringe benefit for a corrupt civil servant.

So far Sweden has been criticized several times by the United Nations and The European Court of Human Rights. But Sweden is a rich country. We have paid the fines and then been able to carry on as usual! This is said as a challenge to ICC to pursue even further the case: ”Social Security Kidnapping Situation in Sweden.”

Help Sweden up again on the beaten road of European Democracy by an Ésprit de Loi, à là Montesquieu principle: BALANCE between law making, judging and execution!

Stockholm 30 June, 2012
Ove Svidén
Philosophizing President of World Peace Foundation and scenario writer
Email: ove@peace.se        Website: www.peace.se       Phone: +46-8-25 86 43
Vesslevägen 40, apt25,  SE-167 67  BROMMA/Stockholm, Sweden


A cry for help from two kidnapped twin sisters (age 14)

“Approximately a year and a half ago, the Social Services in Sweden kidnapped me and my sister Mary from school and left us with the foster family Brånäng. We did not have any contact with our mother or other family members because they were afraid that mother will find us. We had to call mom on Skype only once for twenty minutes last summer, but then the social worker interrupted the conversation and we never got finished talking … It was too damn! We have not seen her for a year, only got to talk for twenty minutes!

Inger Brånäng that would take care of us did nothing! She never bought the food that we like. In the winter when we got to ride so we had to take care of the pony we rode on. They forced us to work in the stables and the caring for horses. I had sores on the fingers and then the infection, but got no help and now it has gotten worse. In addition, both I and Maria are having problems with my feet, but Inger did not want to go with us to the orthopedist and says to Mary that if she does not listen to her, she’ll end up in the hospital! Inger forbids us to speak Russian (which is our mother tongue) ”Speak Swedish” she yells all the time and we are sick and tired of her, but she says that she is the one who is tired of us. Now, she said that Mary should go to another family because she has become annoying (she thus plans to split us up) when I will stay with her. What a hell! They force us to work and Inger is always mad at us. A few days ago, she was very angry with Mary. She screamed at her and almost hit poor Maria who was really scared and sad and so ran away. Inger gets angry every time when I protect Mary and says she has the right and now I do not know what to do … She screams all the time on us if she does not like something and we do not really believe that she is normal and can take care of anyone at all if she can not even take care of itself. We know, she has been involved in a traffic accident, but she still has no right to yell at us!

Both me and Mary are having problems with our feet. It has been extremely painful to walk, and all the time Inger did not want to go to the orthopedist and buy special shoes for us. The shoes that we must have cost far too much, and that’s why she did not want to buy them.

In Stockholm we went to a music school where we learned to play the piano, but now we have no possibility to continue with it as Inger does not want to look for a music teacher and we do forget everything we already knew.

The school is no better. We went to different classes and how much I even asked Inger to talk to the teachers so did she still does not give a damn. I asked both teachers and her and even the principal, but nothing helped …

Guys bullied Maria, and call her a whore. They beat her, pushed her and was very racist and aggressive toward Mary, and they did this every time when I was away so I could not stand up for her. Once, when Maria was alone in the hallway and picked up books, it was Emil and kicked on the cabinet door so Mary got a good whack. The rest of the day she was lying in bed with a terrible headache. I was treated no better – after sport class some guys from class 7y came up on me, and one of them called me a Russian whore and began to throw sticks and pine cones at me, so when I got to school I had a huge bruise on my arm that was very swollen and bleeding! And even after this, still no one cared about this!

Dear Mom, we wrote this for you because you would know the truth and that we feel very bad here. We do not know what they say to you, but now you know at least a little what is going on here.

Please Help! We can manage no more! If they do not help us back to you we will play truant (try to escape from school).

Please save us!

Your beloved daughters Mary and Nelly.”