Letter to International Criminal Court, the Hague Nov 20, 2011

World Peace Foundation
Stockholm  2011-20-12

Sue Sweden just one more time, for not following the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of UN,

Open letter to ICC Prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo
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The Amal Case

In 1980, Amal Al-Farhan, her parents, 4 brothers and 4 sisters came as immigrants to Sweden from Irak. The father was active at the Basra High Court, helping mothers cope with the family situation when the breadwinning father had lost his life in the Iran-Irak war. The Al-Farhan family decided to choose immigration to Sweden, as an assumed civilized country. As you can see from the following scenario style narrative, Amal came to experience Sweden as a brutal insensitive society, in which Social Administrations, are in the position to kidnap children from their parents and give them further to foster parents, well paid by a cleverly hidden state budget, organized by half a century long, One-Party Government Chain (Socialdemokraterna).

In 1999, Amal is walking with her two year old second son Danny in a pram in the Stockholm privileged Eastern Zone (Östermalm). A Social Secretary looks into the pram, an explains: ”Such a cute young child, would you like to to give it away to me for 37.500 kronor?” Amal was stunned by such a direct proposition. How could a mother even consider giving her child away for money? (The amount mentioned corresponds to one month pay at the time, from state budget to the local Commune Administration for their efforts of linking children to foster parents under the Special Swedish Law for the Care and Custody of the Young, LVU 1990:52). To an astonished Amal this situation was the first encounter with a hidden profitable trade of children taken from their parents to remotely located HVB homes at an industrial scale. (HVB means Home for Care and Custody, often privately organized). In the period 1920-1980, some 250.000 young children are assumed to have been exposed to this hidden side of Swedish Social Engineering.

Amal, sees herself as a Christian. Her mother tongue is Aramaic, the basic Middle East language some 2000 years ago. She was raised in a Moslem society. Probably also including Jewish roots. Coming from the area of Ur in Mesopotamia, she naturally also mentions herself as a follower of Abraham. This wide cultural ancestry, together with a father who has legal experiences, of course makes Amal a dangerous person in the atheist, materialist Sweden, that classifies each immigrant who does not speak Swedish fluently, as immature and an unnecessary cost to our benefit society.

A brief description of the situation in Sweden. During the latest, say 50 years, a hidden bonus system has been developed. It allows the local Social Administration to separate a child from its parents, if  it is deemed necessary. The Care of Young Persons Special Provisions Act (LVU 1990:52), is approved by the Swedish Parliament. But it is misused by the local Communes with a budget from the Ministry of Health & Social Affairs.  When created, the law was only meant to be used in exceptional cases, e.g. when a drug addicted mother was not able to take good care of her own child. Then the Social Authorities were allowed to find foster parents for it. The intention was to limit the scheme to one year. But the hidden scheme can be prolonged by creative book-keeping until a LVU-child reaches maturation and beyond.

The problem today is that some 500.000 Swedish parents and young persons (of a population of 9 million) have had a direct experience of the misuse of the law! Even more, some thousands of them have gone so far as to take their own lives in despair! This situation in Sweden, ought to be a sufficient reason for an ICC pre-emtive measure? The LVU-Law has been developed to act as a cover up for a smart bonus system for insiders!  Furthermore, it has taken such large proportions now that more than some one percent of the Swedish State budget, or 10 billion SEK annually, is estimated to be ’stolen’ from the State and ’given’ to the beneficiaries of the bonus system at Commune level.

When Amal’s two boys reached 2.5 and 4 years of age the Social Administration acted forcefully: One afternoon in June 2000, when Amal was to take the children back home from their nursery school she was required to come to meet with two social secretaries for a short chat. She was bluntly offered two alternatives: ”Either you leave your boys in the custody of your ex-husband, or otherwise, you will never see your children again!” Of course from that brutal moment, Amal lost her maternal balance and started to raise her voice and demand her children back. But that very act made the Social Administration sue Amal to the Police, with a verdict, that her ’violence’ does not make her suitable to be in charge of her children. So, her maternal instinct to fight for her family was used against her during a nightmare of systematic breaking her down economically, physically, mentally, and socially during the following eleven years!

The mother is not even recognized as a victim in cases as  the above. The hidden Commune scheme behind the brutal Swedish Social Engineering seems to be:   Find a family with a weak spot: divorce, language deficiency, and/or violent behavior of any sort. Blame one of the spouses and support the other! Then by means of police, civil courts, insider judges, corrupt lawyers and insider foster families, the pretended fight between the parents can give a guaranteed ’income flow’ of unspecified bonus money from the State to the Commune Purse. The trick is then not to inform the personnel on the social side of the hidden financial data. Furthermore, each Child in Care and Custody is handled by some 4 different persons, not in contact with each other. The very few political top people of the Commune are those with the financial overview, that can reap the criminal bonus money. If coming too close to being revealed, an intermediate Commune Social Director might be asked to leave her job with a handsome severance pay in order to mislead the general public away from the responsible insider leaders of the Commune.

Amal has been exposed tho the above SSS, Swedish Social Scam, for over 11 years now! How come? She is mentally strong and patient! Well paid lawyers are easily engaged, if they do not solve the problem! It is the Swedish State that pays for this legal assistance. And of course in a totalitarian society, lawyers know that the State will eventually win, against a weakened individual mother that made the mistake to raise her voice too much early in the process. A mother’s instinct to defend her child, at all costs, is put in conflict with a Commune Social Administration earning money for each child taken away from family. The SSS is cleverly designed by corrupt State insiders sending a flow of bribes to Commune insiders. And that is difficult to understand for a family, the moments just after a child or two have been kidnapped by the Police. In fact it is a smart design to raise immigrant kids to become good Nationalized Social Democrats!

The power of the legal system in Sweden can be illustrated by the selection of a young 39 year Judge Rebecka Wiking for Eskilstuna County Council (Tingsrätt) in late 2006. Selected during the last two weeks of the Göran Persson Social Democratic Reign, she can be useful to the One Party System until her retirement in year 2032! I personally met her in a Fake Trial for the Amal Case in September 2007. She naturally made the same verdict as two years earlier when she was a Lawyer at Eskilstuna Advokatbyrå AB, responsible for youth and family matters! Do not underestimate Socialdemokraterna. Since the WWII years, when the King Gustav V organized a coalition government, the Socialists have been very able to govern our country in unity with the Communists!

Amal is a typical case for the SSS.  After she divorced her Nordic husband, the boys became profitable prey to the Commune Social Administration, simply by enhancing the conflict between the parents. Thus, from the very start in year 2000, it has been crystal clear that Amal’s ex-husband is favored by Communes, while Amal is constantly driven in despair, economic decay, in a row of legal battles with Authorities to get her children back. So when her two boys wrote a formal letter directly to Eskilstuna Tingsrätt a year ago, asking to meet their mother more often, the legal verdict was the opposite: The teenager boys were not allowed to see their mother at all, unless guarded by two SSS spies (or contact persons as they are called in Sweden).

The father and his second wife, in creative liaison with the Commune have successfully managed to separate the boys from their mother for eleven years now.  When reading between the lines, this profitable endeavor, indicates a hidden business arrangement between Communes and the father! Both parties probably profit from the deal. Furthermore, today the father confidently says to her earlier spouse Amal, that she has to wait until the teenagers are 18 years old before the boys can have a normal relation with their mother. Until then they have to cope with the nagging atmosphere between their father and his new wife (tied together by the business deal with the Commune?). Poor kids in a Swedish New-Speak Brave New World!

Sweden is the most sexually liberated country in the world. It is said to be in line with the womens liberation movement, to educate 14 year old teenagers already when at school how to use contraceptives. To create a social society and school system designed to take care of children born out of marriage, this  is a logical consequence. And this is the very hidden agenda in the Socialist society. Olof Palme postulated that ’parents are the carriers of bourgeoise values’. He also foresaw Sweden as a ‘mild-totalitarian state’. Thus he advocated to get rid of the traditional family responsibility! Liberate young teenagers and encourage them to create offspring for the State directly! That is progressive Sweden in a nutshell.

But, what about the mothers and their love and protection for the infant years? Sweden would not be a stable society if not the mothers had done their protective duty during the vulnerable child years 0-3. Furthermore, the creation of a ’family spirit’ mostly is a result of instinct and healthy motherhood responsibility. The Swedish kidnapping business is thus a criminal act towards basic maternal and religious values! But that has cleverly been hidden in the smart by-laws, paragraphs and Nomenclatura New Speak.

Thus, it has been possible to override biological maternal care and cultural family creation by seeing mothers and their love as a hindrance to the Socialist Super Sweden. Make Motherhood the enemy to a progressive modern SSS! And, hidden behind this facade of sexual liberation, the male interest for quick sexual satisfaction is ‘swept under the carpet’ and accepted by the insider police, lawmakers, judges and politicians. At the very top of the scam are the pedophiles that with their perverse inclination and large financial power is the very driving force behind the SSS!  See further: http://corruptio.blog.com/2011/02/04/children-kidnapped-by-the-swedish-pedophilia-government/

Oh Lord, the I AM Yahweh in the Hebrew bible‎, God of Abraham: Is the present Civil War in Sweden, a turning point?  Are we experiencing an Apocalypse, i.e., an Age of Explanation? Is this an ordeal for atheists to understand the Spiritual Awakening? Can we thus understand and better embrace a Peaceful New World Order? Are the Internet and World Wide Web, our creative lessons of Cosmic Love for us beyond Religion? Humankind, please demonstrate a more balanced and mature Free Will. Beyond Power. Do Let Us Hope!

Sweden has been living in peace with its national neighbors for 200 years now. The country has even been respected as the Middle Way between the Superpowers since the 1930s. We have an active successful international capitalist industry side. At the same time Sweden has a vital Socialist side,  acting over the State budget based upon high taxes. Our welfare state is based on a total taxation pressure of some 50% of GDP. For comparison the EU member states have some 40%, while USA some 30%. That is a broad brush comparison, but a very good indication that Sweden is still a totalitarian democracy, Soviet style! Why so? Because we did not realize that we had to change anything of the basic welfare style, and its hidden benefit schemes, after the fall of both the Berlin Wall and the Soviet Empire.

How on earth have I come to adopt the extreme un-Swedish attitude above? I am a Valloon decendant, and spent some three years in Brussels as part of SECFO, Systems Engineering and Consensus Formation Office, within a DRIVE DGXIII project. Those things explain my European perspective. And furthermore, during the latest years I have come in contact with three former Soviet citizens, entangled in the Swedish Social Scam. ’Anastasia’ is a refugee from Moscow, that left for Sweden in the 1991 debacle. She is married to a Swedish engineer and has two children. When the local Swedish Social Administration mis-labelled her daughter as in demand for special care, Anastasia was driven to leave Sweden. She resolutely took her children to stay in her old flat in Moscow for some months! This action astonished and silenced the people of our corrupt SSS for a year. But the secure civil servants with safe employment positions did not give up. By now the pursued family again considers the need for emigration from Sweden to a more civilized country.

The second case is ’Natalia,’ a war journalist and documentary film maker with two 13 year twin daughters. They left Kiev with a UNHCR document as a guarantee to be well treated and allowed to return to Russia, stay on in Sweden, or move to any country of their choice, that have signed the UNHCR treaty. But a corrupt SSS junta in Stockholm, have been able to kidnap the children, and hide them from their mother since 16th December 2010! Why so? The SSS Junta is led by a clever Karl Lindgren, trained social worker, smart economist and owner of B&B Pub/Inn (org.nr: 556527-2100). He knows the value of two teenager twins before their age of consent on the shady sex market and among wealthy pedophiles. Furthermore, one-egg identical twins represent a very high value for medical experiments by Big Pharma.

The third person is ’Ivan’, a decorated officer who immigrated to Sweden some 35 years ago when he realized that the Soviet Empire was totally corrupt. Thus he is in a unique position to compare the materialistic, atheistic Sweden now, as follower to the Soviet Socialist System, as a shadow, with some 30 years delay! He had his eyes opened to totalitarian corruption within the Soviet Socialist System. Thus he is able to recognize the pedophiles and corruption at the higher echelons of Police, Judges and Politicians, be it in Soviet or Sweden.

The key problem in Sweden is the pursuit of Equality/ Egalitarianism Values! We do not accept the complicated idea of working under a hierarchy of values! This has led to the situation in Sweden, since a law in 1975, that civil servants need not to take any personal responsibility. The STATE SYSTEM IS RESPONSIBLE!  And furthermore, Administration Personnel do not even have to be civil nor servant to the people. They have to follow the by-laws that the smart Swedish NOMENKLATURA has formulated in very small print, and/or able to keep secret, claimed to  ’be the best for the children.’

Oh, Brave New World!

If Equality is a positive side of Swedish Mixed Economy, Jealousy is the dark, opposite one. So if a national sport hero moves to Monaco or Switzerland to save himself from taxes, it immediately becomes a flaw to his idolatry. How come? Having a corrupt legal system tied to a One-Party Reign, supported by the State controlled media hierarchy under SVT/Pravda, the Swedish National Television, is rapidly organizing a witch hunt to track down the overly wealthy person. So, in fact, jealousy is the effective, active infotainment component of Swedish Propaganda.

The Swedish election campaign 2010, was labelled by Danish journalists as a reminder of an Eastern Block variant during the Cold War. But Swedes do not see that themselves. We are so well indoctrinated by our monolithic media culture that an article titled ’KinderGulag in Socialstaat Schweden’ in the German Magazine der Spiegel in 1983, passes unnoticed by the Swedish people. That also was the reception of the book ’The New Totalitarians’ by Roland Huntford, 1971. From a Tribune review its revealing text says: ’the most important book ever to be written in English on Swedish Socialism and Swedish society’.

And the very key problem in Sweden is: People do not realize the vast corruption in our legal system! Fake Court procedures have skillfully been developed after 50 years of Social Democratic Governments. The gradual shift to a Totalitarian Democracy has not, and can not, be observed by the well behaving Swedes, reduced to swedes by its well organized One-Party Reign.

So, when Amal claims her maternal right to her two sons, she is pursued, without a scratch upon the corrupt LEGAL SYSTEM! Furthermore, some two hundred years of peace, does not allow the Swedish inhabitants to even discuss a systems error. The Swedish Welfare Economy is based upon the very assumption of a flawless administrative side, as it has functioned very well for two hundred years!

So, please International Criminal Court, help the dumbfounded Swedish people out of its self-inflicted dilemma:

Sue Sweden just one more time for not following: The Universal
Declaration  of H
uman Rights of UN, UNICEF and UNHCR!

Stockholm, 20 November 2011

Ove Svidén
World Peace Foundation
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Vesslevägen 40, apt25,  SE-167 67  BROMMA/Stockholm, Sweden
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P.S. As a creative philosophizing scenario writer and court jester, I permit myself an inspiring final twist, in the form of a bold food for thought, that might help get Sweden out of its paralyzing deadlocked situation:

* Frustrated Swedes Install a President in the Royal Republic of Sweden
* Her temporary executive power is limited to only three years
* Allow her to exile three corrupt top leaders from their positions
* Evaluate carefully, and note the long term effect on the Swedish society…

P.P.S. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, was adopted by the UN General Assembly on 10 December 1948.
On 20 November 1989, after 10 years of preparation, the 159 UN Member States adopt the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC).  The CRC/ UNICEF sets minimum standards of protection for children everywhere against exploitation, abuse and neglect.
The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees was established on December 14, 1950 by the United Nations General Assembly. The UNHCR agency is mandated to lead and co-ordinate international action to protect refugees and resolve refugee problems worldwide. Its primary purpose is to safeguard the rights and well-being of refugees. It strives to ensure that everyone can exercise the right to seek asylum and find safe refuge in another State, with the option to return home voluntarily, integrate locally or to resettle in a third country. .  (But after a contact with the Swedish UNHCR representativ he said that the last sentence above is not being followed in Sweden: As son as a refugee family has received an immigrant Visa they have to obey Swedish law. Thus the children can be kidnapped from their mother if it benefits the Commune behind it. The Commune has no obligation to follow UNHCR-agreements with the Swedish Government!)