A WPF New Year 2011 Scenario

World Peace Foundation Stockholm, 01 January, 2011

A WPF New Year 2011 Scenario

Dear Planetary Citizens!

We live in a time of rapid spiritual awakening.

Together we can create a Peaceful New World Order. Yes we can.  Let’s do it!

As an I AM Philosophizing agent, I dare to propose a set of ideas for such a change:

*  Create an new level of management of Earth’s Natural Resources, beyond national politics.

*  Create a new global stewardship of resources, beyond the present New World Order Prototype.

*  Establish Peaceful Zones for testing New Ownership Principles, as steps towards creating a Peaceful New World Order:

1. Encourage a Neutral Sweden, and the Nordic Countries to expand its peaceful lifestyles beyond the Baltic states to a Pax Mare Balticum, including Germany, Poland and Russia.

2. Let the spiritual resources around a Neutral Tibet act as a guide to the world for a truly humane exploration and global stewardship of natural and cultural resources, via a renewed and strenghened United Nations II.

3. Create a fruitful Peace, Spirituality and the Future Conference in Stockholm.

Sincere wishes for a creative New Year 2011 via Interactive Internet Insights, over a free World Wide Web!

World Peace Foundation

Ove Sviden

Philosophizing President and scenario writer,
Email:  ove@peace.se     Website:  www.peace.se
Philosophers Blog:  www.peace.se/blog/

P.S.   La Convivencia II?

The some seven hundred years of coexistence on the Iberian Peninsula, between Jews, Christians and Moslems was a peaceful époque of spiritual growth in Art and Science. The creative society was based upon an interest free economy, respected by all three Abrahamic Religions. It ended by a self confident Catholic Church sending both the Moslems and Jews into exile.

The formation of Bank of England in 1694 can be said to be the starting point for a ’New World Order’, from an eager financial elite. Interest rate and growth for the few, became a Hallmark to Western Economies. The Bank Secret was to be defended by military operations, political tactics  and covert financial strategies.

Can Moslems, who still maintain a zero interest rate bank principle, thus become the winners of a global financial collapse?

Can a Neutral Sweden become pioneer and test site for a bold forward looking experiment with egalitarian interest free banking principles:
La Convivencia II?

Can an zero interest rate base income, gradually be made into a financial mechanism, granted to all Planetary Citizen as a birthright?!

As a philosophizing fellow human, I firmly believe that a set of new long term principles are needed to create a Peaceful New World Order!
Ove Sviden

( See our documents: A Scenario for a Peaceful New World Order: http://www.peace.se/?p=157 , and:
A Scenario on a Future Family Economy: http://www.peace.se/?p=153

P.P.S. From Wikipedia:

“La Convivencia (”the Coexistence”) is a term used to describe a postulated situation in Spanish history from the Muslim Umayyad conquest of Hispania in 711 to 1492 – concurrent with the Reconquista (”Reconquest”) – when Jews, Muslims, and Catholics in Spain lived in relative peace together within the different kingdoms (during the same time, however, the Christian reclaiming of land conquered by the Moors was ongoing). The phrase often refers to the interplay of cultural ideas between the three groups, and ideas of religious tolerance.”