On Economy, Covert Financing, War and Peace

The conclusions below are based upon an Open Workshop on Complementary Currencies in July 2003, at Lebensgarten eco-village in Steyerberg Germany. Some 80 participants from 20 different countries discussed their experiences. Beside the full week programme, a number of evening sessions were held, that helped surface the deep concerns from participants on the covert principles governing world events at present. Here follows my personal conclusions from the crises and opportunities at hand:

1. Watch the Western Alliance escalate war in the Middle East for its final(?) move towards its New World Order. Please see, listen and learn. (References: 1. Michael C. Ruppert, CD: CIA, Drugs, Wall street and the 9-11 Connection, www.addictedtowar.com
2. Frank Dorrel, DVD: What I’ve learned About U.S. Foreign Policy: The War Against the Third World, www.copvcia.com)

2. The collapse of the Soviet empire, recent crises in Japan and Argentina illustrate the need for Complementary Currency Systems worldwide. Why? To bridge the gap between the Oldboys’ covert Financial Hierarchy – and the local and regional money alternative that can give social security as a bottoms-up systems approach. Furthermore, …

3. The www.Berliner-Bankenskandal.de proves that covert banking arrangements, hostile take overs, fake holding companies, financial collapses and cover ups can still be organised in a business world were silence can be bought for money. By now industries, unions, political parties, governments, and organized religions are stakeholders in the scandals that have to be covered up. How were these situations made possible? …

4. When Bank of England was created in 1694, by 1.25 million GBP in gold, its founding fathers were allowed to act without their names being revealed! An hierarchy of insiders and family dynasties outside the realm of public scrutiny could be created. And with the BoE mechanism of allowing loans, ten times the gold security, a massive overflow of money can enter the financial markets for ruthless insider speculation, accumulation and spending on covert operations. And furthermore …

5. The French Revolution was created by the Financial Elite to replace the inheritance of power by kings – as given their authority from God and supported by the aristocracy. Covert financing of presidents, terrorists, drug dealers and mercenaries were made possible for people control. Furthermore, the American Declaration of Independence provided new opportunities and the testing ground for a New World Order. The new continent opened the doors for a new Financial Aristocracy. And Switzerland got a status as a neutral clearing house for covert financial operations after the Vienna Conference in 1815 that ended the Napoleon wars. Coincidence?

6. By now, at the turn of the new millennium, some 50 private bank cartels are masquerading as national banks and ’Federal Reserves’. similar to the BoE charter. Did you know that? Astonished? Is this OK with you? The shortcomings of the prevailing banking system is illustrated by the following story.

”Just before Socrates took the beaker with hemlock he gave his very last coin, a small 3.2 gram gold coin to Plato. Socrates also gave the instruction to hide the coin in a bank with 3% annual interest rate. ”Chose a bank somewhere in a mountainous area difficult to reach area outside the range of tax collectors, greedy kings and power hungry empire administrations. Let the value increase by means of composite interest for 2411 years. Then in year 2012, invest the accumulated assets in a worldwide education on practical philosophizing and spiritual awakening.”

Well, how much gold will be available by the year 2012 by this arrangement? Answer:  One thousand balls of gold, as large in volume as our planet Earth! – Oh, dear… Do you still believe that the present prototype of a banking system will survive?

7. Outside the realm of democratic scrutiny, covert military operations performed on covert objectives and by covert budgets has during the last 50 years caused some 5 million deaths! Who is responsible? (ref. www.addictedtowar.com)

8. Did you notice the Hollywood touch of the September 11 drama?
The orange fireball was created by some one ton of gasoline ejected into the air by explosives. You see this film technique illustrated in each James Bond film, in thrillers on terrorism and in heroic war movies. Modern jet aircrafts are fuelled by jet kerosene. It burns with a flame almost hidden behind its black smoke. So, how did a ton of gasoline come to fire outside the Twin Towers?

9. God bless the America(n)s — from its Financial Elite!

10. The world seems to be driven to an extreme by an credo of Market, Growth, and the Holy Interest Rate. Will the present blunders from the Mean Monarchs of Monetary Means, the alliance of Evil, named as the Beast in the Bible, lead humankind into WWIII? Will the Middle East prove to be a more profitable War Theater than Vietnam, chosen as a test case in 1962? …

11. Or will a feminine spirit of leadership, enter the stage? Will the female heirs of the present Financial Patriarchs be able to gain influence, just-in-time? Can the coming generation shift within the Elite also help create the necessary paradigm shift? Can it give a tortured humankind (wo/mankind) the promised Millennium of world peace? How? …

12. Dear Divine Goddess, God of Life, come back to us after those some 5000 years, and save us from the macho extremes and the old male paradigms of covert financial power. Spread your mythopoetic dreams upon us. The time is mature now for a truly humane, ecological and economic stewardship and a management of limited resources Beyond Power (Dr. Marilyn French, Professor of Literature authored this 600 pages book on the history of the battle between masculine and feminine. I recommend it).

With peace in mind, peace at heart and patient philosophizing,
Stockholm July 30, 2003
Dr. Ove Svidén, ove@peace.se
President, World Peace Foundation


Many hundreds of CC/Complementary Currency arrangements worldwide, have proven to stabilize the national currency, even if the ratio of CC to national currency is only a few percent. It is the very existence of a CC that provides a safety net to people in the event of a national currency collapse. These experiences of local and regional money can eventually help put world economy upon a sound evolutionary track. Look out for a forthcoming book on this, to be co-authored by Dr. Margrit Kennedy and Bernard A. Lietaer. Moreover, look out for the planned conferences on Complementary Currencies in South America and in USA in year 2005.

The JAK Bank CC idea is based upon the principle that interest free loans can be given to members who have shown their willingness to save regularly. Careful education and demonstration of saving habits, has proven to be the key parameter behind an extremely low failure rate for loans given. Look out for JAK Bank experiences in Denmark and Sweden, gained during some 50 years. New JAK projects are being discussed for Germany and New Zealand.

The proposed Global Resource Bank is based upon Ecocredit – a global medium of exchange that stores the shared value of Earth’s ecoproduct wealth. Can we have a better base for sustainable Economics – a science that deals with the production, distribution and recycling of ecoproduct? (see further www.grb.net or John.Pozzi@worldnet.att.net). Help create GRB!

At the open workshops idealistic ideas were presented for a future Solidar System. It is meant to serve as an ’even wind’ of monetary supply for a secure lifestyle in volontary simplicity from birth to death. The Solidars from the children can pay for the time parents spend with their loved ones. A graceful degradation of accounts prevent speculation and capital accumulation. This ’demurrage,’ say 1-2% per month, can be handled automatically by means of modern chip-card (debit and credit) technology. Furthermore, the Solidars are ’reborn’ and equally distributed to personal base accounts and for regional projects, i.e. replacing taxes. (www.solidar.info).

The above control mechanism with a negative interest rate, or usage fee, corresponds to the cybernetic principle of negative feedback to achieve stability in a control loop. Why are not the well proven experiences of systems control applied to economy? Why do the prevailing money systems and thus the economic life have a built in growth principle for money? In this way the interest rate acts as a positive feedback giving a volatile money market. By design!? By whom? Who benefits? Of course, the insiders!

Recreate an economy that in truth stands for ’good housekeeping of limited resources.’ This virtue is a truly life conserving strategy, created by every mother on this planet! Life on Earth depends on the caring and nurturing of the most vulnerable members of society, the newborn members of the family. With these principles in mind, Create new Complementary Currencies as interest free and inflation free local money, with built in functions for human health, family stability and ecological feedback.

Health is not only the absence of illness, it is the well-being in physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual sense (UN/WHO definition) Health is a feedback process, where an acting self, a personal ’I am’ learns from its life experiences gained at different feedback loop levels, An individual life spans the range between seconds to about hundred years. Family life bridges genrerations. Societal health requires a somewhat longer time perspective. Open your Higher Self and observe the society around you with your philosophizing mind. Look for feedback signals of health/unhealth from monthly cycles, the annual fashion cycles, the 5 year business cycles, the 50 years’ generation and infrastructure investment cycles, as well as the 500 year value cycles (religious norms). And don’t forget the 5000 years ’fluctuations’ in spiritual cycles for further explanations of the problems and opportunities at hand.

Dear reader, I am convinced that there is a fair economic exchange system yet to be designed that can eventually give a functioning well-being for society and its members. Design it with the appropriate feedback mechanisms. Create it to meet the most stringent long term objectives as well as the day to day needs for interactions between human beings at all levels of society and ecology. The method needed is Holistic and the way to make it work is called Systems Approach. Get inspired!

With your divine spark, be co-creative for a healthy and peaceful world Beyond Power. Design an economic system in dynamic balance with the Values of Life.

(See further in the home page: www.peace.se Look for the document: A Peaceful New World Order. You find this scenario saga at the very end of the English Library).


Family Love: To everybody according to need, from everyone according to ability and creative talent. Lacking the spiritual quality of Love, this same credo has also been demonstrated as a 70 year long nightmare of materialistic Communism.