A Policy Scenario on Clean Energy Systems for a Peaceful New World Order

This scenario is to be regarded as a creative background paper for strategic considerations. It is not a forecast. The evolving future will be created by those who have the courage to commit themselves to it.

Year 2000 kick-off scenario scene

Political unrest emerged all over the world. The petroleum industry prospers, whether the oil consumption is commercial or used for military purposes. Middle East is still the largest proven reserves for petroleum. Yet not exploited reserves of magnitude are to be found in the arc between South Sahara, the African Horn, over Saudi Arabia and Iran/Afghanistan all the way along the mountain range of Ural. Beyond Cold War agreements by the Superpowers, this new ”arc of Petroleum Domain” is now being made ’politically available’ to the world’s financial elite for exploration.

The paradigm shift needed to heal the Planet Earth, need both materialistic, ecological and humanist values in long-range harmony. The prevailing science-materialist-monetary-growth paradigm has to be balanced by a long term policy for ecological infrastructure industries, as well as humanistic societal development. It is assumed this development will be inspired by initiatives like Agenda 21 and the HOPE project (www.hope.se).

To solve the Clean Energy supply to the world, a new broader petroleum refinery system is envisioned as a first step. It will include pure hydrogen and carbon fibres at the extreme product ends.

The political instability in the world by the turn of the century was due to the imbalance of national politics and major industry dynamics acting in the order of 5 year business cycles. These societal phenomena did not yield to the 50 year investment patterns of the global infrastructure industry. Furthermore, for overall stability, the societal and cultural values, with dynamics in the order of 500 year cycles, have to be included. A true humane societal development has to recognise the dynamic interaction within all three cycles, and even recognize and awe the spiritual cycle dynamics in the order of 5.000 years. Thus the healing of GAIA, Mother Earth is a true philosophical problem to all wo/mankind.

Year 2012 scenario scene

After a decade of international crisis and wars the Petroleum Industry made its HOPE and Agenda 21 commitments:

Invest in the energy infrastructure for a future clean ’hydrogen society’!

Even if hydrogen is the most common matter in the universe and fuels its expansion and physical properties, it is to be regarded as a derived fuel here on Earth. Hydrogen is produced in large quantities today within refineries, as a means for cracking heavy oil fractions and upgrading fuel oil into gasoline quality. Natural gas is the ’Rising Giant’ of energy supply for the 21 century. Furthermore, deep sea reserves of methane hydrides complement on- and off-shore reserves for the millennium long range supply.

By the year 2012, the refineries planned are being linked to the large natural gas fields around the globe. Increasing volumes of Natural Gas and decreasing percentages of Crude Oil are used for the refineries. The products that come out of these chemical combines range from pure hydrogen, hydrogen rich gas fuels, liquid fuels, fuel oils, carbon rich plastics and pure carbon. Lightweight carbon fibres is made the number one building material for the future, replacing much of the steel, metal, wood and heavy concrete used during the 20th Century.

In the above manner an aging Petroleum Industry is making a radical face lift to become the Hydrocarbon Industry for the 21st Century. It will become the provider and distributor of clean hydrogen to urban households for heat. Vehicles will be using hydrogen as an ultra clean fuel. At the other end of the hydrocarbon resource, the same supply industry is the provider of raw material for plastics and carbon fibre strengthened products such as houses, furniture, bridges, cars, aircraft, ships and pipelines.

The above infrastructure principles and investment do start to spur innovation efforts directed for cleaning up our cities, make our transportation systems more environmentally friendly and life on planet Earth more healthy in general. By the year 2012, however, we see more of inventions and ideas for improvement than innovations.

Petroleum producing countries, the Hydrocarbon Industry and the World Peace Foundation have agreed to cooperate on a strategy for improving global environment. After these policies have been made by the infrastructure investors on their long term policy, the smaller actors, like automobile manufacturers, engine researchers and designers get the inspiration and challenge to compete along the new trend lines.

As the metamorphosis of the above, the new Hydrocarbon Infrastructure Industry, will be one of the crucial starting points needed for a healthy evolution during the 21st century. Automobile industry start to develop dual fuel engine systems, with pure hydrogen as the upgrading ingredient for use in sensitive areas and at creep speed in city centres.

A century of ecological exploitation of Earth resources in peaceful cooperation is proclaimed. An international Peace in Mind Centre is being planned in Sweden for managing those Global issues together with a worldwide network of Universities for Global Well-Being. The network is based upon the new eco-philosophy emerging from the UNESCO definition of health3 for humans and for Life upon Mother Earth as a whole.

The global distibution of clean hydrogen fuel eventually needs a pipeline network that spans the continents. Global Peace thus becomes a prerequisite for supply security. Sweden, Tibet and some other small test sites are granted political neutrality for a century to make research, development and demonstration of peaceful living, humane high-tech and ecological sustainability.

Feminine value systems emerge beyond the millennia of masculine power. John Bull and Uncle Sam pay homage to Mother Svea, the spiritual leader of femininity in Sweden. The awakening Goddess is bemused by the development of new feminine values in the Nordic countries.

”The light will appear from the North” (Nostradamus, 16th century).

Year 2025 scenario scene

By now Natural Gas is the dominant component of World Total Primary Energy mix. The Hydrocarbon Infrastructure Industry, locate close to gas fields. The industry include third generation nuclear power for process heat.

The Peaceful New World Order is organised. Both the Hydrocarbon Infrastructure Industry and the World Banking system is by now firmly under International Control. The ’families’ are duly respected for their bold and crude pioneering efforts during last centuries. By now a World Government has the right to form laws for global ecology, global housekeeping of natural resources, monitor progress, and levy taxes to control the world ecology, energy and economy in order to meet the deep-ecological goals for wo/mankind as a whole.

The profits from the remaining petroleum resources form the capital for investment in the future clean hydrogen/-carbon fibre principles and their use to a global society. With a long term supply security for hydrogen, the automobile industry can design, develop and start manufacture conversion systems, that explores hydrogen fuels at their advantage. A whole range of improved Internal Combustion engines and some new engine systems are assumed to enter the innovation stage.

During the 1970s and -80s, Daimler Benz did a systematic study of hydrogen introduction to road transport. The study proposes the following as a first rational step: Hydrogen is stored in a metal hydrid on board the vehicle. Hydrogen is fed to the engine to supply fuel for idling. When gasoline is added for acceleration hydrogen acts as a very efficient igniter of the gasoline fuel added. A clean and efficient overall combustion is achieved. The engine will perform well in urban stop and go traffic. The second step is to control the hydrogen to the engine so as to make hydrogen the active fuel for the inner city driving. Gasoline is used as main fuel for long range driving on motorways, rural roads and major road arteries in city periphery.

It is assumed that some clever hybrid solutions do have come to fruition by the year 2025. A High Speed Gas turbine solution has been presented by Volvo, ABB and the Swedish State Power Board. The turbine wheel is on the same axis as the lightwheight generator, running at some 90.000 rpm. This HSG system has been demonstrated in a Volvo Concept Car. It can be indicative for a general purpose electricity generator system for the 21st century. For automotive use it can favourably be combined with an elect-rical supercapacity system (ref Alcatel), that can store and retrieve electricity for short term with an efficiency of 99%. This solid state ”battery” can provide the boost power needed for acceleration based upon stored electrical energy from the last retardation. The super capacitor can be mass produced at reasonable costs by a combination of conducting and isolator plastics material.

With an hydrogen network and a supply guarantee in place, a booming systems engineering era can begin to evolve. Hydrogen is the clean fuel, and carbon fibre reinforced plastics the main material for the future. International long term policies are decided upon to help realise this clean and healthy Planet Earth by end of the century.

New ”free energy systems” may be developed, used and financed in countries with developed energy and road pricing systems. The trend for the 21st century is to use electricity as directly as possible and avoid mechanical machinery in the drive train. High voltage DC control units and supraconducting materials are preferred. These systems can be used for directing the electrical energy needed to the powered wheels in the four corners of the road vehicles for the futures.

Sweden is chosen as a test nation for the hydrogen society. It has been granted a 100 year neutrality by the international commune. The key issue is to find a peaceful reuse of the worlds nuclear arsenal. Thus the nuclear energy that we have been trusted for safekeeping in our granite rocks is used as prime energy for the clean production of hydrogen and electricical power. By means of modern transmutation techniques the safety hazards are minimized and the problem with radiation from nuclear residues is eliminated. As Sweden does not have any deposits of coal or hydrocarbons, its energy policy is literary a ”clean case.” The peacefulness and determination of its inhabitants has given Sweden its international recognition as a Centre of Peace and a Clean Global Evolution.

The determined investment in clean and sustainable eco-systems from the former ’Enlightened Petroleum Barons and their Daughters’ make Sweden and Tibet into the showcases of the world. Sweden as a materialistic country, and Tibet as a spiritual culture start from the opposing ends of the spectrum for peace. These benchmark sites are both important for the full understanding of creativity in a coming era of ”the Tree of Life”. The previous engineering arts combined matter and energy processes under computer control. The masculine brain was the honoured source for science and technology. By now creativity is more a question of linking life to its spiritual source and develop and include holistic life processes into eco-feminine systems. The ’conscious feminine’ becomes the timely replacement to the logical mind of the past. Historical eras ended with the 20th century computer age: Computer controlled materialism. Modern creativity is more of a ”Thinking with the Womb of Life.”

Under the New World Government, global peace has become the prime goal for the century. Consumerism literary consumed the existing cultures during the World War III. The ’war against terrorism’ as it was initially called, was over in 2012. An unprecedented spiritual awakening followed. New forms of peaceful cooperation could begin. The global peace issue now promises a new freedom and equality for the ’androgyne wo/men’ of both sexes. Beyond the sterotypes of man and woman during the last millennia, the World Government is carefully monitoring the evolving new qualities of wo/mankind. The Quality of Life concept allows an upgrading of its work, methods with active philosophising and consciousness research. A renaissance of humanism is forseeen for wo/mankind.

The energy issue, so important, yes indeed – predominant, during last century is now entering a new more mature phase of development. The selection of hydrogen as the ultimate clean fuel for Mother Earth, was a ’clean start.’ The efficient global distribution and equalisation of the supply-/demand fluctuation by means of a hydrogen storage and pipeline network, has replaced the ’old barrel of oil concept.’ The trading tricks of men in white shirts is replaced by a global equalisation of resources.

The global hydrogen supply pipeline network is a prime investment issue for the first half of the 21st century. The profits from the oil era are plowed into the new hydrogen equalisation system. The new generation supply security depends on peaceful management of the hydrogen storage/distribution pipelines. A profitable marriage of clean energy and world peace is at hand.

Year 2050 scenario scene

The Hydrogen Society is well established. Hydrogen, once introduced as a clean city fuel, is now the main clean fuel commodity for the entire globe! Hydrogen is even the active agent used to mine the carbon for plastics and fibres. Hydrogen is distributed in continental networks of pipelines, from refineries to urban areas. Natural Gas is fed to refineries by a primary pipeline network. By now Crude Natural Gas is not only a clean hydrocarbon fuel, it is a raw material for refining. It is for the 21st century what crude oil was to the 20th.

At the consumer end of the hydrogen pipeline network, is to be found millions of conversion units in the form of High Speed Gas turbines and Fuel Cells for the production of electricity, process heating and housing comfort. Thus gradually electricity becomes a locally produced commodity. Industry, family houses and personal transport of different kind use hydrogen as prime fuel. The existing high tension DC power grids are used for equalisation of electrical power – regionally. Hydropower, wind energy and solar cells are all connected for added supply security.

Hybrid engines based upon hydrogen fuel, HSG turbines and electrical drive trains propel road vehicles, aircraft, airships and ships smoothly and silently around the globe. So far the atmosphere has to cope with the water vapour and heat emissions produced by the process of burning hydrogen in air. An environment issue is raised to limit the use of oxygen from the atmosphere. Oxygen is a resource that eventually has to be reserved for life, plants, animals and ’humankind’ to breathe. And furthermore, the vegetation producing the oxygen by means of photosynthesis is to be balanced with animal and human life on Mother Earth.

Fusion technologies are being developed in order to achieve fuel-engine principles that do not involve atmosphere at all. Furthermore, the fusion systems are developed to produce electricity directly, without the use of a heat engine intermediary step. Transmutation technologies has become mature enough for handling the residues from the uranium fission era. Sweden is the peaceful site for efficient transformation of the remains from the years of the nuclear arms race. Refined uranium energy reserves in former warheads are reused for our societes at peace, and for space travel.

Active neutrality becomes the preferred political form for local and regional government. The concept of neutrality spreads the message of peace globally. The World Government guarantees the global supply security of clean energy, materials and food for life, as the hydrogen pipeline system hug Mother Earth in its fine mesh. Clean energy, strong organic materials and healthy food can be distributed worldwide, for a world commune of sisters and brothers, parents and grandparents. The children, the new generation Star Kids, are welcome by their computerized cottages for their capacity to break down preconceived ideas with their sparkling ideas. Creativity is at peak power. The peaceful new world order can start to spread to the few remaining unprivileged corners of the globe. Happiness-, joy- and bliss-management seminars take away the last reminiscents of the scars from the centuries of war.

The Era of Egoism, Materialistic Consumerism and the Mean Monarch of Monetary Means, i.e. the ”Beast,” has been thrown back into the sea as was prophecised in the Bible, the spiritual manual for Life on Earth.

Holistic studies, Life sciences and Consciousness Research get in focus. Religions are seen as the skeleton structure giving a general direction for an active peace research. Peace within, peaceful relations, and peace at family, local, regional, continental, global and cosmic levels, are the active components for the concepualisation of an era of world peace. Creative cells of people in study circles, engage in all forms of artistic expression around the globe for the sheer joy of it. Active peace research is reaching for the Supreme Creator inside. Each individual on Mother Earth feels the inspiration and bliss from the God/dess inside. Re-ligion, as a search for common roots, long ago, has been transformed into an active search for the ultimate goal of peace ahead. Creative peace acts as a magnet for meaningful ideas, drawing individuals out of the era of passive consumerism.

Active peace research is the recognition of the God/dess within.The Supreme Creator is inviting wo/mankind as co-creators.Creative life is to live in unconditional Love.

Year 2100 scenario scene

A mature Hydrogen Society is at place. Hydrogen is a global energy distributor. It is an active agent for mining carbon resources beyond the Natural Gas epoque. Hydrogen is used for in situ mining, i.e. underground exploitation of the worlds large coal resources. It is done without involvement of atmosphere or the use it for dumping residue products. The Hydrogen is a carrier of carbon from coal deposits around the world as Crude, i.e. Crude Natural Gas, to the modern refineries producing the clean fuels and the smart material that society needs. The mineral reserves of hydrogen and carbon and the eco-feminine technology involved is deemed to be acceptable for the societal needs of the coming millennium.

A fourth generation nuclear power is being used. Processes have been developed that fuse hydrogen into helium. Both the fuel and the end residue are non radiating physical molecules. The large scale fusion ”torches” used take the last energy out of the old nuclear waste products from the fission era to produce both electricity and the stable non radiating residue products that has been asked for during the last century.

Small industries and family houses are connected to the hydrogen pipeline network as well as to the electrical distribution grid. Heating and electricity is produced locally from either the electrical or the hydrogen supply side. HSG turbines and fuel cells are involved. At the consumer end, the hydrogen system meets and merges with the electrical system. Thus the new hydrogen and old electricity grids in combination, define a supply security of a kind never seen before – at a global level.

Hydrogen fuels for passenger cars are loaded to vehicle accumulators over night. Hydrogen/electrical hybrid engine systems are used for all local travel. The Electrical Highways propel and levitate the passive vehicle rapidly over longer distances. Some hydrogen rich hydrocarbon fuels may still be allowed for longer trips in rural areas and developing countries.

Small scale fusion power plants are being tested on limited fleets of road vehicles. It produces electricity for the powered wheels. It gives zero emissions to the atmosphere. Hydrogen for the fusion is stored in a litre of water. It is built in by the auto manufacturer. This energy content is more than sufficient for the entire life time of the car. Mileage is in the order of 500.000 km per litre of water. The residue ”waste” product is helium, which will be reused by the airship transpotation fleet when an integrated fuel-engine system eventually is scrapped.

By now the Earth atmosphere is in balance. Humans begin to breath more easily – they have rebalanced the atmosphere to pre-industrial qualities in order to serve wo/mankind’s future responsibilities for Mother Earth, GAIA.

Well, if Life on planet Earth is to be developed into a healthy export product for the Universe, we better put all our efforts into developing that Quality of Life! And, of course, by the year 2100 the inhabitants of the Earth still do have some challenging evolutionary things to attend to for the 22st century. Society has a Life focus now, beyond the century of sustainable energy-economy-ecology transformation that started in year 2000.

A visible and sustainable financial system, serves the evolving Life-Consciousness and -Conscience for the future. A profitable for all millennium of World Peace is at hand for wo/mankind…

The ’Thirteen Families’ are still remembered as respected creators of the first ’crude’ stages of the new world order. Some century ago, feminine lineage of inheritance became generally accepted. These unique and unprecedented events influenced the financial elite and its role in history. The acceptance of eco-feminine values paved the way for the ’return of the Goddess.’ These strategic experiences are by now well integrated and used by the World Government in its evolution of the Peaceful World Order.

The present transparency of the financial system acts as a guarantee for wo/mankind. Highly Evolved Beings function by a spirit of love and co-creative service to the Supreme Creator.

The promised ’Tree of Life’ millennia are with us – at last.