A WPF Mission Statement and A Seed Scenario on a Peaceful NWO

Draft version of a

World Peace Foundation

Mission Statement

World Peace begins at individual level as a peace within.
Inner peace can be achieved by active meditation.
True creativity of all sorts depend on inner peace.
We live in a time of a major spiritual awakening.
Individuals open up to the spiritual source of Life.
Values, ethics and moral issues come into focus.

World Peace is now a hope for many planetary citizens.
Peace within yourself comes first; Love yourself!
Peace with family and local nature comes next.
Then peace with society and the global environment.
World Peace Foundation envisions a new far-ranging Paradigm:

A Thousand Year Sustainable World Peace!

During the coming century:
Demonstrate peace at regional levels in creative competition!
Allow nations to develop and test new mechanisms for peace.

During the coming ten years, create a Vision for Global Peace!
Feature films are planned on the theme: Spiritual Awakening.
Those films will help illustrate elements for a peace process.
A World Peace Foundation Center will be established in Sweden.
It will coordinate the film project on Spiritual Awakening.

It is our challenge to produce such interesting films for a world audience, that the return on investment can give a positive contribution to a long range world peace movement.

This is the ten year mission of World Peace Foundation.

So, help create the films; Give us your ideas. Then see our films!
Give us the feedback we need to make the next film better.
Create a world peace through a creative interaction between a world audience and the film making teams.

The above mission statement may be relevant and sufficient for members of a modern society asking for economic reasons and motivations within a ten year time framework. However, the World Peace Foundation aims higher. Our goal is to encourage and assist in the development of a world peace of a thousand years duration! Thus we have to include a superstructure to the mission that addresses the longer term political, religious and spiritual dimensions of the world peace issue.

The following ’poem came to me’ after World Peace Foundation Summit Meeting in India as an additional mission statement for our internal use, to begin with:

O, God; Supreme Creator!
We have created one another in our image, respectively.
Let us be creative together, at human and spiritual levels.
Let us co-create a Thousand Year World Peace!

Let a world audience be inspired by the vision we can carry by means of the Spiritual Awakening films.

Creativity is our God given gift.
Meditation creates the necessary peace within.
Artistic Articulation can replace strive and fight.
Help us see beyond political power.
Help us transcend the religions.

Let the ”I Am” Awareness, ”Christ Consciousness”,
and/or ”Buddha Enlightment” arise

Let our future lifestyles demonstrate a Vision

and HOPE for Healing Our Planet Earth.

Do let the masculine and feminine embrace each other.
Let music, poems and visions flow our veins. Sing, dance,

and create throughout our lives to ’the Sound of Peace!’

Let inspiring forms of beauty, truth and goodness come to us.
Help us revere all Life on Mother Earth.
Let us welcome the awakening Goddess within!

(please feel free to help improve the above tentative mission statement,
in due respect to all the belief systems of out world)

A Seed Scenario for a Peaceful New World Order
Scenario scenes of possible events and desirable outcomes

1999 World Peace Foundation was formed.
2000 World Peace Foundation Summit meeting held in India.
2001 WPF Board meeting in Sweden.
A feature film project on Spiritual Awakening is budgeted.
2002 World Peace Foundation becomes a NGO to the United Nations.
The first films are defined by scenarios, budget and time plan.
2003 WPF organises an international Peace Conference in Stockholm.
Project ’Northern Light’ for spiritual growth is launched.
2004 A World Peace Foundation Center is established in Stockholm.
2005 The work on the Film Project ’Sound of Peace’ is intensified
2006 A ’Northern Light’ World Peace Centre prototype is inagurated in Sweden.
2007 The Sound of Peace film is produced and shown to a world audience.
2010 Sweden and Tibet are granted neutrality for peace research.
2012 United Nations, the Peaceful New World Order, and other relevant international organisations for peace management endorse a network of some 1000 University Peace Centres to be established world-wide, connected by the appropriate broadband communication technology.
2025 Sweden is granted a 100 year neutrality for the establishment of a WPMC, World Peace Management Centre, linked to all the local University for Global Well-Being Peace Centres.
2050 Sweden is regarded as a prototype for regional peace management. Neutrality spreads as a political means for peace evolution worldwide. Safe and profitble conversion of warhead energy to clean electricity, is made under the umbrella of a Global Peace Keeping Force.
2100 A sustainable world peace has been demonstrated.

A scenario is a management tool, in order to be better prepared for a changing future. The scenario is not necessarily the same as a forecast of what will happen in the future. The scenario challenges you, dear reader, to claim your creative role for the future!