Peace-In-Mind as a Healer

by Dr. Ove Svidén

Presented at the Scientific and Medical Network – Annual Gathering 2005. Haus Altenberg,
Germany, 7-10 July, on Science, Consciousness and Healing in the 21st Century.
As a true materialist & aircraft engineer at age 30, I came to my whit”s end. I formed my hands into prayer: What to do with the rest of my life? An oval of light and a softspoken, loving and authorative voice, made me experience: ”You will become a project leader” Oh! Do you engage in such concrete matters, I asked? … ”and then you will become president!” How can I possibly manage that? ”You will get the ideas you need.” That short dialogue changed my life. I became a project leader for a three year project at Saab Aerospace Corp. But I decided to leave the president idea until later. And after all, the serene voice never said president for what? For some 30 years I just prepared myself. As an international consultant, I worked as an energy adviser to Volvo. I took a course in politics, just in case, and made a Ph.D. on SCENARIOS, and engaged myself as a Scenario writer for the Eureka Prometheus” Programme and for the EU-DRIVE project on Road Transport Informatics.

Then I met a film producer Billy Larrabure. He planned to make 12 feature films on Spiritual Awakening. He invited me to join World Peace Foundation, formed 1999 in New York County. Together we started to dream about a Sound of Peace film. I was assigned a title as Managing Director. However, by June 2001 the fund raising failed. Then the WPF founder Chan Dam Master assigned me to the new position of President of World Peace Foundation! I was invited to a UN conference in Colorado that should give our Foundation a prestigeous status as a Non-Government Organization on the UN-list.

One year before, I had sent a letter to a Banker proposing a scenario study on the idea of a Peaceful New World Order. I added the word Peaceful to the Bankers” old covert(!) ideas on a New World Order acting behind the scenes. I did not get the order. On August 1, 2001 I sent a second letter to Sir David warning him of the Financial System and Egoism as the Beast mentioned in John”s Revelations of the Bible. Then in a déja vue mood I decided to register a formal application for a World Peace Foundation in Stockholm County on September 10. The day after, on September 11, 2001, I realized that there would not be any UN Peace Conference that year. And New York was not a place for peace.

My WPF presidency was now an empty title. I decided forcefully to organize myself in Sweden under the domain name:, the e-mail:, and a home page named That domain name has acted as a healer to me ever since. The organization World Peace Foundation is in good shape today – in Sweden. But we have got no money yet. But I have received good advice from our Ernst & Young certified accountant: Keep the WPF clean as long as you ever can. Peace is a sound idea for our troubled times.

By Christmas 2001 I received a constructive spiritual idea to write a fairy tale about the corrupt banking system and the fake twin tower event in New York. I wrote a Saga of King Coin and the Millenium path of profitable war-making (in Swedish). The fairy tale format, allowed me write without accusations and disclosure of family names. That artistic style, gives me the opportunity to write frankly about a closed world of covert operations.

In spring 2002 I got an opportunity to write a third letter to Sir David and his family. I first discussed the idea with a spiritually talented liaison officer that I know, and a secretary at the family office. I created: A Policy Scenario on Clean Energy Systems and a Peaceful New World Order. ( This policy scenario presents a long range vision for the financing elite based upon all my professional skills. In it”s final scenario scene for year 2100 I boldly state:

”By 2100 we have rebalanced the atmosphere to preindustrial qualities in order to serve humankind”s future responsibilities for Mother Earth, GAIA”..
.. ”A result is also a visible and sustainable financial system, well in tune with the evolving Life-Consciousness and Life-Conscience for the future. A profitable for all – millennium of World Peace – is at hand. The ”Thirteen Families” are still remembered as respected creators of the first ”crude” stages of the new world order. Some century ago, feminine lineage of inheritance became generally accepted. These unique and unprecedented events influenced the financial elite and their role in history. The acceptance of eco-feminine values paved the way for the ”return of the Goddess.” These strategic experiences are by now well integrated and used by the World Government in their evolution of the Peaceful World Order.”

The above sample of text in a 8 page document describe my best long-range ideas for the financial families to achieve their own personal Peace-in-Mind.

Later I even got the courage to write an Open Letter to the Mean Monarchs of Monetary Means, to put further pressure on them. After five years (and some 30 letters) I have suggested the dominant financing families to join me and help fund the World Peace Foundation with words like these:

”This scenario is to be regarded as a creative background paper for strategic considerations. It is not a forecast. The evolving future will be created by those who have the courage to commit themselves to it.”

”Dear Thirteen Families, … We have the pleasure to launch a discrete fund raising sceme from the World Peace Foundation. I do not know your names. I do not need to. I do not want to. What is the beauty of the WPF fund raising to you? Peace-in- mind! As a bold investor I assume you will appreciate being asked to join a long-ranging idea for a Peaceful New World Order to emerge in a calm corner of our planet: Sweden. Just as a test case. And please remember the Sound of Peace Film is a fund raising instrument. Then, when you can proudly mention that the Creative Capital behind the emerging Peaceful New World Order came initially from Your Family, you will receive the international respect you so well deserve. Until then, have fun, peace in mind, and peace enjoy my poetic philosophizing.”

As a result of this letter I have now got a nick name among the families:
Uncle SWEDEN (c.f. Uncle SAM and Uncle JOE)

This formation of a peace-in-mind attitude for future financing generations, might prove to be my best healing contribution to a Sustainable World of Peace. So please remember, An Oval of Light, a Sound and some letters can mean so much, because Internet is Here!

Dear Heads of the 13 Financing Families,
In my quest for a Peaceful New World Order, I admire your overthrowing of the Catholic Church as a financing power and establishing a materialistic society run by the able hands of a Financial Elite. But I have also a number of serious objections to the hostile activities presently pursued by your Global Covert Financing Organizations.

The creation of Bank of England in 1694 was a masterpiece of covert operation, allowing a financing power ten times larger than the bank’s gold security. Furthermore, it allowed the founding fathers of BoE to issue loans with interest, to be received by the founders without their names being revealed! That started a profitable Insider Economy of Growth – for you.

Furthermore, Mayer Amschel Rothschild agreed with his 12 closest banker friends in 1773 on a winning concept of profitable war making. The French Revolution was the testing ground for the use of organized terror, at the same time as America was chosen as virgin soil for testing ideas for a New World Order. At the Vienna Conference in 1815, Switzerland was granted a century long neutrality, to act as clearing house for covert financing of ’useful presidents,’ industrial tycoons, warmongers, and terrorists. Then, by means of the Civil War, America”s financial dynasties rose to power.

With a dirty trick, the sinking of the ship Lusitania, the Americans were deceived to abandon their neutrality and ”defend democracy” in Europe.

With two other tricks, Pearl Harbor and the Bretton Woods agreement, $$$ was to become a world currency – in the able hands of the Financing Elite.

With the Hollywood enhanced trick with the Twin Towers, money was successfully raised for a profitable Crusade in the Middle East. With the held back U.S. fees and a Nobel Peace Price, the United Nation was captured by the alliance. By now, the U.N. even endorses the escalating military efforts against the illusory terrorism. Moreover, the profitable rebuilding contracts are awarded to the pawns in the game (all the presidents’ men)…..

During its 50 years CIA has been allowed to perform its covert actions all around the world – with a covert funding. With your financing, the CIA organization has been able to bribe, manipulate democratic procedures and perform 5 million political murders. Who is responsible? CIA are doing what they are paid for! They can act discretely behind its ”covert financing”.

As a Swede I violently object to the sinking of Estonia, recent hostile takeovers of Swedish industries as well as the political murders of Dag Hammarskjöld and Olof Palme. These acts are outrageous violations of human decency! I understand your motives to get Sweden involved in your covert financing and warmongering scheme. But the recent referendum on a European Currency (& covert agenda for a takeover of Sveriges Riksbank) has failed, due to the awareness of the Swedish people. I did expected a real dirty trick from Your side at end of the campaign. But the murder of our foreign minister Anna Lindh – failed your purpose completely! In a similar way the ”terrorist attack” on the Bali culture failed. You seem to have lost your professional touch. Do I sense a trace of desperation here?

Your old paradigm efforts to control people by means of fear does not seem to work any longer outside the alliance. Why not? We live in a time of a rapid spiritual awakening and awareness! And not understanding this – that will show to be your greatest blunder! People object to centralized covert power! You have to realize that you can no longer treat people as ”goyim”
(i.e. cattle, the concept you used during the French Revolution).

I can foresee the outrage of the American People when they find out about the hidden role of its own Financial Elite. But that – is your own problem. Furthermore, the private bank cartels masquerading under names such as BoE, DB, Federal Reserve System, World Bank and recently also the European Central Bank, are all being questioned by people in our times. Such private money institutions do not belong to open democracies.

Dear Macho Monarchs of Monetary Means. Your days are numbered. Soon the ”Beast (egoism and its shadow, the financial system) will be thrown back into the sea”. The least I can do is to recommend you to leave the scene of world power – visibly. I suggest you give it to your feminine family side. Manage a graceful degradation and constructive hand over. In this way you may be able to save some of the respect for your old family names as a cruel reminder of a primitive macho prototype of a humane financial system.

Humankind now deserves an Open Financial Ethic so that we can create a Peaceful New World Order together.

With peace in mind, peace at heart and patient philosophizing.

Yours sincerely
Stockholm October 1, 2003

Ove Svidén,
President,World Peace Foundation
P.S. The web site includes a number of background documents supporting the above conclusions, covert accusations and friendly recommendations.

E-mail copies of this letter is also sent to the 349 members of the Swedish Parliament