Beyond Banking

Ove Svidén

For centuries, banking has been a very male endeavour.

But at present, some 70% of the capital of the thirteen financier families is in female hands. A vivid discussion has started among young capital owners on the sustainability of the present volatile speculation based finance services.

The world’s banking prototype has soon to be changed.

The Grameen Bank and its founder Muhammad Yunus shared a Nobel Peace Price in 2006. Microcredits to poor people are given without security – to women. And to women only!

This is another strong signal for change.

Microcredits can be used for small business, such as buying a mobile telephone for effective communication of market information between the town and a family with a ripe harvest. The handy cell phone is thus the efficient link between producer and market. The old infrastructure on which the Industrial Western Societies rely, is not needed.

Micro electronics moves rapidly to nanotechnology. An extra GPS chip in the mobile telephone can make the hand unit into a navigator. The desired size of the display determines the dimensions of the cell phone, not its ability to locate itself with meters precision upon the planet! The MP3 type memory allows expansion of the hand held unit into a range of new services far beyond music entertainment and Internet:

A complementary currency and banking services can be distributed to the entire world population via their hand held GPS bank mobiles! Thus a base income can be provided to every Global Citizen. Furthermore, with the appropriate use of Bluetooth Techniques, one buyer thus can transfer his/her encrypted ’money’ to a seller while their owners convey an honest handshake and an exchange of trust in their eye contact. With some characteristic beeps from the cell phones and a smile of their owners, the deal is settled. We want to make new business with one another in the future!

SOUND of PEACE is the name of a feature film that will animate such a scenario further. World Peace Foundation will have the film made – when we have raised the capital for it. Until then let us play around with the scenarios, inspire new scenario scenes to be made for TV, songs to be written and hearts to beat for the peaceful future possible by the vision. Create and test the Banking System with enjoyable Computer Gaming.