Towards a Millenium of World Peace

by Ove Svidén

Presented at the Science and Medical Network Conference

Towards a New Renaissance: Values, Spirituality and the Future

Jagiellonian University, Krakow, Poland, 29-31 October 2004

We live in a time of an accelerating Spiritual Awakening.

New ideas, creativity and new human values come to the fore.

Values like: Health, Economic Democracy and Peace will be in high demand in future societies. My political scenario for this, will be combined with a spiritual one here today. Together they represent an outline for a feature film. Tentatively I call it Sound of Peace. It is meant to illustrate the dramatic attitude changes needed for humankind.

The division of male and female, has served a basic survival purpose for humankind. Now enters the era of The Computer! This innovation will relieve the male gender from his excessive logical thinking. By now, when the computers do it better, faster and more reliable, men can enjoy becoming more human, humane and creative. Welcome men of all ages to step out of your male dominance stereotype. Your animal phase is over now.

Dear women, thank you for accepting your subdued role for keeping the human race alive during these millennia long époque of male strife, fight and conquer. Welcome your new men. Accept your new role to teach men to feel, care, create, love and revere Life in all its Divine manifestations.

Dear co-creating human beings, Cosmos is awaiting your free will in unison! Demonstrate it globally in Freedom, Equality and Justice. Internet is here. Use it. Let your ideas inspire us for a Peaceful New World Order.

In my own scenario mind, Health, Economic Democracy and Peace may be the three key issues for a successful paradigm shift. Thus take the following Trident Systems Approach to your heart as our starting point:

Health, is not only the absence of illness, it is the well-being in a physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual sense. And please remember it was the Indian delegation to the United Nation that some decade ago suggested the word ’spiritual’ into this definition.

Economic Democracy is a credo that suggests a more equal and just distribution of the limited resources of our living planet, GAIA. Envision a secure Base Income for each human being during ones entire life time on this planet and a guaranteed part time job for the 15-55 years of age. With a fair and visible monetary system, without interest and inflation, we can distribute this Quality of Life, Well-Being, and Job Satisfaction to everyone.

I can envision a mixed economy with a speculation economy – as the only one the world experiences today – on top of a new and secure base economy. Then as a result of political decisions within the democratic societies the ratio between the two monetary components will have to change in harmony with the progress of the spiritual awakening of mankind.

Peace, is not only something that ’appears’ after a war, it is a state of stewardship and responsibility. This Peace as a Creative Reverence of Life is what the Cosmic Unity now asks from us as human beings. This inner Spiritual Peace has to be developed and articulated. That is the meaningful task for coming generations of human beings. Dear I AM – God of Life – within our hearts – give us a millennium to prove our co-creative ability!

Do the above poetic formulations appeal to your Higher Consciusness?

Do you want to help co-create such a Peaceful New World Order? If so, please examine the deep values within these Seven Spiritual Principles:

1. The principle of Unity. Everything in all of the Universe is connected – the weave of Life – is a Cosmic Unity. Oneness.

2. The principle of Shared Responsibility for all. When you act everything else is influenced. Love serves the whole.

3. The principle of cooperation with Higher Levels of Consciousness.

An Intergalactic Organization exists of highly developed beings, important to the weave of Life in the Universe. Its only drive and purpose is Love. The ojective is a highly developed empathy, clarity and feel for the Value of Life.

4. The principle of Giving. We have all a flow of Giving to share with each other. Giving serves the whole. Every act influences the whole – the harvest is the sum of the acts of the others.

5. The principle of the Sacredness of Life. Everything created is willed, planned and loved by the I AM Creator – it is Sacred. We have a personal responsibility to live our lives so that all forms of existence are respected.

6. The principle of Life’s Eternity. Life is Eternal! All Life is Holy – Life searches Life – Love seeks Love – in an Eternal ongoing circle of God’s existence in all. You are a part of this this fantastic Life – in your inner core, you are part of God’s eternal Life. Please understand that Oneness!

7. The principle of Meaningfulness of all Existence. All creation is one hundred percent full of meaning, within a Grand Plan of goals and purpose. Everyone of you have your unique contribution and gift to provide.