I AM Philosophizing


This is a personal treatise on what a scientific curiosity and a spiritual awakening can lead a smart man to do: open up to the intuitive forces, identify his feminine side, become friend with time, and develop a humanistic philosophizing attitude to life. With a hypothesis of a philosophizing method in my mind I decided to act my innermost ideas and integrate them with a spiritual entity, beyond time and space. This holistic method was crucial for accepting the challenge to address the issue of World Peace. Yes indeed, the very creation of the World Peace Foundation was to be an illustration of a method on my attitude that I Am Philosophizing! Can something of this be interesting to you? Let us get hold of the person claiming all this and ask how he managed it.

My life was rather predictable until the age of 30, when I got a major spiritual awakening. That woke me up to a world of experiences beyond the senses and rational thought. In a flash I realized that all information in books was derived from the past, and thus somewhat backwards in perspective. Then, forget about the books and open your eyes for the future! Through my systematic philosophizing, I got a glimpse of a time dimension beyond the span of my own life time. It stirred my curiosity. I started to search for a willing subject to test these wild ideas. It did not take long until I realized that I would not find such a person outside myself. I had to embark on my own wild ideas, integrate them in my personal lifestyle create my own future and take the consequences, without a safety net. Well, at that stage I pondered about the risk that these ideas would drive me crazy. I decided to take that risk. After all, a crazy world would easily absorb just another member to its flock. On the other hand, if my idea on a humane relation with the time dimension had some merits, it could help other fellow human beings, perhaps even help humankind. So, lets try it. Let us befriend time!

I promised myself to give my project idea on ”humane time” a fair chance. I decided to give it a systematic free time research effort during the coming decades. I started to develop an active philosophizing as a method to bridge history, the present and the future. And now, after reaching the age of a senior citizen, my life has started to develop in a interesting way, far beyond what I could possibly plan on my own. What started as a great spiritual experience, had developed into a creative flow of ideas for the future, to be claimed by my opened mind, by my creativity and intuitive action. Furthermore, during the last two decades I had developed my philosophic insights into a scenario writing technique, by which I became able to reach out to the world around me. This whole home page www.peace.se is a result of such active philosophizing and scenario writing.

For many decades I was frustrated, unable to find a place for myself in any organization or professional context. Once I discussed my problem with a friend and businessman. Together we were starting an Institute on Industrial Ethics. He said: You are so full of ideas. There is no position in society for you. As soon as you get a job that you dreamt of, you will start dream for the next one. That is your style and destiny. Write a diary. You will have an interesting life. Or, even better, write down your dreams.²”

This book is a result of the advice above. After all I have the most productive years still ahead of me. At 30 I decided I had biassed my own life by concentrating entirely on my analytical thinking. Then, as a result of the spiritual awakening, I started to realize my backward approach to life, and decided to develop my emotional life and capacity to feel. Now, I am well into the third phase to test my will on the core issues and problems facing life on Earth. That is the duty of a philosopher to do. To take a clear stand, and propose the ideas, concepts and structural changes needed for a meaningful development of a consciousness for a future dynamic society and a sustainable life on this planet. This is the way philosophy can influence politics, economics, social behavior, the sciences, and eventually entire cultural epochs including the long term value systems behind. And as a philosopher I do intend to be active some decades more.

Scientific books sometimes end with an epilogue, where the author allows himself to be more personal. In my reading of scientific literature for my profession as long-range planner for an aerospace organization, and later as an energy forecaster I soon found out that some of the crucial pieces of information on the future of science, technology and the life sciences, was better explained in the epilogue than in the formal scientific text aimed to impress peers and fellow scientists! So in my job to define the research frontier, it was in the epilogues, that I found answers to my philosophical questions when, why, and on the meaning and value of new findings for the future.

So, I enjoyed it wholeheartedly when Professor Emeritus Henryk Skolimowski, an Oxford Doctor of Philosophy, in May 1999 suggested me to write this rather scientific treatise with my personal story in the beginning of the book. Use your own language, because you have developed your own person into a philosophizing instrument. Help the readers understand your path to this. What you now are, is a result from the spiritual ideas you have got, internalized and acted out in your personal life. It is unusual to see such an integration of theory and practice on one person.”

Thus the first half of this treatise on I AM Philosophizing illustrates my personal development from a dreamer, an aircraft engineer, a forecaster and scenario writer to industry and further on to a philosophizing humanist. Papers included in the chapter The Art of Philosophizing demonstrate my present talent. A treatise on Causes and Downward Causation for Evolution is included. I was invited to present at a Scientific and Medical Network Continental Meeting in May 2000. A concluding political scenario, envisions a major societal change in Sweden, in accordance with the spiritual awakening I experienced at age 30 and as a result of my active philosophizing ever since that event.

This treatise is an outline for an auto bibliography. It is a spotlight illumination of important turning points in my effort to control my own life in accordance with the feedback teories on time that I gradually developed. It is a shorthand diary of events, dreams, visions and philosophical reflections giving these events a time dimension of meaning for my life in total. These fragments from my life, when brought together, also comprise a meaningful start for the most important third part of my active life: A search for the Sound of Peace’ at all dimensions of the concept. Please feel free to share my past, present and future path with me – just for the joy of finding the philosopher within yourself. Be friend with time. Come along! Don’t be shy. Remember that a child can philosophize. Revitalize that philosophizing talent within yourself!

For some decades now a major paradigm shift has been seen possible, probable and perhaps even necessary for the survival of human societies on this planet. In my philosophizing mind the paradigm shift will appear as a spiritual awakening on a global scale. I believe that it will be as drastic as the Fall of the Roman Empire and the Renaissance put together!

Dear Reader, enjoy your time reading those parts of the documents below in the order, that your own intuition calls for. Absorb, reject, discuss and digest. And remember, what you make of it is your own personal responsibility. The text is given to you without a guarantee of any kind. Let the texts inspire you to search for your own truths. That is the basic rule for Internet documents on a web site. Enjoy life by sharing the ideas freely with others! If you feel for publishing your ideas and conclusions, it is polite to give a reference to me and/or the source address: www.peace.se

Please, see this document as a first draft for a future handbook on practical philosophizing on issues beyond personal projects and human time limits.
Stockholm, summer 2004

Ove Svidén

By clicking below, you can go deeper into my personal experiences from an inside life that be reached by using the credo:

 I AM Philosophizing.

1. Young Dreams, Experiences and Smart Thinking
Choosing a profession, apprenticeship, in touch with love,
aircraft engineering and  the human as a systems controller.

2. Spiritual Awakening
The first steps in the art of philosophizing, and some personal experiments for the control of my will, feel and thinking.

3. Consultant Years as a Scenario Writer
Futures research, Scenario writing, Ph.D. efforts on SCENARIOS, energy and transport forecasting as a professional use of philosophizing

4. Philosophical conclusions
Summarizing the base for my mission for peace

5. Epilogue
As of October 2016

Well, so far so good. The autobiography of my life above as a Soul, describes my behavior as a feedback mechanism. My will forward toward a creative future, has to be balanced by a critical analysis of perception and experiences accumulated from the physical senses. Furthermore, an artistic synthesis can be made by engaging a more diffuse feel for life, and the situation at hand.

In my 2016 version of the Peace Philosophers Blog: www.peace.se/blog/, I describe active philosophizing in the following terms:

About Philosophizing
I AM the Philosophizing agent behind this blog.
I AM in balance within my Body, Soul and Spirit!

My physical body carries the brain and six sensory organs facing the physical environment. (Do not forget the angular rate sensors of the: vestibularis, in the inner ear) Furthermore the Soul has another six senses directed to the spiritual world of ideas.

The Soul consists of will, feelings and intellectual/mental thought, organized as cybernetic control loops of clever feedback. With a Spiritual Self in a cosmic world of ideas I can reach into a domain beyond the limitations of time (as my present incarnated life time, or the physical speed of light, for example).

By year 2004, I had created a scientific treatise called I AM Philosophizing.
You will easily find it on: http://www.peace.se/?p=163

To control a process along the arrow of time, is today described by Cybernetics (A theory developed by Dr Norbert Wiener in 1948 as ”the scientific study of control and communication in the animal and the machine.”The word cybernetics comes from Greek κυβερνητική (kybernetike), meaning ”governance”, Wikipedia).

To control a system means a continuous use of feedback loops at different time scales: From the fast neural activities in the brain, via the biochemical blood loops of the body, to the mind able to formulate societal ideas and evolution over years, decades and millennia.

Some relevant cybernetic questions are:

What is the helmsman doing with the steer oar of his ship?

How does the pilot do it, when controlling his aircraft?

What does it mean to take dynamic responsibility for driving a car in traffic?

How does a Project Leader control an industrial project within a limited time frame?

How can a Politician control the society responsibly over years and decades?

How can religions influence morals and Ethics over centuries?

What stabilizes the long cycles of Cosmic Spiritual Ideas over millennia?

As an aircraft engineer I can understand the feedback mechanism of an autopilot. Faster inner control loops, within loops for longer time constant, and with societal, religious and spiritual loop structures as the very most outer long term processes.

Is it the perception of the sensory organs, that give you a basis for your analytical thinking? Is it a feeling for the desirable, possible and appropriate that motivates your actions here and now?

Can an intuitive impulse from the world of ideas, make you change what you planned, based upon experience? Can the ideas from the dreams during the night get you to ’will’ something radical new during the morning hours?

If the thoughts dwell in the microsecond fast electrical processes in the nervous system loops, do the feelings belong to the body’s blood biochemistry of the low- and high-pressure feedback loops?

Is it in the glands between the brain halves that the reasons between mind and emotional feelings meet? Is it there, that the moral will get its conscience heard, in the very centre called the Pineal Gland or Third Eye, by ancient wisdom sages?

Is it in the very cross, the mixing point between forward creative intuition and critical feedback analysis, where the very time dimension itself is best experiences by the Soul? If so, we can give a new cybernetic light to the insight from the Antique (Democritos and Plato) that the Soul consists of will, feel and thinking. So why not test this model of the Psyche on yourself?

Do you want to know how the Philosophers did it, go to: The Art of Philosophizing
( http://www.peace.se/?p=191 )

Thus, my thesis of a dynamic Will-Feel-Thinking process, can eventually be described as a long term: I AM Philosophizing. Which in turn can be described as cybernetic feedback loops, with different time characteristics inside each other to form a stable control system.

To manage such a control system by a human controller usually needs a bridging of say three different feedback loop levels in balance. In an automobile driving situation the grip of the steering wheel is a matter of a tenth of a second, a change of the wheel angles may take a second, and a whole lane shifting manoeuvre may require ten seconds.

To manage an industry needs the control of skilled manual labour, application of academic know-how, managerial skill of know-what and a strategic understanding of know-where-to in control loops that span hours, days, months and years.

To manage a five year business cycle in the automobile industry may require a firm understanding of the some fifty year cycles of infrastructure investments in fuel and transportation systems.

To philosophize over society and its say five hundred years long cycles of evolution, it is not enough to consider some key ideas in ’books of the century literature’. You need to consider the very long millennium waves of evolution indicated i religious belief systems.

According to the Nobel Price Laureate 1977 Ilya Prigogine, his pupil Erich Jantsch and his book ’Design for Evolution’, a society may be able to handle a disturbance at one of the systems levels at the time, if the adjoining systems levels are firm. But in the 1970’s when he was touring the world lecturing about these long term fluctuations in societal development he was deeply concerned about the present society’s lack of balancing forces between the know-how, know-what and the know-where-to levels.

So after two ardent years as a post-graduate student at UGWB, the University of Global Well-Being in Höör of Sweden, I presented my Ph.D. thesis above on I AM Philosophizing to my academic teacher Henryk Skolimowski, educated at Oxford University Doctor of Philosophy. I was naturally tense with anticipation about his verdict on my question: Is my cybernetic treatise worth a PhD. degree?

Henric’s response was encouraging: ”Your PhD thesis is worth three PhD degrees! First of all you are describing academically the cybernetic block diagram for a feedback process between three psychic qualities with different time characteristic. But, and this is unusual, you take on the theory and test it in on your own life! Furthermore, on top of that, you apply your own walk of life on a entirely different subject: politics!
Your Inaugural Speech for a future President in Sweden is transgressing the borders between both Cybernetics and Psychology, in its description of a workable presidency for a transient period between a Monarchy and a Republic.

But, Henryk Skolimowski also mentioned that as an Oxford Doctor of Philosophy, Emeritus, he was not in a position to grant me a PhD. I need to approach an active University department professor for a formal degree.

Furthermore, Politics is an ’Art of the Possible’,’ rather than a Science. My draft from 1999 was soon to be outdated by later political events in the Swedish Democracy. Thus, my active philosophizing method is perhaps better described in my present effort to include a fourth general election beside the election for Parliament, Commune and County Council:

Sweden is mature for an elected political President Leader beside the coming Queen Victoria (with her restricted representative role) for a future Swedish Royal Republic!

And, as a warm up for such a political duty, I can sign the letters from World Peace Foundation with a bold signature: Ove Svidén, with an added text like this: Philosophizing President and scenario writer.

The style has been accepted when writing some ten letters to President Barack Obama. The first of which was sent to appear on his desk in the Oval Office on inauguration day January 20, 2009. The eleventh letter was sent March 8, 2016 inviting him as a Keynote Speaker to a coming: ’Peace, Spirituality and the Future Conference’ in Brussels 2017 ….

This time I also expect to get an encouraging e-mail from the White House Scheduling Office, as I received in 2010 (for a Conference that did not get its funding in time, and thus had to be cancelled).

About Ove Svidén
Ove Svidén was born on March 10, 1937 at 12:15 in Stockholm, Sweden.
M.Sc., 1960, Aircraft Engineering, KTH, Royal Inst. of Technology, Stockholm.
B.A., 1980, Psychology, Education, Politics at Linköping University.
Received a Ph.D. 1989, on Scenarios at Dept. Management and Economics, Linköping University.
Futures Research 1988-91, Systems Engineering and Consensus Formation Office at Drive Project, DGXIII, Brussels.
Creator and CEO of ARISEeeig on Road Transport Informatics, 1992-99, Brussels.
President, World Peace Foundation from 2001-, Stockholm (www.peace.se).