A Scenario for a Peaceful New World Order

We live on a planet Earth with a unique blend of Cosmic Life Forms. These were planted here for an unique experiment: The test of Free Will. The Supreme Creator is interested to get feedback upon how we use our divine freedom…

Scientific texts describe causes behind evolution in a language that can be understood afterward by the analytical mind. Thus, a Will for the Future is not dealt with effectively by an analytical science. However, the Bible texts have passages that make humankind appreciate that a Supreme Creator has created us to be creative. I.e. as Creative Co-Creators we can embrace the long term Spiritual Ideas behind the course of events and development on Planet Earth. As spiritual beings and true humans, with balanced body, soul and spirit, we can penetrate the spiritual domain beyond both the physical and the psychic levels. A world of pure ideas beyond religions is revealed to the ardent spiritual seeker.

If you go to the Web Site: http://www.peace.se/?p=163 you can easily find my I AM Philosophizing document. It is a manual of my own spiritual efforts during this latest lifetime.

With a Master of Science degree in Aeronautical Engineering at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, together with a later Ph.D. degree at Linköping University, Department of Management and Economics, I have explored the Free Will. Furthermore, i have developed a talent to write scenarios that helped me investigate some daring ideas for the future beyond my scientific mind.

Presently, the birth, growth, maturation, decay, death and reincarnation principles are monitored by world societies using a monetary system that assumes exponential growth, but not any one of the other five attributes!? Thus the outdated monetary system will eventually have to outgrow its own stiff limitations:

The global monetary system will collapse!

Furthermore, that will not happen peacefully.

So by using some few events from the past, I create a number of sketchy scenario scenes to develop a language that describe a possible and probable path towards a thousand year peace. Why the millennium perspective? A development towards such a global peace has been forecast in the Bible texts several thousand years ago!

By year 2009 Sweden, as a nation had been in physical peace for 200 years. But that does not mean that the Swedes have peace in mind. Our system is still far to materialistic to survive, without a grim shake-down and a spectacular spiritual wake up!

So, in order to jog your philosophizing and visionary ability, please try these quick steps towards a future Peaceful New World Order, I start with the societal experiments in a small totalitarian democracy, Sweden:

The situation in Sweden in 1992:

* George Soros was chosen by the financial elite to test a dirty financial speculation trick towards the Swedish Krona. The Keynsian textbook response was to increase the national bank interest rates to 50% respective 500% during the following weeks.

The situation in Sweden in 1994:

* The Social Democrats regain power for another 12 years.

* The passenger ship Estonia is sunk by two explosions. Its forbidden load of military equipment from the Soviet empire is covered up by the waves, clever bribes and by political blackmail.

The situation in Sweden in 1995:

* The ex Prime Minister Carl Bildt had raised the national debt from 35% to 85% of GDP during his three years in power. He was later rewarded with a knighthood by Queen Elizabeth, head of the Bank of England.

* The newly elected left wing government promises to pay the national debt loans back to the eager money lenders, which will come to require another 12 years of inflation.

Scenario scene for Sweden, year 1998:

* The CEOs of Swedish Top Industries get a 30% salary rise, which indicates they have to do something dirty and keep dead silent why they get their high bonuses!

* In a vision quest I accept the task as a scenario writer to engage in the co-creation of a thousand year Peaceful New World Order.

The situation in 1999:

* The architects behind a global financial collapse begin to act secretly behind the scenes.

* Major Swedish industries, like Saab and Volvo, are asked to merge with, and act as pawns inside the Ford and GM dynasties.

The situation in 2008:

* The first act of a global financial collapse is camouflaged as Lehman Brothers’ collapse, Derivatives and the Sub Prime Loan scandals.

Scenario scenes for the world, year 2012:

* The second act of the global financial crisis is in full swing.

* The Maya Calendar prediction for it, is at winter solstice.

* Historians will come to call it beginning of a financial World War III.

* Materialists will call it Armageddon before they become spirits.

* Christians may call it Apocalypse, to indicate an age of explanation.

* 144.000 spiritually enlightened humans call in Ascension.

Scenario scene for Sweden, 2014:

* The Peace, Spirituality and The Future Conference in Stockholm recommends a Complementary Currency and base income, designed to achieve a Peaceful New World Order.

*  Video games are designed to test and develop the features of the future world monetary system. They have an egalitarian touch, and is thus a creative counter force to the old capitalist game Monopoly. Moreover, it is a family game and an effective stopper to the violent actions in first generation computer games.

Scenario scene 2018:

* A coalition government changes the Swedish Constitution from a Monarchy into a Royal Republic.

* A standing Committee for Peace is formed in the Swedish Parliament.

* A President with limited political power is elected to assist the representative Royal Family.

* A Complementary Currency System is tested i Sweden: 20% of Sweden’s GDP, is offered to its egalitarian inhabitants as a base income during their entire life time.

* A traumatized Western World observes the bold monetary experiment in Sweden.

Scenario scene 2025:

* Sweden increases its base income level to 30% of National GDP

* Some EU-countries decide to try 20%

* USA stubbornly believes in its casino style financial system

* 10% of World GDP is decided to be distributed evenly to its 1 billion inhabitants as a base income and birthright.

Scenario scene 2050:

* A World Government allows families to have only one child tax free. (China was the bold leader of this law)

* Sweden increases its base income to 40% of National GDP

* Some EU-countries decide to try 30%

* USA hesitantly decides to try 20%

* 15% of World GDP is distributed evenly to its 1 billion inhabitants as a base income and birthright.

Scenario scene 2100:

* Sweden increases its base income to 50% of National GDP

* EU-countries decide to try 40% as base income level.

* USA adopts 30% of national GDP as base income

* 20% of World GDP is distributed evenly to its 1 billion inhabitants as a base income and birthright.

Scenario Scene 2500:

* 50% of World GDP is distributed as an even guaranteed base life time income via the GPS satellites to all planetary citizen over their cell phones.

* The world has 1 billion democratic inhabitants

* General life expectancy is 120 years

* The World Government is elected from the some 144.000 competent managerial elite that have earned a 1000 year life time for responsible governance.

Scenario Scene 2999:

* The fallen angel ’Satan’ is asked to intervene, in order to reveal the regrettable corruption within the sophisticated Global Base Income Economy System.

(The talented French medical doctor Michael Nostradamus predicted a major wars at year date ending with three 9s. The first one is 1999, the second is 2999. That explains my choice of dates in my hypothetical millennium peace scenario above)

Another talented mystic is Sir Isaak Newton. In his book Principia Mathematica he made a definition of time flow, to describe a clockwork universe. In a hidden manuscript he also made a prediction for the start of God’s Kingdom, i.e. the Golden Age to the year 2060!

Thus, the above millennium scenario is my best outline for a period of peace as promised in the Bible.

Some concluding reflections

War is the very opposite to inner spiritual peace, family harmony and outer societal peace. During the latest millennium, tribal wars and national wars gradually escalated into two imperialistic world wide wars. The cold war that followed, produced a conflict between two Superpower blocs, the Capitalists against the Socialists. After a 45 year long development of sophisticated arms, the arms race led to the collapse of the Soviet Empire and USA as a ’noble winner.’ On the surface the victory was marketed as political. But hidden behind, was an invisible ’acting without being seen’ of a financial elite covertly supporting both sides in order to maximize its own profits.

A thousand years ago wars were fought among professional armies obeying their king. Imperialistic warmongering during the latest century have involved innocent people to an alarming degree. As the destruction power of arms, missiles and ammunition becomes more ’effective’, so has the harm done to civilians increased.

The financial crisis 2008 can be seen as a preamble for the total collapse of the New World Order banking principles, formed some three centuries ago. The collapse will be an important part of the spectacular global spiritual awakening. In a spirit of Apocalypse, i.e. the age of understanding and explanation, common people will come to grasp the idea that they have been hoaxed to believe in a exponentially growing Money System, cleverly hidden by a financial elite of 13 families!

For centuries, decent people have been lured into believing in a monetary system based upon growth, percentage interest rate and inflation as an unavoidable side effect. The small inner circle of bankers, that has had a true insight of the hoax, could profit from the deceptive economic growth. With their false money supply they have bought the silence of the next lower levels of the financial hierarchy. Bonuses, bribes, exorbitant salaries teach them to obey the hidden Illuminati whip from above.

The some seven centuries long struggle between the Catholic Church and the Freemasons is best described in the The Kung Peng Saga of this open Web Site: http://www.peace.se/?p=151. An earlier version of it in Swedish was translated and given to the financier tycoon David Rockefeller to read in year 2004. His response to my Saga was that: ’it is to 95 percent correct. But there are some names that are missing.’

So, in order to update the Saga, I have included an Illuminati level of names and their hidden actions into my latest English translation. Thus the Saga should be 99 percent correct by now! For those who can read Swedish the original crude/rude version is still included in the same http://www.peace.se/?p=29 as: Sagan om Kung Peng och det lönsamma krigens årtusende. It naturally includes a chapter of the Krüger crash hoax, and other National issues interesting mostly to Swedish readers.

How do you get in contact with the financial elite? In summer 2000 I phoned the family office at 30 Rockefeller Plaza, New York. After a chat with a secretary, and some good advice from her, I made a selling letter on 1st August 2000, offering my consultant services as a scenario writer. A response letter came three weeks later:

”Dear Dr. Svidén:

Thank you for your recent letter to Mr. David Rockefeller, which was forwarded to his summer home, where he is spending his vacation. He has asked me to respond to you on his behalf.

Mr. Rockefeller was interested to read about your proposal for a New World Order Peace Center, but regrets that he is not able to meet with you to discuss your scenario. Having just passed his 85th birthday, he is not taking on any new projects. Rather, he is trying to cut back on his current obligations so that he has more time to spend with his children and grandchildren. He did mention your letter to several of his children but they, too, seem to be very busy with their current activities.

Mr Rockefeller regrets sending you this disappointing response and wishes you success in this and your other endeavors.

Sincerely (signature) Alice Victor”

Such a polite, professional answer!

Encouraged by this first contact, a year later I carefully prepared new letter: A Policy Scenario on Clean Energy Systems for a Peaceful New World Order that summarizes my professional experiences as a creative engineer and scenario writer. You can easily find also this scenario in the Web Site: http://www.peace.se/?p=262

As I now know it, my 100 year scenario above on the establishment of a Clean Hydrogen Energy Society, after the two petroleum peaks (oil and natural gas) was well received by The Family. Indirectly I have learnt that my conclusions has spurred EXXONs long range planning efforts.

Following their credo: acting without being seen, it is natural that the financing families have never dared to contact me directly. They have isolated themselves completely. But that is their problem.

Those that survive the 2012 collapse will have something interesting to tell fellow planetary citizens….

Stocholm, January 1, 2010 (and  updated in December 2010, and revised slightly in June 2012).

Ove Svidén
Philosophizing scenario writer and Chairman of World Peace Foundation