A Scenario on a Future Family Economy

We live in a time of a cumbersome spiritual awakening.
Media News illustrate the lack of well-being world-wide.
Our monetary system does not work well for Humankind.

We need a Peaceful New World Order!

What type of family peace is needed?

Shelter, food, communication and a touch of love. For nine months most natural conceived humans have all this. Life is designed in this way. The first rapid cell multiplication of a new body eventually reaches a point when it outgrowths the shelter in its mothers womb. It is ready to be received into a bathtub of lukewarm water and cleaned by gentle caring parental hands. Then, lift the baby’s head, allow it to take a first breath of air, still connected with the life supporting string to the mother. And only then, when the new-born child breathes normally, opens its eyes, hears and enjoys the soft music – it might smile to its parents. It says non-verbally: I did it! Only after this important soul contact is established, the physical part of the life line, the umbilical, can be disconnected.

At the same moment, on a spiritual level, the baby recognises his smiling parents as the two souls it led in contact with each other some years ago to form a core family together in the physical world. Reincarnation is a love-creating process.

Gradually, over the next some fifteen years, a child’s strong link with its mother can fruitfully be complemented by a present father providing a second role model for being an adult soul-body. The extended family, the home, meals, teaching and play together is the core of becoming a sustainable individual in society. Relations and friendships with playmates, and teachers at schools links the core family to the neighborhood, village and society at large. The physical core family is just a temporarily component in a well functioning society. Family is much more than that:

Family is soul! In intricate patterns of will, feel and thought, the individual can develop itself from an animal acting on instinct, to a responsible, conscious human being with a conscience. Family provides a testing ground for such a soul growth among its members. Even more, the family is crucial. The next level of soul growth is the neighborhood around family. A teenager claims the block, village, town and city suburbia to expand its territory. Meaningful use of Internet is the modern form for family expansion: Friendships beyond generations, time and space. Social Networking with friends globally at reasonable costs enables modern young minds to establish family-like relations unrelated to the physical distances involved!

Money and its value can first be experienced and taught in family. Economy, i.e. the good housekeeping of limited resources, can be conveyed to the next generation as a virtue by caring parents. A coin for candy can be succeeded by a weekly or monthly pay. As a teenager I got the responsibility for keeping a budget for a semester at a time. A very good lesson for the later long-term investment in a life-time long education and a family house. (By the way, how do you explain the difference of consumption and investment to a child? Try the candy/chewing gum analogy!)

The family is also valuable testing ground for conflict analysis, negotiation, conflict resolution, agreement and inner peace. Without these first experiences at the family level, the individual might enter into many costly, unnecessary, embarrassing and painful events at the societal level as a grown up. Taking responsibility for oneself in a family context is a necessary phase for taking later responsibility in industry, politics, art or the spiritual advancement of society. The family’s role in all this has been grossly underestimated in most so called modern societies of the world today. Why? The tribe and small village as intermediary steps to the greater society has vanished in western societies. Rootless humans are today invited by industry manipulated media, direct from rural farm to the urban life to become workers, and good consumers. In the future, a life long Internet Education can change all this!

Family is the natural way of supplying security to the individual beyond relatives and generations. A teenager often stays at the family home until getting a job of his own for support. Within a family context monetary transaction are usually performed without taking interest. Money are treated as stable values over time.

Family is the best form of security that exists in the developing world. Parents take care of both children and their own parents at old age. This is the original social security system before money were used. Wealth at old age could be organized by a widening pyramid of younger family members. Respect for the elders was the key. Willingness of learning by doing was the early way for family, tribe and village to work and live. Relations between societal members was regulated by habits, norms and religions. Change was considered a threat to such small groups of people. This was long before the modern welfare state and Internet.

My friend Grace Growing Medicine Eagle has told me an uplifting alternative to the above. In the traditional North American Indian tribe, the core value is the children! In a circle around them are the grandparents, mature enough to educate the children! Outside that is an outer ring of able young parents working in the fields or hunting for food to the whole village. Warriors protected the core with able fighting if necessary, and the shaman over-looked the extended family- village unit spiritually. In this way the entire tribe had its strength and long term sustainability from the Great Spirit and the ideas He gave to each tribe member in the concentric rings around the core value: the children!

I addition to the above, the Hopi Indian Peace Prophecy contained an elegant description of the meaning of four different races: Black, Red, Yellow and White, each with specific characteristics, tasks and purpose. Beyond them was the brown race, which is a blend of them. Furthermore,  the ’brownies’ had a very special task: to help the white race to understand spirituality! Isn’t this a beautiful story? It tells what is needed to educate the clever ego-driven materialists of western societies in to create a Peaceful New World Order!? (Is this even the crystal clear spiritual explanation behind the bold decision to give President Barack Obama Nobel’s Peace Price for 2009?)

Some thousands years ago the North American Indians were in frequent combat with each other. The Great Spirit wanted to establish a ranking order of soul qualities for sustainability. However, the Hopi Indians were most peaceful of them all. Therefore the Great Spirit gave them a Peace Prophecy to take care of. It includes a vision about Three Great Wars: In the first one He would use His left hand to shake up humankind. If we do not understand the hint, The Great Spirit will use His right hand. If we do still need a third reminder from the Creator, He will shake us violently with both hands! But, if humankind will awaken spiritually, we will not have to suffer from a third shaking….

The Hopi Prophecy includes some interesting details. The second shaking will end with ’two mushroom clouds of ash’, and the third shaking is near ’when men wear their hair as a ponytail and begin to care about their children’…. Was this a vivid prediction of the two atom bombs 1945? Is it also a prophecy that the present egalitarian social reforms in the Swedish Society, can act as a prototype for a Peaceful New World Order Economy? Furthermore, our present Minister of Finance, Anders Borg, wears his hair in a ponytail…

The modern welfare states in Europe, do complement early family life with institutions such as nursery, schools, gymnasiums, colleges and universities. Health care, pension and different insurance systems are organized to secure life at old age. Some of all this is organized as a societal service paid by the state budget. In Europe today, the tax level is some 40% of GNP. Sweden is an extreme; our tax level is some 50%. By comparison, USA has only some 30% of its social welfare guaranteed by the state. USA is thus on the verge of becoming a welfare state, as I see it.

Some Swedish family scenes for year 2025

Let us look forward. Imagine a future, well beyond the great Systems Shift after the outdated New World Order monetary system did collapse in 2012. Then a Peaceful New World Order was being outlined. Let us look closer into the lives of two human beings in an era when Time rather than Money, is a respected value base. The expected life time has become the core value for the society’s Economic Democracy. Let us see how two persons Ena and Uno design their lives in this future hypothetical society:

As a child Ena experiences the loving presence of a core family in a small village of farms of some 50 persons in total. The life among domestic animals, ecological food production gives a rhythm to daily family life. The basic training for life is done in the core family organically surrounded by the eco-village as an extended family. Ena’s first playmates are in easy reach. Others come together with day parents, uncles and aunts. Grandparents are specially welcome with their patience, stories and experiences from times past. Together they represent a mature presence of the future generation, and provide the basic social training. The even flow of a base income to Ena’s base account is the society´s way of taking responsibility for a child until it reaches 15 years of age. This monetary arrangement can be seen as a reward for a mother who prioritizes her family education task under a decade rather than taking a full time external paid job in the society. Furthermore, she has a financial ability to reward her relatives or other respected friends, for the important sharing of the parental joy.

Uno is raised in a city. One of the parents is always at hand in the core family, even if they prefer a 4-6 hour work day outside the family. Uno represents an even flow of cash for his day-care, schools, health. The Base Income System results in a family situation that pays off. The base income to the small children is seen as a societal reward for the time parents spend with their offspring. The time spent in family is as well paid as the pay for an unskilled apprentice position in an office or industry. Uno’s two parents, (once spiritually selected by Uno himself), enjoy the time with its little Star-Kid, full of creative new ideas and energy. Family life in the city is more knowledge-based than on the countryside. Uno is surrounded of adults that meet family wise with different values for him to absorb. Third generation of Internet Computer Gaming gradually replaces old stereotype school and university education. The Internet enhanced homes give family life a renaissance!

Fresh money on a healthy planet is provided by the Solidar System Complementary Currency. The Solidars are used as payment, at the same time as they are gradually diminished, in order not to be attractive for accumulation as a capital. A company has a trade account for short term business transactions. These solidars are exposed to a negative interest rate. They reappear as an equally distributed base income on the base accounts. The public sector has base accounts only for common projects. Citizens have both a base account for daily base income and passive saving, and a trade account for salary and business transactions. Electronic barriers hinder the transfer of means from trade accounts into the personal base account, (See: www.solidar.lir.be for more details).

The financial system with a guaranteed base income for all during the entire life time, makes it both meaningful and economical to defend the extended family over generations. As material welfare is more and more replaced by automated industrial systems, the social well-being can develop in liberated new family relations. Cleverly developed Interactive Internet Gaming Systems can be designed as to be both entertaining and help bond generations of ’family’ members far beyond heritage and physical distance limitations. (Can you visualize a Sound of Peace computer game as a worthy replacement to the capitalist game Monopoly? I can.)

In the 1950-68 period the core family in Suburbia could develop into a war zone for juvenile liberation. Inspired by violent films and TV-News, young rebels wanted to get rid of the old family limitations in a spectacular way. Much of the problems in Western style societies came from the dismantling of a family as a cornerstone for stability in civilized societies!

Modern Internet enhanced family relations is a creative remedy for the mistakes of the past. The modern extended family is following the money free principle of generous giving. It is more noble to give than to take! With an interest free base income for all for social security, the old greed and eagerness to acquire more material wealth for neighbors to admire and compete with, can be replaced by a respect for experience and awe for older age. It becomes a question of programming the Internet Gaming and Education System with the appropriate spiritual experiences from the older generations and merge it with the bold ideas from the Star Kids! In this evolutionary way Humankind can eventually adopt family members with lifetimes up to a thousand years! Mind you the human as a specie on Planet Earth is designed to live as long as Abraham, Noa and Moses did! The limiting of life expectancy to 120 years, was a temporary arrangement to speed up gene blending of qualities needed for the future ’Brown Race’ designed for a Peaceful New World Order!

The school system beyond nursery school, has to be radically modernized as a result of computer and communication developments. The broadband connected desktop, laptop, palm computer and/or GPS enhanced cellphone will be the center of individualized school work. Parents and teachers are put on more equal terms in the background, when their Star Kids explore the higher education challenges of the IT-society.

From ten years of age, both Ena and Uno are doing more and more of their school work from home. School work becomes more play and gaming than cramming facts from books and teachers. Nowadays teachers are no longer allowed to put question that they know the answers to, into the classroom! After all, the computer is a machine that can intelligently seek, organise and remember written knowledge. Via Internet and Google eager pupils can quickly get hold of qualified knowledge, free of charge. Why go to the limited old school library when you can Google what you need from a World Wide Web of stored and updated knowledge? Traditional school examinations will become obsolete.

Creativity can be enhanced. Fragments of knowledge can be constructively combined into meaningful projects – by the pupil. The final school grades have been replaced by a personal palmtop computer, with all the world’s University courses – available for free! During the years at school Ena and Uno have got the chance to learn by doing. They can seek, combine and use the computerized knowledge from sources world-wide. The intuitive creative powers of a child gives a new meaning of parenthood and all teaching. The life long learning is handed over to the creative new generation to handle under freedom and responsibility.

As a 15 year the teenagers, Ena and Uno leave school after 8 years. They are recommended to test a number of unpaid apprentice positions before they pursue a vocation training. The base income does not come as a cost to the working place. Rather the skilled worker acts as at teacher to the apprentice. The better teacher she is, the more willing hands she has around to increase production. Gradually the young pupil can take over more and more routine work from the professional. The base income is designed to ease the transformation from school years up the ladder to a well paid, mature, meaningful, responsible professional life.

As 15 year old teenager is recommended to leave primary school, to join the grown up world of freedom under responsibility. Each graduated pupil is offered at least three options to become an apprentice. Simple worthy jobs in the own village, neighborhood, local industry, office or service. Working hours is max 4 hours, five days a week. The base income gives the young person an independence and possibility to move away from his parents if and when s/he wants to. The previous school routine is transferred to a life long learning beside a part time job. Students are in exceptional cases allowed to study full time. This is to prevent the well educated incapacities produced by the prolonged education i Western type schools of the 20th century.

A valid guaranteed full time work in society is 4 hours for every grown up person. Many choose 6 or 8 hours for the extra taxed salary received, if their family conditions so permit. No tax is drawn from the life long base income. Industry applies flex time and job sharing in order to offer extra income to those persons wanting to help production in time of high volumes of incoming orders. The base income replaces earlier stiff methods for union controlled social security. Internet education can be used at advantage, when industry activity is low.

A large amount of new creative service jobs come about when tax on income is abolished. When two people serve each other, no state authority are allowed to interfere with taxation as a middle hand! The State should not profit from the human’s built in social urge to help each other in love. A base income for 4 hours a day is healthy for the individual. Extra income above that, might interfere with human health, i.e. both individual and family, health. Thus it is taxed, so as to provide the extra health care needed by the overworked and the under-educated ones.

The service sector is nowadays the large generator for national economy. Creative helpful service is rewarded with purchasing power. The system of a tax free base income during the life time provides a base insurance for every citizen.

Industrial mass production is charged with value added tax.

The great services of the society in the form of energy, transport and communication are charged with smart user fees, totally inconceivable before the IT-revolution. Misuse of the private car is surveyed by computerized policing giving discrete and costly feedback to the user. Severe misuse parks the car and calls for the police to help explain the situation.

Individuals can have an even flow of income from the GPS satellites to their cell phones. The tax free income is stored on a base account. It is a birthright until the the soul decides to reincarnate. Additional pay for services rendered is stored on a trading account. When this is not used for some time its amount is gradually decreased. This mechanism is acting as a demurrage, a negative interest rate, that hinders ownership over generations. For the last 300 years a financial elite has been able to seriously distort the economic democracy. The egoistic speculation economy that marked the 20th century, is gracefully degraded after the global 2012 financial crash.

Democratic decisions in family, at village, town, city and regional level are automatically linked to the national welfare economy. Due to this automated Peaceful New World Order Economy via Internet, much less bureaucrats than before are needed.

To initiate this new democratic economy the egalitarian base income might be limited to 20% of GDP in a country. When people realize the locked in resources in the former bureaucracy to the left and the old order financial elite to the right, a more vital form of welfare economy can be created. Thus different mature counties start to compete by raising the base income to become 30, 40 and 50% of the national GDP turnover. And for the last some hundred years Sweden has lead this race.

Well then, back to the situation for Ena and Uno in Sweden in the year 2025. The are both well established in the society with experiences from a number of part time jobs, studies and cultural projects. Time until 25 years of age has been a joyful trial, testing and retesting social relations to develop ones own inclination, capacity and personality. The playful relations between teenagers and DINKs (Double Income No Kids) has matured to an urge to establish a more love fulfilling family relation. Ena and Uno decide to marry for the meaningful task ahead of parenthood. A new mature soul, yet to be born, have made them fall in love.

Parallel to the great family formation task and enhanced by it, both Ena and Uno enter into part time tertiary school, to lead a group of professional people for a project. It is a big step to let go of the ambition to improve one’s own skills, knowledge and experiences and act as a altruistic leader organizing meaningful job situations for others! This leadership education can give both intellectual and emotional stimulus beside the care and responsibility for the young generation in the own family. Furthermore this is the very fringe benefit of the egalitarian base income system: Both parents get equal status and pay for their efforts of raising their kids into responsible citizens! Time, not money, is Ena’s and Uno’s stable value base. The time spent with family is a key investment for the Peaceful New World Order!

The above future world of creative joy, love and peace relieves an intuitive development force between man and woman, among friends and professional colleagues. Internet friends and immigrants add to the cultural diversity. The concept and content of family grows. Even the extended family of 2025 has changed radically from the situation one or two generations ago. Creativity wipes away stiff bureaucracy, stress, and burn outs from the past.

There is an old spiritual insight that children choose their parents carefully before they accept to be born. Similarly, it will be self evident that it is no longer sufficient with two parents to raise a child, a whole village is needed! Thus it is the Internet enhanced extended family of tomorrow that will enhance creativity and the change needed for a Peaceful New World Order.

Ena and Uno wholeheartedly want to follow the development of their children under their first 15 years. The Sound of Peace
computer game is a development tool to integrate the family with Internet friends of all ages. The modern extended family can thus include the older generations even if they are not living nearby. The strife for economic growth and materialistic possessions are gradually replaced by a an urge for spiritual growth. A new respect and awe for life is emerging. Albert Schweitzer’s century old ethical credo: a will to live, surrounded by life, that also has a will to live, gets a new vitalised meaning. Together during inspired Internet Gaming, the social skill grows. The participants learn to listen and monitor their ’weak’ signals from inside. This intuition training enhances the joy of the game.

Unity, holism, co-operation, joy, love and peace, create security from the inside. The higher dimensions of the soul are explored by participants in the Sound of Peace Internet Game. Both men and women explore their inner feminine and masculine poles (Martinus). The wisdom of the elder generations is mixed with the creative ideas of the Star Kid generation, into the development of new levels of Internet Game design!

Stiff paternalistic religion doctrines open up to new spiritual challenges. The Goddess is awakening. I AM the God of Life, deep, deep inside our hearts. Please give us a millennium of peace to develop our full feminine creative ability!

At 55 years of age Uno and Ena decide to separate as friends in favour of creative co-operation with other partners, groups and/or extended families elsewhere in the world. Life for both Ena and Uno open up to new possibilities and challenges, when their grand family creation act is over. Their single child was treated as a princess when at home. Now she has her own life path to follow. (China led the world into the the only realistic path to curb the Global Warming: Reduce population by strict family planning: only one child per family! On top of that the Internet family can become as large as you want it to be.)

Uno decides to develop his artistic side by painting and sculpting. Furthermore he feels a need to expand his social sensibility. He takes a paid job delivering food to elderly and handicapped. The food for thought he gets from his, yes, friends/clients, is perhaps more of value than the pay to the trade account. It is the exchange of insights and wisdom of Life at large, that is of value. As a performing artist, Uno has a lot of free time to follow his intuition. The images he feels in his inner are transferred as computer holograms in order to participate in the parallel exhibitions in Dublin, Sidney and Lima during the coming week. God Bless Internet!

Ena is drawn to Politics. She divides her time to eco-feminism and political meetings, in order to develop a unifying ethics beyond religions. Her spiritual creativity is now on top of her life experiences as a responsible mother. Her diary, sorry, laptop broadband Internet, makes Ena connected to the clever world wide web society. Of course she performs some well planned trips to other parts of the world in order to be in face to face meetings with the most creative individuals of the research frontier. Local World Peace Foundation homes and Global Well-Being Universities are frequent addresses in her travel pattern. Ena truly enjoys her relieved creative power.

During all their years, Ena and Uno have exercised their democratic rights to participate in local, regional, national and global elections. Over the smart WWW Internet, each human being has a voting power proportional to the age. A constructive idea from the base of the age pyramid can thus reach the decision levels of the ’elders.’ This is how the Peaceful New World Order is being shaped.

In the constructive work towards a Global Ethical Unity, each creative human individual has a undisputed life time value. In the spirit of community, each age graded creative impulse is of value to the society at large. This is a mature form of democracy, impossible before the age of Internet. It is a bottom-up approach to governance. When this is met by the wisdom of the elders, a new systems approach to politics has arrived. The strong voices of young rebels are constructively blended with the top-down wisdom of the elders.

Global Creativity in a spirit of commune, can now be exported as a ’Cosmic Product’ to the Universe. Its development potential is tested for tenacity, sustainability and touch of Love under the brand name: Peaceful New World Order.

All of the above is happening within the framework of GAIA, the feminine principles of life. (Se further in the Web Site: www.peace.se. At the visionary end of this Kung Peng Saga you can read between the lines about a bold feminine future: I Am Eve, the God of Life….).