The Kung Peng Saga


1. The Kung Peng Saga on Socrates’ wedding ring describes the phenomenon of interest rate and the brutal mathematics of long term compound interest.


3. THE KUNG PENG SAGA, THE CATHOLIC CHURCH AND BANK OF ENGLAND describes the foundations of today’s Monetary System.

4. KUNG PENG, ROTSCHILDS AND THEIR NEW PRINCIPLES FOR PROFITABLE WARMAKING describes the purpose behind the French Revolution and the Great War.


6. KUNG PENG AND THE COLD WAR draws a rough sketch of the smart financial warmongering at end of the twentieth century.

7. THE INTERVIEW WITH KUNG PENG.The fairy tale illusion of an evil Kung Peng (King Money) must have a happy end. Therefore an interview with him is staged on the spaceship Monetaria, in orbit around Planet Earth in year 2012.

1. The Kung Peng Saga on Socrates’ wedding ring

As you probably well know, Socrates was put on trial after having seduced the youth with his analytical mind and inner moral compulsion to keep himself to the truth. He challenged the power elite of his time, with the help of his method, the dialogue, to reveal the truth from within his opponents Moreover, he got them to the point when their own insight, was revealed to them in their own terms!

Socrates picked a quarrel with his pompous opponents in the city square. He became a dangerous man even to the State of Athens itself! He was put on trial and sentenced to death. He had to take a cup of hemlock. When the poison started to have its effect, Socrates asked his young pupil Plato for a last service: Take my wedding ring. I have no use of it in my future life in a Spiritual World, where I will carefully prepare myself for the next incarnation in a new body.

Dear reader, here you will find the remarkable story of how Plato was asked to make the wedding ring into a bank installment with a compound interest! Plato started his long journey to a foreign mountainous area of the world. He followed a secret insight that at the foots of the Alps there was to be found some bankers that had started an experiment with secret number accounts and safe-deposit boxes. Here gold could be hidden and discretely grow in value. Plato made an appointment with a bank named BIS (Banque Internationale de Settlement). It had the reputation to give the highest security. Plato signed a deal with BIS securing an interest rate of 3% annually. Socrates grand idea was to let the gold capital grow until the year 2012. Then the golden ring should be left to the Museum of Athens and the accumulated interest be invested in a Practical Philosophy Education System World Wide. Socrates assumed that the spiritually awakened human beings of the third millennium would need this investment in truth and knowledge.

Plato returned back to Athens satisfied with his contract. Now he had a written receipt on his arrangement with the bank. He was proud of having dealt with the last will from his beloved teacher Socrates. All of this happened 399 years B.C. On his sea voyage home Plato started to philosophy on the idea of interest and compound interest. If a capital increases with 3% interest per annum, it will be worth 1.03 as much after a year and 1.0609 a year later. After 24 years the capital would have doubled in value. After 78 years the accumulated interest would have become ten times as large as the original capital! Plato was overwhelmed by his daring thoughts.

Not until being back in Athens Plato could contact the diciples of Pythagoras’ and Euklides’ to pursue his train of thoughts one step further. Socrates’ golden ring safely deposited at the bank weighed 3.4 gram. After 78 years of compound interest it should be worth 34 gram. Further 78 years later 340 gram and after 3 times 78=234 years the value should have increased to 3.4 kilo. It took the philosophers some days of careful calculation to arrive at this result because the Hindu invention of the magics of number zero was not yet included in the mathematics of their time in Athens.

But Plato, as a true philosopher, later pursued his quest for truth and visited an old Hindu sage with the question: How much will the gold in the wedding ring be worth after a thousand years of compound interest?He wise man, without revealing his calculations to Plato, took a month to consider the question. Then, in a secret conversation he revealed his answer, whispering it to Plato: In a thousand years time, with three percent interest rate, the 3.4 gram gold ring will be worth 23.37 million ton of gold.

Holy Zeus, Plato was totally overwhelmed by the truth and realized that the signed contract in his custody was a very valuable document. Plato checked that it was still in his pocket. He instantly realized he had to hide the document very carefully. Where? He put it at the very bottom of the manuscript box where he had his originals to Socrates’ dialogues. He soon realized he had to safeguard the signed contract with BIS as long as he lived. But then what?

In his later years Plato realized the he had to leave the dangerous secret document with his most trusted pupil, Aristotle. This young man was not yet born, when Socrates died and Plato signed the deal with the BIS bank. With great care Plato explained the whole matter to his heir who would be able to bring the matter to a profitable end according to the original will of Socrates.

Now soon also Aristotle realized that he had to leave the valuable bank receipt to a trusted heir. It was the young student Alexander, who in his later time as emperor expanded the Greek domain of influence. As a military man of war, Alexander the Great had no understanding of the value hidden in a receipt, so he gave it directly to his librarian for safekeeping. And where to keep it? In the hand written original of Socrates Dialogues, of course which was later to be kept in a secret vault in the basement of the newly erected Library of Alexandria.

Three fires in the library decimated the number of documents. But the most valuable manuscripts were painstakingly copied letter by letter and sent to brotheren of the spirit and libraries in East and West. In this way even followers of the prophet Muhammad helped bring the Greek scriptures all the way to the Iberian Peninsula. In the scientific commune of Cordoba, you could find antique originals saved from the arsons in Alexandria. During the Spanish high culture a constructive cooperation, convivance, existed between disciples of the teachings of Moses, Jesus and Muhammad.

During the centuries around year 1000 Jews, Christians and Moslems alike decided to follow the sacred text given to Prophet Moses by YHWH: If you should lend money to My people, to the afflicted alongside you, you must not become like an usurer to him. You must not lay interest on him. (Exodus 22:25) The Law was written to the chosen people. And at the time Christians and Muslims were not among the chosen ones, thus you could lay interest on them according to a strict interpretation of this wording in the Torah. In this way the Jews came to make a crucial first step to develop a modern bank system.

This worked well until the King Ferdinand and Isabella, as representatives of a militant Catholic Church, decided to get rid of the Moslems north of the Mediterranean. With a sly Machiavellian plan, the King first joined forces with the Jews, borrowed money from them so that he could invest in the military forces he needed. Then, when the Mores were driven out of Spain also the Jews were thrown out of the country. The Jews fled to the north with their gold savings sewn int their battered clothes. And mind you in this unsophisticaded mess, a sharp eyed Jewish boy found Plato’s contract with the BIS bank signed some 1500 years earlier!

In this way the bank deposit that Socrates initiated with his ring was transferred to a ill beaten rest of the chosen people from Jerusalem. By them the lessons were cherished during the coming centuries as a closely-guarded secret known only to an inner circle of elders. A clandestine knowledge for international bank operations effective beyond all national and religious borders!

For the reader who have dared to read about the hard fate of the Jewish peoples during the Middle Ages in Europe realize how they have been forced to move from one country to another to find refuge and asylum. Many times they have been invited by a king for their knowledge and art in discrete finance operations for profitable projects. Smooth and easy manners show how Jews have been invited, welcomed, appreciated, envied, questioned, detested, and later expelled from the country that invited them in the beginning! An outstanding tenacity developed among the creative survivers. And a first prototype of a functioning international banking system developed on top of, and beyond the war stricken nations in Europe.


Let us take a big jump in time to year 1766. Three sworn Freemasons: Adam, Wolfgang, Friedrich and David had exchanged the codeword, and greeted one another with the secret handshake. They all knew the history of Socrates’ wedding ring. They had even overheard the story of Plato’s secret agreement with a Bank, but knew not more than that.

Adam started the meeting by showing the very original of the signed document! Both Friedrich and Wolfgang were fascinated of seeing Plato’s own signature below the agreement. After the first excitement had settled, a sense of determination marked the meeting. What about the hidden possibilities of carrying the deal further until its intended end in year 2012?

David showed his calculations on how the value of Socrates’ disposition of gold, i.e. 3.4 gram of gold (equal to 173 cubic millimeter), would have grown since year 399 B.C.. The sworn chose the date year 1766 of their meeting to illustrate the effect of compound interest. By this time after 2164 years of growth the capital had multiplied with the factor: 6 259 000 000 000 000 000 000 000. How much is that asked Friedrich? From Diederot’s Encyklopedie we can learn that Planet Earth has a volume of 1 083 320 million cubic kilometres. Thus, knowing that the specific weight of gold is 19.6 grams per cubic centimeter, we can calculate that the interest of Socrates’ capital, growing with an interest of 3% per annum will have a dimension equal to the size of our entire planet! Yes, You heard it right, gentlemen, an entire ball of gold, the size of our planet is what the owner of Plato’s agreement is entitled to withdraw from the Bank upon the showing of the document!

David continued to say that 78 years later the amount of gold will be ten times larger, an 78 years later than that: 100 times larger until year 2000 when the gold nugget will represent a size ten times the radius, or 1000 times the volume of Planet Earth.

The listeners were dumbfolded.

Moreover, with threee precent interst per year, 30 balls of gold per year can be collected as interest during the 12 months of year 2000. If we continue with this bank mathematics until year 2012 Socrates’ wedding ring will have multiplied to an amount of gold, 1425 times the size of our planet, David explained. As you can se, gentlemen it is during the last years of compound interest that the important growth becomes visible.

After a pause and a glass of port, the four friends gathered again to a conversation in a circle in order to explore the hidden opportunities available to the illuminated few, if mastering the bank mathematics in a smart way.

Friedrich started by saying: Yes, … but it is impossible for the bank to fulfill the agreement. … so much gold does just not exist!

Wolfgang let his opportunity pass, deep in suspicion as he was on quantitative matters.

David: Who have said that the bank should pay it back? If the heirs do not claim the interest, you can forget about the deal altogether. Who expects that an bank agreement exists, after all? The fires if Alexandria, Events in ’convivance’ Spain seven hundred years ago, and the progroms have all helped hide the insight of a promise from the BIS Bank. Have it not?

Friedrich: But, if compound interest under long times will lead to an intolerable situation, how come bankers can exist, be respected and are allowed to act in the world as they do. The situation is preposterous!

Adam listened with his eyes half shut, but followed the conversation intensely without revealing it.

Wolfgang: There is a evil secret buried here!

David: Yes, that is right. Nothing contradicts the bank to lend its money with a higher interest rate than it borrows the money from the clients? By a lending/borrowing rate margin of some few percents, the bank can have a healthy growth on their capital, as long as the customers act within shorter time perspectives than the bank does. Banking can be profitable if the banks act with longer time perspectives than their clients. Aha!

Adam: As you now begin to understand it is a bank secret that we simply confiscate the assets from families that have not claimed their means for, say, a generation. Plato’s arrangement with the bank is worthless, unless you secure a solid chain of heirs who can claim the interest, or the capital. And the other side is as important: The bank must have a corresponding chain of handovers from old bankers to their sons – over generations to follow. That is how bank dynasties evolve, and why.

Friedrich: Now I start to understand the fraud behind banking….

Wolfgang: This system will collapse. By only manipulating with a quantitative bank mathematics, no sustainable solution will be achieved. By sidestepping the moral, ethical, spiritual and qualitative qualities of the human soul, it will miss the point of being human as a body, soul and spirit!

David let his turn pass whilst intensely working on the idea to master world economy with the help of some few illuminated insiders knowing the bank secret and using it to their advantage.

Adam: As you now can understand, we must keep this as an absolute secret!

Friedrich: But humankind must know about this fraud!

Wolfgang: I will write a drama about this hoax.

David: This can be utilized in the Americas as a New World Order.

Adam: By our Freemason honour, now please keep this top secret!

Friedrich: As a poet and a philosopher I feel sick about this.

Wolfgang: Doctor Faust, I will call the Evil Forces in my drama.

David silently planned to form a monetary aristocracy around himself and this grand industry idea.

Adam thought: I will carry these insights further to my friend Amshel Bauer and his 12 bankers active around Frankfurt am Main.

Friedrich: As a spiritual heir to both Socrates and Plato I am upset of all this hoax…

Wolfgang: The society will collapse if based upon a quantitative growth without any consideration whatsoever of the spiritual qualities inside humankind.

David thought for himself: With a secret supply of money I can buy myself the power hungry men around the world that can pursue the materialism into a Mastership for the World….

More was not said among the Freemason friends at this meeting. They had all gathered an secret insight into the power of bank interest and the long range effect of compound interest. But all four Freemasons made completely different conclusions! And every one of them chose his unique path of actions, following the conscience of their hearts. An this was what happened after the crucial meeting:

Adam Weisshaupt formed his secret top organization The Illuminati, above the Freemason 33 degrees member organization! In year 1773 he had met with Amshel Bauer and his five sons (that later decided to change their family name to Rotschilds) and their inner circle of 12 trusted bank families in the area around Frankfurt am Main. Together they decided determinedly to organize the French Revolution with their hidden capital, get rid of monarchies and bribe the ’elected’ presidents they needed for the secret control by money that a new international bank system can easily generate.

In parallel with this, a test site for a New World Order is created in North Amercia. Of the 35 Founding Fathersthat signed the Declaration of Independence, no less than 28 were Freemasons. They knew what they were doing And a new interest based banking systems was to conquer the world. By cheating people to believe in constant growth, the secret bank cartel can play with all the money we possibly need for world dominance…

What about the over scrupulous poet and philosophy professor? When he started to realize what the Freemasons in reality did behind their front of educating young men in good business ethics and an honorable fight for the good, he tried to withdraw from the secret brotherhood. But in good time, and for the great mission ahead, Friedrich Schiller was murdered, just as an act of precaution.

The high positioned civil servant Wolfgang von Goethe could as an author at a distance handle his insights by dramatize the issue as a fight between Good and Evil. He was regarded harmless for the New World Order plans. Furthermore his quest was to disclose the shortcomings of the quantitative sciences. In his works on the metamorphosis of living plants and the spiritual base for colour, he laid the foundation for future generations of environmental science and art.

Some hundred years later than the above, Rudolf Steiner was the clever scientist and philosopher that realized that both v. Goethe and Schiller represented a new holistic scientific method. It should later be used for ecological farming, holistic health therapies and economic democracy. This can come to help the world after the unavoidable collapse of the materialistic atheistic science methods relying to much on measured quantities.

In an ecovillage setting, Steiner and Silvio Gesell philosophized on an open financial system based upon decaying values on the monetary system, acting as ’rust’ hindering accumulated wealth and the power that can follow the present banking system built on interest. EDEN Ecovillage north of Berlin was formed already in 1893 and it’s ideas have successfully survived both Hitler’s idealistic dreams of a health movement, an interest free economy, and the Communism of former Eastern Germany. Ideas that have found their time can not be stopped!

Last but not least we should also mentioned David Rockenfelder and his family that emigrated to America. After successful financial moves after the American Civil War, John D. Rockefeller could make himself a great fortune by means of unbiased financial methods to integrate the petroleum industry all the way from extraction, refining, transport and distribution. He did it with a great deal of visionary insight in a time when the gasoline fraction was flared away in the search for lamp kerosene! The family business Standard Oil (S.O., later Esso and presently Exxon) proved to be so powerful that it was hit by U.S. anti-trust law and had to be divided. But the Seven Sisters are secretly coordinated at the banking level! By changing names of the operations when needed, the banking secrets have been successfully hiden. Mineral extraction of petroleum, i.e. crude oil and natural gas, is still very profitable to those insiders (thirteen families) who skillfully have maneuvered into their preferred position to own all the natural resources of the planet…

Dear reader, if you by now start to realize the banking principles behind the development of the ’Western Societies’ you might also become curious about the following sections of The Kung Peng Saga (Money as the King for a millennium of profitable war making). In the form of a fairy tale we can describe in common terms how the Freemasons in Europe took over from The Catholic Church, as the defender of the world’s monetary system, efficient as a religious faith.


Once upon a time there was an evil king. Kung Peng (King Money or King Coin) was his name. He owned an awful lot of money. With his money he he was able to buy whatever he wished. His Mighty Kingdom lasted for a thousand years before it collapsed. Nobody really knew him or could describe how he looked like, who he was, or where he lived. But people in his Kingdom loved to consume and own things, so they had to earn their money by daywork at the dirty factories that Kung Peng organized. The available money made life exciting. Everyone competed with one another in order to earn as much money as possible. And with money available on one’s hidden bank account, you could buy things, travel, and eat fat burgers from the corner shop or fancy dishes in restaurants. With the help of Media Machines you coud communicate and watch other people consume infotainment in excess. Yes the entire society was built upon the value of building one’s own ego by sumptuous consumption. Those with the sharpest elbows won recognition. Kung Peng and his thirteen monetary leutenants were the icon to awe.

During the working week the wage slaves were hard working. They were exausted when returning home to relax in front of the flickery media machines offered for relaxation, entertainment, and indoctrination. The fairy tales, enchantment and Trollywood products bewitched the dizzied people. The broadcasting of the King Peng dreams made the spectator enter a dream state of becoming a gladiator, a war hero, or at least a winner on Bingo. In one’s role as a consumer you could feel the value from the Lottery of Life.

But most of the people in the Kingdom of Consuption were poor, in spirit. Envy and jealousy was the important drive for the uncreative inhabitants. This was the very innermost Dream of Kung Peng: He wanted to own the whole world with all its capital, natural resources and able slaves. Kung Peng was lazy and smart: Let the money work for me. Create a monetary system that grows by itself and provides me the maaterial means and the slave labour I need to fulfil my dreams. I will act without being seen. To me it does not matter who formulates the laws of society, as long as I have full control of the distribution of the monetary means. In this way I can own all the presidens, dictators, industrialists, terrorists and murderers to fulfil my hidden objectives. Men are best to move heavy things in my mines and industries. Pay is proportinal to muscle strenth in my profitable factories. Women shall give birth to able workers and soldiers in the future.

Some thousand years ago in Europe, Kung Peng saw that the most able opponent to his ideas to own the whole world, was the Catholic Church. With the help of Kings in the Grace of God, the Church was able to fight wars without having their hands stained with blood. With an army of professional mercenaries the Kingdoms could get the blessings from the Pope to conquer areas of land and slave labour. In the wake of the fall of the Roman Empire the Church even took over the right to tax the people in the form of the ’obligation’ of giving a tenth of the harvest to the church. By then it was the Catholic Church that hold Europe together with a unifying language: Church Latin. At the end of the Middle Ages the Church owned some 30% of all land in Europe! The Church had the Power over the resources and its teaching was totalitarian.

The Feudal Lords and their sons, trained in warfare, were an elite. When they as Crusaders were inspired to march towards the East they encountered alternative spiritual teachings. Teachings from Babylon, Egypt, Persia, India and China could be found in Palestine. For the knights with education in reading, this was hot spiritual stuff beyond the limiting dogms and rituals of the time experienced from the Catholic Church. An organization of free thinkers and inspired masons wanted to honour God by bold architecture. The Freemasons eventually started to become a threat to the very Pope and his absolute power! The Leader of the Freemason movement, Count Jaques de Molay, was imprisoned by the Pope in 1307 and eventually sentenced to death by burning at the stake outside Notre Dame in Paris year 1314. That was the drop that made me decide to fight the Catholic Church system with my military power along the freemason principles, said Kung Peng to himself. And his is how cunningly he did it over the centuries:

I want to build a counterforce to the Inquisition of the Church. My actions will be as firm as theirs but based upon egoism. By the organization of the egoistic drives of human beings, in a way that they still be in in the belief that they control their own lives. I will design a financial mechanism that serves my personal objectives, at the same time as I entrap slave labour. First I will form the core of a protest movement within the Church. As you know there exist a monastic order, a Scientific and Medical Network within which members are allowed to study the hidden spiritual principles of Life on Planet Earth. The monks have been allowed some freedom to reseach without the need to preach about their findings. A library of spiritual truth and hypotheses are being developed. Thus some defects have been found in the core teachings of the Church. This protest movement, the protestants, I will support secretly and thus attack the Church from within so to say, Kung Peng ended his speech.

Roger Bacon was one of the very most free thinking Fransiscan Friars of the thirteen’s century. He made some discoveries of optics and the eye. Beyond that, he linked the vision of the Creator into outstanding statements for the future. Hear this: I will now mention some of the wonderful work of art and nature, in which there is no magic, and which magics could not produce. Machines can come to be manufactured, of which the largest ships with only one man to control them, will move with greater velocity than if they were full of sailors. Waggons shall be designed to move with incredible speed without the help of animals. Machines for flying can be created in which a man, sitting at ease and pondering on whatever subject, can wip the air in the manner of birds…. as well as machines that will enable man to walk on the bottom of lakes or rivers without ships…

The Church Establishment did not understand the outstanding foresight in Bacon’s vision. Rather, the bishop of Paris put a ban on him and imprisoned him several times instead. That vision of Bacon I will help realize by means of my financial idea,Kung Peng said. But, at the moment both the Kings and the Church are sitting on the gold. I must find a mechanism with an interest rate, that gradually transfers the gold to me and make it grow by compound interest, only for me. Kung Peng concluded.

The three Abrahamic religions are based upon one single sacred text revealed by I AM YHWH, the Creator of the principles for Life on Planet Earth: If you should lend money to my people, to the afflicted alongside you, you must not become like an usurer to him. You must not lay interest on him.(Exodus 22:25). For a Hebrew believer this crucial line says nothing about taking interst from people outsidethe chosen people! And this mindboggling thought was sucessfully tested at the end of the Middle Ages. In the triangular drama between the religions both Christians and Moslems needed to lend money for their projects. In a liberal Spain during the Convivance centuries, giving loan with interest was first tested helping the Catholic Church get rid of the Mores from the lands north of the Mediterranean. The King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella then got rid of the Jewish moneylenders. But an important lesson was learned! Money can be lent with interest if it is done discretely and perferably as an act beyond religious and political borders.

I will buy that,Kung Peng said bemused. Now, with international banking operations we will create disorder within the Establishment. Martin Luther and Johan Cohen are, what I gather, two revolutionaries to which I will plant the idea of interest rate, in such a way that it will gain the acceptance of their religions. With a small alterration of his name into ’Jean Calvin’ the protest actions can be lead into a usable reform. Protestantism, how does that word sound? Yes indeed, I will reuse the notion of Divide and Conquer from the Roman Empire, into the world of finance and business. With brutal warmaking between Kings and Nations I will create a financial superpower world beyond what can be conceived by the human senses. With wars I will divide and rule. With the banking secret in my hand i can control and reign, Kung Peng said with emphasis.

I will talk to my friend Gustav Vasa, the brute King in Sweden, and ask him to help me. With him and Henry the XIII in England as allies, and with Luther’s acceptance for kings to remarry, and Calvin’s support of Middle Class Capital I can certainly wage a successful war against the Catholics in Western Europe, said Kung Peng (King of Monetary Powers) and thus he activated materialism!

The thirty years war became one of the spectacular demonstrations for future profitable warfare. When the Protestant mercenaries returned to Sweden with their loot in 1648, they hid the war trophies in a private bank estblished by an oktroy only two years earlier. But that bank acted so silent that the Swedish state never found any traces of it. Yes, I kept it secret to the authoritiesKung Peng chuckled.

However 25 years later Kung Peng saw his chance. I had helpt King William of Orange to climb the throne in England. I financed his expensive mercenaries from the European mainland. I forced him to promise to invite us financiers that made his position possible. The international money-lenders agreed to accommodate the British Treasury to the extent of £1,250,000 providing they could dictate their own terms and conditions. This was agreed to. The terms were in part:

1. That the names of those who made the loan remain secret; and that they be granted a Charter to establish a Bank of England.

2. That the directors of the Bank of England be granted the legal right to establish the Gold Standard for currency by which —

3. They could make loans to the value of £10 for every £1 value of gold they had on deposit in their vaults.

4. That they be permitted to consolidate the national debt; and secure payment of amounts due as principal and interest by direct taxation of the people.

Thus, for the sum of £1,250,000, King William of Orange sold the people of England into economic bondage. The Jewish money-lenders gained their ambitions. They had usurped the power to issue and control the currency of the nation. And, having secured that power, they cared not who made the laws.

Just what the acceptance of the Gold Standard meant is best illustrated by citing a simple transaction. — The directors of the Bank of England could loan £1,000 for every £100 worth of gold they had on deposit as security. They collected interest on the full £1,000 loan. At 5 per cent this amounted to £50 a year. Therefore at the end of the first year the bankers collected back 50 per cent of the amount they had originally put up to secure the loan. If a private individual wished to obtain a loan, the bankers made him put up security, in the form of property, stocks, or bonds, much in excess of the value of the loan he required. If he failed to meet payments of principal and interest, foreclosure proceedings were taken against his property, and the moneylenders obtained many times the value of the loan.’ ( William Guy Carr, 1958, Pawns in the Game)

Such good conditions – for the national bank. Yes, this was a short contract, possible to sign in the year of formation of the Bank of England in 1694. Well after all, King William of Orange had to thank the bankers for helping him to power. They had financed the war needed. And for all years thereafter the British people had a debt to their national bank. In year 1815 the national debt had risen to 885 million Pound and in 1945 to 22.5 billion Pound! The national debt then was 45% of the GNP of Great Britain, (in 1995 the corresponding national debt for Sweden was 85% of its GNP)

If we observe the conditions above for BoE, we realize that the bank is allowed to give loans ten times the gold security in the vault. With an interest rate of 5% it takes only two years for the bank to recover the collateral security they started with! Yes, this is how the interest rate works for banks. After two hundred and fifty years the unknown owners of the bank can muliply their capital with a factor 1000. London is still a financial center, because it was created some 100 to 200 years before other national banks.

The identity of those that have the real power behind the scenes is still a secret. In year 1929 the MacMillan committee was established to investicate the ownership. But they did not find anything. Smart financial planningKung Peng said to himself, chuckling. Federal Reserve is another example of a private bank cartel maskerading as a Federal Authority. And as BoE was organised two hundred years before Fed, some 10 to 100 times larger capital might be the reserve east of the Atlantic. (Thus it can have been prime minister Blair who dictacted the financial conditions for the war in Irak and therefore Britain invaded the Basra area where British Petroleum lost ther assets. Most probable then, hidden orders from the House of Lords, rather than from president Bush or the generals in Pentagon, controlled the war in Irak)

In these principles I have now laid out the mathematics for profitable war making until I own all the world and its natural resources,chuckled Kung Peng with satisfaction. From now on I will calm down and let my bank secret act as an invisible hand, for me. With the help of a number of revolutions and Three World Wars, I will probably be able to experience the real winner kick of ownning the entire Planet Earth before I die. Let the banking principles act without being seen.

The Industialization of England became a springboard for my grand vision. Industry needed a hidden financing to work,Kung Peng continued. The looting of gold from the Bangalore and Mysore Maharadjas in India was a significant contribution to My bank. This capital could discretely be transferred by the East India Company to the BoE vault. Tenfolded as banknotes it could then be lent to an expanding industrial revolution for the establishment of the British Empire. The unsuspecting working class wore themselves out, without knowing for whom or for what purpose they offered their work. The secret owners of the state bank acted with hidden monetary means outside the reach of the society and made themself richer for every working day.

Yes, in this way I laid the foundation of an informed ’insider’ group of some hundred families, Kung Peng said. They have been my allies during many hundred years now. By sharing my ambition to own the whole planet, they eagerly keep the banking secret to themselves. Moreover they compete fiercely with one another. They have been obsessed by the idea of owning most. By means of egoism, self-interest and greed, they treasure my advance information on planned stock hausses, baisses and wars. I monitor the size of the group carefully. I make them compete to show them who is the ruler of the monetary game. With their Freemason honour an inner circle of 13 Illuminati Brethren see to that no secret leaks to the outer circles and the gentiles. I have had great use of the initiations of the secret orders since Babylonian times, i.e. some 5.000 years, Kung Peng ended the second part of the Saga of establishing his Financial Empire.


KUNG PENG took even more daring steps to realize his dream as the years passed. With his ’insider’ families he had an instrument to distribute his power. But it was a problem to have such a big group assembled. Internal competition was one of the key drives. Kung Peng decided to form an innermost circle of only 13 members beyond public scrutiny: They form the elite in a sworn group of bankers who create the long term strategy for My Materialist Finance Empire. These enlighted Illuminati shall possess the Planet Earth with their secret insight. In this small group I will plant my mathematical principles on bank interest and compound interest. The group of 13 families shall become my invisible actors behind the scene and heir to my absolute power,said Kung Peng with great authority.

In 1773 Kung Peng initiated the first phase of his plan: I allowed my best Agent, the Illuminati Adam Weishaupt to gather a forward thinking banker named Amshel Mayer Bauer and his twelve closest associates in Frankfurt am Main The purpose was to explain the advantages of a secret cooperation, a bank cartel that maintained a firm grip on the world’s finance operations: And gentlemen, this is the very innermost secret, you all pay obedience to me, Kung Peng! You will follow my orders. You thirteen insider families have sworn not even to disclose my existence! I pay you exuberant secret bonuses of course, and ask you to do the same to your subordinate bankers. In this way the 13 families can manage to act, without being seen. This is a system for awe from the subordinates and secret power from above, in the bank hierarchy. I will now let Adam Weisshaupt explain the principes further:

Banker Bauer will in the future act under a new name: Mayer Rotschild. He will have the following principles for you to follow:

1. As humankind is more inclined for evil rather than the good, it can better be controlled with violence and terrorism, than by menas of academic discussions.

2. As the Power of Gold has undermined the power of liberal rulers, the Capital, that is now entirely in our hands, will control events.

3. Our political right lies firmly within our financial grip. The strenght in our resources must be kept secret until the day all counteractions have been eliminated.

4. With mob-psychology, alcohol, drugs and moral corruption our Agenturs will systematically undermine youth and the nations. We will not stop only at bribery, deceit, and treason to reach our goal.

5. Act with slogans and empty phrases such as Freedom, Equality and Brotherhood to reach the masses.

6. Replace the genetic blood line principles for the nobility, with a monetary aristocracy, that can be bought with money.

7. Buy up all media, and use them for our purposes.

8. A World Government will eventually be established as a New World Order, in the prolongation of the monopoly of the big business and the monopoly of industrialism.

9. Let our Agents seduce the youth. Infiltrate all societal classes, authorities and organizations with the purpose to pursuade, deceive, entertain, seduce and corrupt young men and women with theories and principles we know that they are false.

10. Let our Agents appear as advisers. Delude Kings and Nations into wars. Form Alliances and Axel Powers that wage war with each others. When a war is over, appear as the saviour. Give abundant loans to the afflicted. Enslave Nations with big national debts.

11. Create political tensions between the Left and the Right. The more political noise, the less insight in our financial operations. Divide the newspapers into a societal part and one on economy to prevent readers to see the connections.

12. Create entertainment in all media with violence, endless violence…

Kung Peng watched the 13 families from his hidden position, an noted how they absorbed the ideas, were spurred in their own egoism until they surrendered to the bold plan for world dominance. They also realized that some of the traditional and cultural values of society, had to be sacrificed. But – the possibility to own the resources of the entire planet, that was now a chance that could not be missed. Rothschilds enthusiasm was convincing and the rest of the group was smitten. The insight of these secret principles must be transferred by heritage, from father to son, over generations ahead. Therefore it was necessary to raise sons and grandsons to fulfil this plan for centuries! Mayer Rotschild himself became the best example. He sent his five sons to act in the foremost financial centres in Europe. He established a system for advanced information by means of homing pigeons. In smart stagecoaches with double flooring, bank notes and valuable documents could be transferred even during wartimes. Bribes and murder complemented the transactions if needed.

To act without being seen, that is the motto for the 13 sworn families. They all had to promise not to disclose their names. With fabulous salaries, bribes, fraud, bonuses and imprudent parachute agreements they sworn they were subjected by no soul here on earth as their superior. The true sacrifice for a banker family is that the oldest son is accepting a sort of life time house arrest not allowed to tell anyone what he really is doing. Acting under Kung Peng is to be buried alive with the banking secret!

Yes indeed, that gave them something to reflect upon, Kung Peng said with his deep insights in the nature of egoism. Together with the bank cartel that can manipulate the monetary means and tenfold it at ease without any cost to themselves, a speculative capital is released. This is a game with money that does exist only as a credit and interest rate. That is the very pleasure for me in a world where people are created with a free will, but in reality emprisoned by me, Kung Peng. A few rich families are allowed to demonstrate their innermost desires for material gadgets. And I, as the king of monetary means, get a feedback from the materialist society on how best to proceed. And by restriction of the number of the exuberant rich, I do not restrict the provision of capital to the petty creativity among commom people. Them I can control by the influence and monopoly of my Large Industrial Complex. It is a pity, but I have to regard common people as ’Goyim,’ (i.e. cattle in leash) said Kung Peng with a badly hidden lack of empathy.

With the above hidden principles as a guiding star, the game could start. The efforts from the sworn 13 families resulted in a series of coordinated revolutions in Europe and America. With the help of the reign of terror during the French Revolution, the mob on our instructions eventually got rid of Kings and their upper aristocracy. When the guillotine Of the French Revolution separated the head of the King from his body, there was an outcry: ’Long live count de Molay’ from the educated insiders in the crowd of spectators. The Fremasons had waited patiently some 478 years for this moment of revenge!

In North America the Founding Fathers, with their Freemason background, created a new society freed from the Catholic Church. large groups of protestants emigrated to the New World of the time. With the teachings from Calvin, a new middle class could be established based on monetary values. America came to be the place for societal experiments based upon money, bank notes and interest rates. Yes, there I could see the fruits of my materialist dreamKung Peng said with inspiration. With wip and carrot I could then arrange prosecutions in the old Europe and offer new opportunities in America. Go West young man, and work for My System in the virgin continent.

Kung Peng gladly mentions the diplomat Talleyrand as an example of the smart Agents who first served the French Kingdom, became expatriated to England and North America under the years of Jacobine terror, later to become My very arm to ease the way in Europe for the upstart Napoleon Bonaparte, said Kung Peng. One day when Talleyrand became very ill and thought he should die, Napoleon came to his bed and expained his idea for waging war with Egypt. Talleyrand said that 100.000 Francs laid in a drawer of his desk. Napoleon could have it as a gift for his adventures in Africa! How could a diplomat have a multimillion (in todays currency) at hand if it was not a hidden commission by a banker? Yes, with such ’gifts’ you can understand that Napoleon could be controlled from one war into another, said Kung Peng. I am especially proud of how We could utilize Napoleon’s last military good will, when he was paid to come back from his emprisonment in Elba.

As a reader you can understand that when Napoleon, unarmed, approached a group of elite soldiers who were sent to capture him, he only had to say: I have the money for yet another profitable war, Follow Me! Thus the military unit decided to follow Napoleon rather then the government in power. Then, at the battle of Waterloo, Napoleon only had one single task to send a false message with the homing pidgeon to Paris on the eve of defeat: France won a victory!With that lie the Rotshilds got one full day advantage at the Stock Market in London. With a lage capital at hand the smart banker could calmly watch how the price on Enlish value paper dropped as the day passed. In late afternoon Rotschild made his smart move. He bought all he could of bonds att bottom low rates. A new powerful bank dynasty was being born based one single insider lie from Napoleon. Rotschild had in one single banking day recovered all the money he had invested in the Napoleon Wars!

This feels good, very good indeed,Kung Peng said, when the Stock Market has a fluctuation, I am already in the next phase, ahead of events. Therefore I have bought the Reuters family who developped the information system with homing pidgeons, to modernize their business of advanced stock information with the latest technolgy avaliable. Thus I will have a secret lead ahead of all my competitors. (Modern Reuter screens gives the professionals an edge over the common stock holder. Evenmore, today’s computerized analysis systems give the bank behind some seconds(!) of advantage over the professionals. The general public is thus the designed looser of modern computerized banking). Kung Peng still decides the slumps of the stock market and the insider families that should be informed first in this split second monetary race.

Before the Wienna Conference 1815, I instructed Talleyrand to find a country, difficult to invade, and there build a centre for discrete distribution of storing and trading financial means. There presidents, dictators, terrorists and dark agents of all sorts could make their monetary deals needed for the world revolution,Kung peng explained. The choice of Switzerland has worked for me quite well during the centuries, don’t you think? Under a thin political veneer of direct democracy, we have had good use of the country. For two centureies the banks’ anonym number accounts and other discrete financial arrangements, have been able to hide the international money transactions during the centuries of bank notes and checks, before the modern electronics revolution.

During the main part of the 19th century industries were allowed to develop in greatest possible freedom. Capital was raised by entrepreneurs with the technology of the day could materialize Roger Bacon’s old dream of communication and transpors without the help of animals. By the end of the century steam ships and trains had been developed for fast transport. Regular connections between Europe and India were made possible. A canal was projected to connect the Mediterranean and the Red Sea. The British Empire saw the advantages of the canal. But how should the Suez canal be financed? Well, if England supported an immigration of Jews to Palestine, Jewish bankers had a solution: A large loan could be arranged to finance the Suez canal. Thus the ’Balfour’-declaration could be formulated. With the help of the Great War between 1914 and 1918, and a number of other revolutions as well, the chaos created to advance the monetary principles one step forward

Whith the murder of an heir to the throne as a pretext, Kaiser Wilhelm of Germany decided for a war agaist France. He slept bad that night. He tried to withdraw his decision the morning after. It is impossible! The orders are already sent to the lower military hierarchy, unsere Kaiser,the generals said to their supreme commander in chief. The war rolled on according to the textbook. America had decided to be neutral and had no motivation whatsoever to engage in a war on the other side of the Atlantic. Remember the Monroe doctrine on neutrality from 1823? This must be changed, Kung Peng said and set his secret Agents to work: The passenger ship Lusitania was ordered by Me personally, to sail from America to Europe with a secret cargo of weapons and amunitions. It is forbidden by commercial transport regulations to use passenger ships for such combined missions. But in an arranged war situation and by smart bribes, everything is possible. The plan was leaked to the German fleet who was ready with their submarines south of Greenland. After the ’planned loss’ of Lusitania who sunk with naval officers, men and all, President Wilson was able to make a speech with flaming indignation. He could ask the American people help ’save democracy in Europe.’ The real reason was of course to the monetary elite, to disguise themselves under slogans and icons like: Uncle Sam needs you!

During the chaos that followed Kung Peng noted calmly: We now have a good position to plan the following wars. The Agitator Vladimir Lenin was sent with a sealed rail car from My banking asssociates in Switzerland. In Sweden 50 millions USD from Jakob Schiff in New York, was added to the capital for the well planned coup in Russia. And I want to add, in a discrete way, I had made the great powers at the time support the thousand year dream of reuniting in Israel as a Jewish State. But of course these hidden strategies had to be secret yet for the decades to come.

The Great War illustrates that a massive damage done to European cities, in due time was transferred as a national debt upon the German people by their Reichsbank, a profitable partner in our international cartel! The dream of revenge on Germany grew from all sides in Europe. A history book descibes: ’People lived in a nightmare, which causes they could not fathom. Both sides of war stricken Europe accused the other for having started the war by sheer ill will. The long wearing out of resources, the fruitless battles, the unchanging front lines, and the awful losses was an ordeal for people’s moral. People were derived of their freedom and their aquired rights. They just had to work harder. They were left beside with no hopes or dreams. Media had to create an emotional substitute for the people. The availability of newspapers, and films showed to be ideal to direct the ideas and redirect thought patterns of people. ’Yes, the Great war and the 1920ies was a mighty illustration to the thesis I launched in 1773 and then effectively could accomplish through my financier friend and ally Rotschild and the 13 sworn bankers. They was as you understand the real winners of the Great War’ Kung Peng concluded.

In the next section of the Kung Peng Saga we will tell about the hidden purpose of the Second World War as a warm up before the Cold War leading up to a final WW III. The very meaning of a fairy tale is to make the young listener aware of good and evil and with the help of a hero or heroine who by brave actions overcomes evil. And please remember all sagas have a good end. So, hold on and prepare yourself for the extraterrestrial, or divine, final section.


In order not to get stuck in the details of the war I will from the beginning tell you what I wanted the second World War to accomplish,said Kung Peng authoritatively to his 13 listeners: I want America to be the new generator of world currency. I will make the U.S. Dollar into a global standard. The most significant financial event during the war was thus the ’Bretton Woods Agreement’ in 1944. The war events in Europe was a smokescreen behind which I could act. And it is some urgency. Dr. Behrbohm, the chief aerodynamicist of Messerschmidt aircraft factory informs Me, under threat, that Nazi Germany soon has the capacity to thave a bomber aircraft that can reach New York.

After the war, demolished countries were offered a ’generous’ loan through the so called Marshall Aid. Thereby I laid the foundation for indebting all European countries. Uncle Sam and I gave out green dollar bills for free. With them, commodities could be bought from the able industry in USA. A pattern developed. Countries with a gold reserve shipped it over the Atlantic and deposited in a safe bunker. USA acted as a Noble Knight and ’support purchased’ gold in order to maintain the price of gold. A bluff that worked,Kung Peng said bemused. The gold reserves in the war stricken countries diminished and was replaced by escalating national debts, at the same time as Gold became abundant as a long longed security for the U.S. finance operations. Yes, in this way we got the whole world in our grip,Kung peng ended.

When the amount of Gold in USA was deemed to be sufficient for our purposes, at the same time as debts were coming close to the nations’ GNP annual turnover, President Nixon was asked to announce to halt the nations buying of gold. And, … the worlds largest gold robbery was a successful fact. And that sumarizes the my prime objective for WW II, and the second objective was the establishment of the state of Israel,Kung Peng informed the 13 financial families.

And furthermore, Kung Peng got a good help from a corpral from the first World War. As a young boy Adolf was raised by his parents in the old Germanic spirit: After having 38 raps with daddy’s lether belt, I did not cry a single drop from my eyes’ the proud young man confessed to his mother. And in his personal battle to overcome the aftereffects of his upbringing, Hitler sought comfort in the little book ’Gegen die Juden und Ihren Lügen’ by Dr Martin Luther. And from that book filled with hatred over the Jewish belief system, written after the Jews refused to join Luther in his protest against the Catholic Church, Hitler could quote essential thoughts for his own book: Mein Kampf.

As an additional piece of literature I gave Hitler the latest translation of a document called ’Protocol of the Sions’ Elders’ or something like that. Anyhow, Adolf Hitler was a man I could use. He had the perfect background for my purposes, even if he in younger years had some idealistic ideas upon interest free money. In the end he followed me as a trustful dog,said Kung Peng, and as a scapegoat he has served me very well, hasn’t he?

But one extra thing the reader must have in mind, and that is the view on sacrifice that the Jewish religion nourishes. It is a rest from Elohim, the extraterrestrial creators putting the planet Earth in shape for higher life forms and civilizations. The Jews were the first chosen earthling slaves for Elohim and had to provide their cosmic masters with the best ’food’ the soil could provide. But it was not just for eating, it was for scientific evaluation of Life’s progress on Earth. A similar thing is happening in our days and is called cattle mutilation. But at the beginning of the Abrahamic religions the ’sacrifice’ was related to a religious worship, needed at the time, for the chosen people to understand their higher purpose.

The above attitude to the creative inspiration have remained over the millennia. Therefore the Jewish Elders realized that a sacrifice was to be needed to realize the old dream: Next year Jerusalem! Moreover, on a spiritual level, the Jews themselves had to select the some 5 million of the chosen people not suitable for pioneering as farmers in Israel but to act as sacrifice for a good cause. At the same time it gave the Western Christian Societies a bad conscience. Some sacrifice! Yes indeed, I AM YHWH really gave the toughest tasks to His own chosen people. But as a Cosmic Creator He knew that the Jews really had the tenacity needed for the job to be done.

The crucial spiritual involvement above made the task for Kung Peng much easier: I only had to create a new façade: United Nations, and let this organization handle the creation of Israel as a result of the most destructive World War the Earth have ever experienced, WW II. The Freemason Brothers Winston Churchill and Franklin D. Roosevelt were ordered by Me to proceed in the following way: Gather the aging U.S. Navy as a decoy in Pearl Harbor in the Pacific. My Agents simultaneously encouraged Japan to proceed in their Imperialistic plans for South East Asia. As the High Commander in Chief for the allied forces, Roosevelt could demand to have access to all relevant information channelled through him personally. Fifteen early warnings for a Japanese attack was thus withheld from the American people! With a flaming appeal to his Nation, President Franklin Roosevelt could ask his people to engage in yet another profitable war in Europe. By supplying a massive flow of weapons and amunition to Uncle Joe, i.e. Josef Stalin, a second front against the Nazis could be established and reduce the American losses

Kung Peng continued his briefing to the thirteen families by this summary: WW II had three main objectives:

1. Establish the US Dollar as a World Currency
2. Establish Israel as a sovereign state
3. Establish a profitable polarity between two SuperPowers

The Freemason brethren Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin met at Jalta to draw up the strategic plans for a profitable future. With Churchill’s well formulated illusion: ’An Iron curtain has fallen between East and West’ a profitable terror balance could be created. The best people from the Nazi regime on people control were smuggled as ’researchers’ from the weapons industry, SS, SA and Gestapo. Together with other shady Agents they were all portioned into KGB, CIA and Mossad. Not to be punished, but to forward the knowledgebase for a Cold War bluff between the two Superpower Blocs.

With the above illusion of a conflict, in my hand, so to say,said Kung Peng, I could easily disenable The United Nation with a just a simple veto in their Security Council. Together with a bunch of empty phrases on peace, human rights, culture etc. I could control the Presidents from USA and Sovjet to stop all concrete efforts for a World Peace. The Idealist Dag Hammarskjöld never quite understood this purposely hidden limitation of the UN mandate. When he tried to fix a future economy for Congo, by joining the rich resources for My profitable mining district Katanga, to to a future democratic Congo, he overstepped his authority. He threatened my profitable mine investments! He had to be stopped.

In his secret mission to meet Tsombe in Elizabethville, an escort airplane was provided by a CIA. Of course it was not to safeguard the Secretary General, it was to lead him into the trap I had arranged,Kung Peng admitted.

Another idealist that had to be stopped was President Kennedy. He climbed to power by help of his fathers money. He was not completely manageable by the agents of the financial elite. He spoke freely from his heart and reached the people. When he released interest free dollars to the state to solve a finacial squeeze, he did what president Lincoln did som hunded years earlier, I had heard enough. Both presidents were eliminated by My Method,Kung Peng concluded.

When President Nixon came to power he inherited the Vietnam War. He promised to end it within his first mandate period, and almost succeded. But such a promise was opposite to the ambitions for the war by the Republicans and their financier supporters. America enters a war to win glory, power and crude oil. So when Nixon with a bold diplomacy and help of his personal Christian values, opened up relations with China and signed the SALT Agreement on arms limitations, he irritated the financial elite. With a Satanic precision Media was blackmailed with the Watergate scandal to turn the blame back on Nixon himself. Ashamed he had to leave his prestidgeous office. This shows how I have now got Media in my hand for my purposes,said Kung Peng.


In a secret lecture in the war room of the flagship Monetaria, Kung Peng explains the secret purpose of the Cold War in front of his thirteen insider families: The arms race between the two Superpowers is just another of my hoaxes. The meaning is to instill fear among the smaller nations and by common people for a generation or so to work harder in my munition factories, until a date around 1990. Then one of the Superpowers will be proven to fail and the other left with the military arsenal for unilateral dominance over all international organizations and agreements. This long range plan by Me has been in action since the Illuminati overtook the Fremasons and showed its muscles by means of the French Revolution!

With fear as My most importat weapon in my arsenal, I will now mention two different war theatres that illustrate what strategic warfare can accomplish The war for crude oil and natural gas in the Middle East, is the first one The biological war for controlled genocide is the second.Kung Peng continued flippantly: I think I will make two school mates from the Military Academy at West Point meet again. This is My scenario for a fruitful war for Petroleum. I will persuade Presidents Bush Sr. and Saddam Hussein enact the following scenario:

1. Irak invades Kuwait with full consent from Washinton.
2. Bush and Blair creates an Alliance with U.N. to restore order.
3. The Allied forces frees Kuwait and stops at the Irak border
4. Saddam Hussein get free hands with the Kurds.
5. America is allowed to establish 5 military bases in Kuwait.
6. USA has thus helped the International Finacial Elite (13 families) establish itself above a corner of Gawar, the worlds largest oil field.
7. Saddam gets his money into his secret Swiss number account

Yes this will work fine without any major difficulties. The House of Lords have Prime Minister Tony Blair in their hand in the same way as Presidents Bush Sr. and Saddam Hussein both are bought by the Oil Barons of My Thirteen Families. Thus I can soon retire and leave the dirty wars to them. They are well housetrained by now,said Kung Peng.

I will now mention another thing made possible by Media and its people control by means of fear and other useful emotions. I detest gay men that hug each other rather than fight glorious wars for Me. By means of some few bribed researchers in the drug industry i was able an effective chemical weapon with a great potential. It represents a prototype for a means for people control based upon the respect for scientific research, interest for sexual entertainment in all media together with a profit oriented drug industry. By simply producing a fake scientific report on the connection between gay men and the an indicator substance called HIV, a rumor was spread through media on a new black death.

The pest is back, and public fear spurred reseach for a vaccine! It was given first to a number of immune deficient gay-men who showed their faces on TV to a terrified media public as a last ’guesture of compassion’ before they died. What they did not know was that the medicine they were give was a not certified cancer medicine that proved to be too effective. It killed both the cancer and the patients! But in the hysteria, skillfully built up by media, around the fake HIV-AIDS relations, the same medicine was hastily rushed through the licencing procedure. When approved by SCIENCE the drugs could be to stop the suffering of gay men. Porno films were shown of men having anal sex with each others. And men from materialistyic Western societies who had no education whatsoever in the higher manifestations of love, were trapped. With the innocent trace element HIV in the ointment for increased pleasure from anal sex, I could close my circle lie into a simple means for genocide Kung Peng ended his monologue.

During the 1980s while Sovjet performed its mission in Afghanistan, I let the Americans work secretly in the tribal area of Western Pakistan. The Pashtuns, main population in southern Afghanistan, are also in majority west of the Indus river in Pakistan. Through my Agents I instructed the local muslim Mullahs to educate young boys in the latest prepared version of the Koran. I had seen to that these versions had the suitable hatred and contempt or women to forward My case. Young orphan boys that had lost their fathers during the previous war with Sovjet, were sent to these scools in order to become talibs, i.e., seekers of knowledge. Without knowing it, the Mullahs thus became a tool for My indoctrination in My planned form of muslim fundamentalism.

Furthermore, when the Sovjet withdraw from the war in Afghanistan weapons and munition for ten years have been stockpiled in the domain in such a quantity to allow tens years of tribal warfare! And a tunnel system was built by Saudi engineers. The entrepreneur Usama Bin Laden was given the task. Thus a million Talibs could get their military training by American instructors in this ’American Base’ as it was called. As Taliban soldiers, equipped with the leftover Sovjet arms and ammunition they succeded to conquer Kabul. The Taliban government was recognized a few hours later by My man President Clinton. See how I can act without being seen,Kung Peng said confidently.

In this way the Taliban regime was built as a front, or Paper Tigeras the Chinese say it. This gave the Americans an easy victory to boost about, Kung Peng explained to his thirteen listening bank families.

The French physician Nostradamus philosophized already in the beginning 16th century, that a third great war would start in a year ending with three nines. Let us see 1999 is the first possibility. 2999 is the second one. Does that mean that the millennium in between those to dates will be the golden age of world peace promised in the Bible? Can be.Kung Peng left his treasonous line of thought with a shudder and returned to his plans: By now it is your mission to get the third war started. Please syncronize your watches and calenders. At 9 A.M. on September 11, 2001 will be a day to remember. I have waited patiently through the 50 years of Cold war. Now it is time to start the really hot WW III, via the well bribed leaders of the international arms and drug industry!


After years of planning I had my ticket and window seat booked. At last I would meet the Great Financial Leader in person. As a journalist I wanted to have a face to face dialogue on all these lingering why? and how? on the monetary system of today. Furthermore, I wanted to hear Kung Peng’s version of the financial future of our world. Which potential is left from his some 250 year old: New World Order?

My journey had started in an autumn fog. The plane climbed rapidly above the clouds into the bright sunshine. The wings swept backwards for the supersonic flight in the stratosphere. The blue colour of the sky darkened into black. In a wide arc we accelerated into the satellite orbit where we should dock with the starship.

Welcome to Monetaria! An elderly elegantly dressed man and young woman asked me to follow into a pleasantly decorated comfortable room. The air and the mild gravity, had a refreshing influence on me. I was in a waiting room. Juice was offered in a no spill cup. However, my will to have the personal meeting with the financial leader of the world made me tense. Anyway, my hosts succeeded in making me relax with an agreeable conversation on life ranging over subjects like science, religion, philosophy and humor for half an hour.

But I started to be impatient about the hosts avoiding answers when I made question about The Leader. So when at last I asked how he looked like I was told that he was oversensitive to temperature changes and air quality He had to dwell in a sterile room?! How Come? Gradually I come to the conclusion that after all I should not be able to shake his hand. With increasing impatience I raised and started to walk around in the room. When I approached a window I looked something like a hardware cabinet of a large computer. With a resigned gesture I rudly asked: Describe the man Kung Peng to me!

’You see him in front of you – behind the glass’, was the mild answer. I became dizzy and let me fall mildly back into the cushions of the easy chair. Oh, God. Kung Peng is just a computer!!! I said faintly when waking up. Have I travelled to a space ship Monetaria in orbit, to see just another computer system in its sealed room? Why all this?

You asked to meet ’him,’ did you not? The elderly man continued mildly: Your image of a masculine Kung Peng made it necessary for us to take you up here, in order to give you a credible explanation. Now we will explain you more about the financial system designed to act as a stable complementary currency for your planet in the future. This is one of a set of 9 satellites circling the Earth. They will complement the old principles of ownership that have been allowed now for some thousands of years. But now we will change the principles for monetary supply. Information Techologies are now sufficient mature for that, the elderly man said calmly.

And by now it is about time to let the new principles into action, the young woman said with a warm, mature smile. My name is Eve. It has been my task to choose you, Ove, for the task to help inform the people of Mother Earth about the new monetary principles. As a part of your spiritual awakening, we have learnt you to philosopize actively. That talent you will need to spread the vision of a Peaceful New World Order.

After some hours rest with a light physical exercise, massage and meditation, I was making myself ready for a new lesson. With a light shiver of blissful anticipation, I prepared my emotional presence here and now, prepared my critical intellect and rested in my moral intuition. I was prepared for lesson two:

Eve started directly: I will now present the monetary system for the Golden Age. It is a system built upon the inherent value of each human being. Therefore each individual will be assigned with a stable flow of monetary means from the day you are born until the day your soul progresses to new domains in Kosmos where your talents and experiences can grow further. The system is best described by the inventor Åsa Brandberg, who we inspired with the Solidar idea. Ove, you can easily find it yourself in the web page: as summarized below. You better use some time on these Solidar principles before we continue, Eva explained to me, in the good mood of a patient teacher.

a currency for sustainable economy
beyond capitalism and socialism

The proposed solidar is a local and complementary currency, used with microchip cards and scanners. New solidars are just electronic numbers, issued free of charge every night as potential money on so-called Basic Accounts of persons and their commons in a poor region of suitable size. Basic income is for lifetime, from birth to death.

The solidar is “born” as money the first time it is used. At that moment it enters the market as payment on so-called Trade Accounts of the sellers. Here the sums are gradually reduced, normally at the same rate as the inflow of basic income on the Basic Accounts. The ever-new streams of solidars will follow the variations of sold products. It means that the flow of solidars corresponds to the flow of goods and services on a free real market at any time, served by solidars as means of exchange. That makes the solidar a symbol of real value at any time.

The common sector has only Basic Accounts for common purchases. Companies have Trade accounts only. Private persons have a Trade Account for transactions and a Basic Account for receiving and saving basic income.

One-way-locks on the Basic Accounts will hinder deposits and transfers between them. On the Trade Accounts all sums are gradually reduced at the same rate all over the solidar region. Such a gradual reduction is usually called demurrage. The combination of the two sorts of accounts showed to be a perfect mirror of the household of Nature.

The disappeared solidars on the Trade Accounts are automatically and currently re-issued as new basic income, equally distributed to the Basic Accounts of the solidar users every night, and partly to their commons according to votes among them. The system can be totally transparent without any integrity threats, just allowing people to see the streams of money in their region on a computer screen.

The solidar can be used within members of a regional NGO or a coop of appropriate size. From the moment it enters a Trade Account of a seller it moves without rest as payment on the market until it is gone and replaced by another time-limited solidar, also once used from a Basic Account. That makes an ever new stream reflecting the real values sold on a free market of real values.

When the solidar sum is the same in each round it makes a constant circulation. But in case of a nature disaster or another sudden change of real value the flow can be adjusted by regulating the amount of basic income and/or the rate of money reduction on the Trade Accounts – preferrably administrated by ecologists.

At the death or departure of a user his or her accounts are nullified along with a proportional part of the commons. That is for the balance of the system. The combination of Basic Accounts and Trade Accounts makes a flexible and sustainable real economy, always adjusted to real resources on a real market.

After an hour of ardent homework, Eva said to me: The satellite born Monetaria computers do the tedious job of the earlier banks surveyed by some few owner families. Political decisions on all levels on individual, family, village, commune, city, regional and on World Solidarity levels act as a carefully balanced Unity. With this process we create the basis for a speculation free base economy. First at local level, and eventually WorldWide.

As the Solidar Units do not have a price, and can not be accumulated into an ownership power, the new economy functions as a stabilizing factor for basic human survival values. The interaction between Base Accounts for primary human needs and Trade Accounts for an open and transparent market is the very qintessence of the solidar system. When propererly designed and adjusted, the Solidar System provides a stable life long supply base from birth, childhood, schools, university, work, early retirement, and worthy older age. For a family wanting a Quality of Life through mutual education together over generations, the base income will represent a reward to the time parents spend with their children! With this guarantee from the Base Account, human beings can more easily bridge different phases of their life. Private studies can be interwoven with challenging temporal job opportunities under full security. The guaranteed life time earning is your birthright. It will replace the stress that marked the former owner and profit controlled labour market.

Projects of advantage to society are decided upon in democratic order get a Base Account assigned to them for initiation. In the form of chip money without interest the budgeted financial power seeks itself to entrepreneurs and industry for effective realization. The responsible project managers will be the entrepreneurs of societal renewal. It spurs the innovative with a high salary during active phases of their life. The base account acts as a parachute agreement for times or years of recuperation. Burn out is a phenomenon of the past. Work free time is used for further rejuvenating education.

Economy is balanced. Effort is paid. Industrial production of trash products is deminished. Money that are witheld from industy reappear in peoples Base Accounts for their search for Quality of Life, and that will be profitable both for the individuals and their society. This is the very essence of the new system, Eva said in closing. Do yo have any questions?

After a long pause I replied: Well it sounds convincing when you speak about it, but how can such a radically new monetary system be introduced? It seems to be totally opposite to the present one that has had the world in its grip for centuries? Eva calmly replied that the Solidar complementary currency system, that was introduced for security reasons in Sweden, during the world crisis in the first decade of the third millennium, demonstrates the principles. The system provides a speculation free base security, to be tested, village by village, region after region to gain experience. Results from early tests will be dramatized in a feature film: Sound of Peace. Remember the prevailing financial system has needed thousands of years to develop. Do not underestimate the experiences needed to make the new complementary currency work. The old banking system under the surveillance of an financial elite, has been our best prototype so far. From now on, the incorruptible Monetaria computers in orbit around the planet will take over the management without interest or bonus.

Do you really mean that the side effects from the unfair monetary system used so far, were predictable, with all the negative effects on the environment, unfair trade, war and suffering, I asked astounded?

By now it was the elderly man that entered the conversation. Yes, the course of events were completely predictable to us. As we created humans with a personal ’ego,’ to take individual responsibility for planning, the basis was laid for a financial system that could satisfy that ego. In the last book of the Bible the great EGO is described as a beast that will appear out of the sea at end of our times. In the beginning people will love the egoistic materialism before they realize its bondage, and will throw it back into the abyss. With this excerpts from Revelations, perhaps you will understand some of the world crisis needed for a spiritual awakening. You had first to realize the negative sides of atheistic materialism, in order to throw away your old paradigms!

The dominating influence of the ego is the key problem. It may be an essential component for becoming a grown up human being. In order to free onself from the influence of the parents, the teenager experiences a will to do things in her or his own way. With a free intellect, thinking, in a balance with an artistic emotional life and with a moral will, the soul can develop spiritually for a meaningful mature life. Therefore we have drenched you with a large volume of inspiring ideas lately. It is now about time for humankind as a whole, to open up for the spiritual realities behind and beyond all religions. Besides, Materialism has been the most effective religion during the last 500 years, don’t you think so?

How can you say all these things? Who are you to make those authoritative statements? This conversation may convince, but how can a human being say so great things, I said amazed, dizzy at the same time happy, yes even in bliss, to hear such things said straight. After a long pause enhanced by the sweetness of a Sharon fruit in my mouth I recieved a remarkable answer from the elderly man:

We are Elohim. It is a Hebrew world literery meaning, ’those that come from the sky.’ We belong to an old cosmic culture, from another planet. We received the mission to organize life on Mother Earth. To us the Planet Earth is a test site for a new humankind. We have carefully avoided to be seen during thousands of years, in order to monitor at a distance how life progress. You people have the potential to develop more than us. We are here to help. It is you that belong to the future. We are closing in to the end of our phase of progress. It is essential that you understand that we have not come to you for egoistical reasons. That dull phase we left several millenia ago. To see your life and civilizations develop in a peaceful, competent, creative way, is our highest joy, as seen from our teacher perspective. To see yourselves grow out of the egoistic phase is our reward and bliss, the elderly man said generously, filled with love in his serene voice.

Stunned, I received this beautiful message, but in a moment of revolt, I could not resist the question: But what about Kung Peng? How could you allow something as evil as egoism, greed, war and all suffering? Why did you allow it tho happen if you had all the divine creativity inside to avoid it? Why all this suffering among billions of human beings for thousands of years? Who are you to say such remarkable things right in my face?In rage I rose, took some steps on the floor, misjudged the mild gravity and fell into the welcoming cushions. I did not expect an answer on my retoric rage. Therefore, I became speechless after the following statements from my hosts on board the Monetaria:

I AM YAHWEH, I have lived for 25 thousand years. I have ben able to appear in many physical bodies. As an Eternal Soul I AM identical with the Cosmic Mission to survey Life Development on this Planet and the others in this chosen one of the twentyfour Cosmic Civilizatins. I AM the One that proved Myself in front of the Patriarch Moses some 3.400 years ago and in front of John the Babtist some 1.400 years later. Through his spiritual revelations, John was linked to the crucial task of recognizing Jesus to the people. In front of John, I had to appear in visions. John’s book Revelation, ends the Bible of sacred texts given by Me some 2000 years ago. It is a manual and vision of Life on Earth as I designed it thrugh the DNA priciples to work over generations of development. The Notion of a ’Beast’ was given to John in his bewildered state, in order he should be able to understand the notion of Evil. With My artistic freedom as a Creator I have tried the Kung Peng concept here to you Ove in order you will be able to imagine the masculine principles that have been predominant in the world of finance during the latest profitable millenium of warfare.

But the egoistic phase for mankind is now over. It has produced an infrastructure of material, energy, technology, biology, ecology, transport and means of communication needed for a mature society. The Spiritual Awakening reaches you as a unifying I AM in your very heart in these days. It is a door opener to the Golden Age. The WW III financial crisis you have just suffered makes you mature. Please remember, you live upon a planet, the only one in all of Cosmos, where the Supreme Creator have been allowed to experiment with a Free Will to Humankind. We have created you with a free will in order for the spiritual beings around you, to see the potential of a free spirit, inspiring the soul down into the very biological corners of your physical body. Through your liberated will, we will help inspire a global society in harmony, creative joy and peace. You will get the ideas you need,’ YAHWEH ended his upplifting speech.

After a meditative break Eve took over: I Am Eve, the God of Life. As a human being, I AM a sibling to Jesus. As a Spirit, I AM a helper of Humankind during the different phases of the Golden Age. My Feminine Spiritual principles will help you form a millenium of Peace Beyond Power. This future phase for Mother Earth we explained to John the Babtist as a symbol: A Tree of Life!

Eva continued: We will now in careful steps prepare humankind for longer lives, closing in to the some thousand years you are designed for. The Patriarchs, Adam, Noa etc. needed that life duration in order to accompish their mission to us, Elohim. Thus in the future some human beings will have a longer life designed to them if they prove worthy for it. As a group of Respected Elders they will serve as an intermediary between your societies and me, in my capacity as: I AM the God of Life!

The time for religions are faded out. Being chosen as Jew, or idolizing in the name of Jesus, doing ritual exercises as recommended by the Prophet Muhammad, or doing ego-emptied meditation of Life as Buddha, is over now. The devotion to Godlike beings, Science, Matrialism or hedonistic Monetarism is also soon over. All this will be replaced by a direct conscious, conscientious comunication with the Oneness of Life. When people will experience in their own hearts that they are One with the Supreme Creator within yourselves and carry a Cosmic Oneness in your innermost emotional life, there is no need for Religions. You are all ONE with ME within Your own I AM. Do You now understand the words of Creation in the Bible, that you are an image of Myself? You are all created to create, to be My co-creators. Eva said with a motherly caring timbre in her voice.

I have got the name EVE, to act as a Mother to all Life. As an androgyne creative agent for the Holiness of Life as a whole, in Eternity I AM present both in the Masculine and the Feminine poles in your soul. I AM the God of Life within all of you, Instantly and Eternally reachable, just behind the bodily ego. As Masculine and Feminine I Created You in My Spiritual Image. Carry this Creativity further to coming generations. That is my divine gift to you, Eve paused carefully.

You may have been born as vulnerable babies, completely dependent on the love you can entice out of your biological parents. As boys and girls you get opportunities to practice your soul’s talents together with your closest family. As mature grown ups you are trained in taking personal responsibility, be endowed with obligations and rights to be tested in society at large. The evolution of Humankind is created in a Weave of Life. Generations are intewoven with experiences from the past and with dreams and aspirations for the future…

After some refreshments and a meditation EVE gave the word to the old man YHWH who in his serene stillness said: I AM the Creator for this world of yours. On planet Earth I created a Humankind, not as an individual but as a Soul with the creative ability to bridge Body and Spirit. Thus as a triad, Body, Soul and Spirit, the Human Being can communicate with the Cosmic Creator over time. The Web of Life needs Family at all levels. Parents need their parents to get the proper education in spiritual principles. Your children needs your insights to understand the connection to the Great Spirit, as the native indians say it. To show the wonders of Life to a young person requires experience, overview, patience and wisdom. This is something that can not be expected by young parents. Therefore I Created the Family as a cultural link beyond generations. Children need their grandparents for education. I am devastated to see the role of families diminished in favour the manipulation presently performed by religions, politics and Kung Peng finance.

As a healthy antithesis to the materialist society, I will mention the Peace Prophecy I gave to the Hopi Indians some thousand years ago: In order to live a peaceful life in a village, each young indian must be regarded in the light of its ancestor families, seven generations back! Only with such a deep insight, a child’s prospects seven generations ahead can be anticipated! These long range perspectives are both needed to understand the human being. This type of temporal overview I Created into My image: the Human Soul The divine I AM in you is the Creator of the Family as a necessary cultural component of Your Soul.

In the beginning, Elohim created this Planet Earth as an experiment and as a planet for aquiring Spiritual Wisdom. I AM Myself Created to manifest both the Feminine and Masculine forms of the once androgyne icon ADAM. How that was done I have inspired my friend Shirley MacLaine to describe in her book: El Camino. Durig her pilgrimage she experienced the Joy of Creation and deeper meaning of My effort to manifest the Masculine and Feminine as physical bodies of Man and Woman.

By now you Human Beings have experienced the separation between Woman and Man for some five millennia. During this phase, I have had good help from your religions. The Catholic Church and its protest variant, Protestantism, have both helped Me complete the separation. But is only a phase. By now My analytical mind needs to be complemented.

Now comes the synthetic phase: By now the differences between Man and Woman, between Feminine and Masculine in the Weave of Life will be bridged by artistic creativity. The Golden Age will demonstrate a creativity beyond anything you have ever seen or imagined before! By now it is time to realize that our inner ’I AM the God of Life’ will require a mother’s creative touch, far beyond Masculine understanding. Therefore I am happy to present my Daughter EVE, here today. It is high time that the sister of Jesus, EVE, takes over your spiritual education for the coming millenium. EVE, as a mother of all human life, has the ability and task to take over from me now. She has the needed talents that I do not posess as an aging creator man. To be honest, I do not understand the evolution any more. Perhaps I have done My part – the best I could…

By now I abdicate! Complete my creative efforts with your synthethizing abilites beyond my comprehension. I know You will manage…

EVE called for assistance to take the old man to a long rest. After this her motherly guesture, she took a hasty farwell of me:

EVE:I AM Divine Love.
Be it World Peace.
I AM with you for ever.
Have a long Creative Life!

Monetaria, in orbit, December, 2012.

Ove Svidén
Scenario writer and Court Jester