A Peaceful New World Order

A letter to wo/mankind from the future

Dear human beings of the Planet Earth! For the last couple of decades, wo/mankind has been exposed to, and involved in, a rapidly evolving spiritual awakening. At the end of a millennium of profitable war making, humankind is painfully becoming conscious of the mechanisms behind military conflicts. Male authority is being questioned. Both men and women are waking up to their feminine faculties. World events demonstrate the failure of the old male militant paradigm.

Humankind has acted out the prophet’s scenarios and visions for a dramatic ending of an old world order. In the book Revelations of the Bible, a ’Beast’ is envisioned that will call forth the horror of a final war. Then some 450 years ago Nostradamus prophesied that a major war will break out in a year ending with the numbers ’999’. Year 1999 was the first one. In addition we have the Hopi Prophecy that envisioned the rage of the ’Great Spirit’, as He would expose humankind to ’three shakings’ within a period of a century. However, The Great Spirit also said that the third shaking can be avoided, if the humans develop their spiritual faculties and adopt a more mature and responsible attitude for Life on Earth!

During the latest fifty years, a fierce arms race between the two Superpowers has captured the minds and ’terrorized’ the entire world with its vision for mass destruction. This ’terror balance’ first appeared as a cold war between the major materialist blocks. And now the major political powers have teamed up as an alliance! With their combined destruction power the great powers are now engaged against an imaginary new enemy: ’an axis of evil and their terrorists.’ But wild protests against the war itself have been demonstrated in 2003. And the demonstrations for peace are presently an important sign of the spiritual awakening – world wide!

Spiritually conscious people now realize that many presidents engaged in the war game do no longer represent their people. World leaders seem to have been chosen to wage just another of those profitable wars beyond the wishes of the people they are asked to govern! Political power can be anonymously bought by hidden financial ’families’. But the members of the industrial and financial elite behind it all do perhaps not understand that they have grossly underestimated the awakening spiritual maturity among wo/mankind during recent decades. Furthermore, the latest century of wars also has come to envision the total bankruptcy of the ’dominating male world order’ as it has been demonstrated during the latest five millennia! The world is in desperate need for a major paradigm shift.

So, please, enjoy the anticipated interview of year 2012 for its humane, political, economic, social and spiritual vision. It is formulated as a ’saga’ in order to be read and understood in wide circles. It hopes to inspire you for a sustainable peace as an evolution ’beyond power’ and vested interests:

”With great expectations I checked in for the flight to Monetaria. Reclined in a window seat I was on my way to meet and interview the very leader of the world’s financial organization. We started in misty weather and climbed rapidly through the clouds. The blue sky and the bright sunshine made me happy. The wings folded back for our supersonic flight through the stratossphere. The sky darkened to black and stars started to appear. In a wide arc we moved into the satellite orbit to dock with the space station.

With a warm ’Welcome to Monetaria’ I was greeted by my hosts. An elderly man and a young woman asked me to follow them into a tasteful decorated room. The air quality and the mild gravity made me feel good. Fruit juices were offered. I understood I was in a sort of waiting room. My hosts succeeded in a charming way to make me feel relaxed. An agreeable conversation followed on the History of Life, spanning over philosophy, science and religions. With vision and humor, we spent an hour, or so.

However as a professional reporter I started to become a bit inpatient over the avoiding answers from my hosts regarding my questions on the leader as a person. So at last when I could not contain my irritation and asked about his physical appearance, I was politely told that ’He’ was oversensitive to temperature changes and air quality!? He had to hide in an incubator environment to function. Oh! I did gradually come to realize that I would not be able to shake hand with the mighty world ruler, nor have a face to face meeting with him. Irritated I rose to my feet and walked around in the room. When coming up to a window I looked into what looked like the hardware of a computer central. With a gesture of impatience I asked rudely: ”But what does he look like, the Financial Monarch I came here to meet?”

”You see him in front of you – behind the window,” was the mild answer given to me. I became dizzy and let me fall softly back in the cushions of the easy chair. ”Oh, my God, The Monarch is a Computer!!!” I said to my self in a state of dissolution. ”Have I traveled to Monetaria space station, just to see a computer in its sealed air conditioned room? Why all this?”

”Well you insisted on meeting ’Him’ didn’t you? Your anticipation of a Male Monarch made it necessary to take you up here in order to give you a credible explanation,” said the old man gently. ”By now we will explain to you about the meaning and purpose behind this new system designed for governing world affairs in the future. This Monetaria Computer is part of a system of nine satellites circling the Planet Earth. It will soon replace the primitive financial prototype based on ownership by a family elite, that has been allowed to rule for some thousand years now. But it is time to change that principle,” the old man said in a soft, yet authoritative tone.

”And – soon it time to put the new principles into action,” the young woman said with a mature smile. ”My name is Eva, It has been my duty to pick you and introduce you to the new system. Then it is your task to convey these monetary principles to wo/mankind. You have the journalist talent to express those straight forward principles to people. You will soon hear our vision for the Golden Age of the planet and its Highly Evolved Beings. But please take a rest – before you can absorb – the rest.”

After some hours of relaxation, including some physical exercise, massage and meditation I made myself prepared for the next lesson. With a quiver of anticipation I made my soul receptive. I enhanced my presence, made my intellect alert and rested in my moral intuition.

Eva started straight on: ”I will now tell you about a new monetary system. It is a system built upon the principle that each and every human being has an absolute inherent value. This value is manifested as a steady flow of money acting similarly as the life-giving energy from your sun. This flow of money is meant to stream to the individual from the day of birth to the day when s/he decides to seek a new life in other realms of the universe. During your physical life here on Planet Earth, human beings have the legitimate need for food, clothes, shelter, energy, communication and transport. With a ’steady solar wind’ of money you can buy whatever goods or services you need and prefer from society at large. Each day an amount of potential money are transferred to your base account. They will remain there, without interest, until you decide to use them.

The money have a built in mechanism for the gradual reduction of the sums. This ’slow death’ of the means of exchange is performed totally automatic. It replaces taxation and also represents the control mechanism for a true democratic economy. The Monetaria Satellite System manages the process after decisions at different levels of the society: family, village, commune, regional as well as at World Unity level.

The graceful degradation of the sums of money make them uninteresting for saving and accumulation. They are first of all aimed for consumption of the basic necessities of life. With this process we have created a start for a speculation free base economy for society. Used money is transferred to an even flow of potential means of payment to the individual base accounts.

Base accounts are allowed only for physical persons and basic societal functions. Thus the individual has the guarantee and purchasing power needed for interaction with society. The monetary flow to business life, can make it act as an open market, where supply and demand will adjust the prices of commodities and services. The shops and industries of business life are not allowed to have base accounts. Their so called passage accounts are intended to function for the short term interactions of society. Both debits and credits can be transferred by means of encrypted chip-cards at all ’cashpoints’ (i.e. card readers). In this way the computerized money represent a fraud safe system for short term management of raw materials, products, salaries, and services. The interaction between basic human needs and a transparent market through a visible economy is the very humane point of this new system!

With the appropriate design this money system have built in functions for a life long and smooth supply of means for child rising, education, health care and retirement in dignity. For a family that has the desire and priority to educate themselves together, the supply of money from the children represent the compensation from society for the quality time the parents spend with their loved ones! With the guarantee of a stable flow of money throughout life, a softer transition between different phases in life is offered. The time between profitable job opportunities can be used for professional improvement by further education and/or cultural enrichment for older age life. A voluntary simplicity approach is recommended for a rich and rewarding life at arrived ages.

Projects decided in a democratic order are supplied with a base account for project initiation and management. These ’project specifications’ act as a ’common will’ for society. They are aimed to stimulate the business life and industry able to materialize the project intentions in an ecologically sound way. The project leaders become the entrepreneurs of the democratic economy. The projects offer a career opportunity for the entrepreneurial minds for those wanting to live at a high pace during a stimulating phase of their lives. Savings on the base accounts allow for a recuperation time in between.

Industry ’pay for effort’. Heavy, stressful and monotonous jobs ought to be best paid. The smooth tempo of industrial life is getting its pace by the human longing for a basic security of products and services that they have an interest to pay for. Previous ownership of power through monetary means and overproduction is replaced by a much longed for flow of basic security and Quality of Life. This represent a true life economy, i.e. good house keeping of limited resources, that are profitable both society and human beings. This system for a Democratic Economy and Quality of Life control, will in due time result in a sound ecological society. Sustainability, good health and humane well-being will be among the fringe benefits. Well – this is in brief terms the spiritual principles behind the new system,” Eva said in closing. ”Do you have any questions?”

”Impressive, yes, it sounds convincing to me when you explain it, but how can such a radical monetary system be introduced? It seems to be in total conflict with the existing structure of financing families and their covert actions that have had the world in its grip for thousands of years. How can such a new system have any chance against the vested interests behind the prevailing monetary principles?”

Eva replied in a calm voice that ”this complementary currency has been carefully tested at small scale in some few peaceful corners of our war torn world in the latest decades. It has been tested as local currency and as barter economy in some few ecological villages and communes. However, it is the spiritual awakening and the experience from the recent world crises, that made people change their attitude. By now the survivors are asking for a Peaceful New World Order. The money system is a vital part of it.

Please remember that the prevailing prototype of a financial system has had some millennia to evolve. Do not underestimate the experiences that have to be built in a monetary system in order to function. Please allow the new money principles to develop and mature for a century or so. Let the new principles develop as a bottom-up systems approach. Begin first at family level, then in village after village, before you involve a whole region. Look at Sweden for guidance. This peaceful region was chosen as a test site at a model scale. Then ultimately, the Monetaria Computer Satellite System represent your guarantee for a world wide coverage of a visible economy.”

”Sounds fair to me. But by reading between your lines, I also come to the awful conclusion that the prevailing unfair monetary system was planned beforehand? Does that imply that you knew about the environmental damage, all the years of wars and suffering, and yet allowed to happen?!” I asked in a tone of raging astonishment.

By now the older man entered the conversation: ”Yes the turn of events was completely predictable. We created the human species with an ’ego’ in order to take personal responsibility for its actions during the individual’s life time on Earth. The old financial system was the karmic response to this ego. In the texts of your Bible this is described as a ’Beast that will appear at the end of times’ and that ’people will love it.’ This we could foresee, as well as the outcome that the present spiritual awakening will make people realize that you have trapped yourselves in an egoistic materialism. This has lead up to the recent violent turning point when the ’Beast is thrown back into the sea again’. With these excerpts from Johns Revelations you might understand the deeper meaning of the world crisis you have endured recently in order to awaken from some inadequate paradigms.

So, the core problem for you is that you have allowed your ego to dominate. The financial system is just a materialistic mirror on the claims from your own ego! The ego might be a vital component in the forming of a physical human being. In order to separate from the parents, the individual must be allowed to test its own personal self. This starts naturally in the teenage years when the intellect is freed from the task of building an able physical body. With a liberated intellect the mind can develop first in an idealistic, then in spiritually more mature directions. And this is the level which humankind as a whole and its societal order now begins to reach. That is the reason why we have flooded you with a large amount of new concepts and ideas recently. You will now be able to open up for the spiritual realities. And please observe that materialism has become your religion that has had most success during the last five hundred years – do you agree?”

”How in Heavens name can you say all this? Who are you that can make such authoritative statements? This conversation may sound convincing to me, but how can you say such great things,” I said in a daze, and at the same time, in great joy of hearing these things spelled out. After a long pause I got a remarkable answer to consider from the elderly gentle man:

”We are Elohim. It is a Hebrew word meaning ’those that come from the sky’. We belong to an old intergalactic culture coming from a distant planet with the mission to organize Life on Earth in accordance with cosmic principles and experiences. We are here to help you. To us the planet Earth is a test site for a new more developed humanity. By purpose, we have kept ourselves separated from you, but observed your pace of development very carefully, during several cosmic years, actually. You represent the future. We are at the end of our planet’s evolution. The important thing is for you to understand that we are not coming here for any egoistic reasons. That phase we left many ten thousand of your years ago. To see ”Mother Earth” develop in grace is our greatest joy, as seen from our mature perspective. To see yourselves take responsibility for your future beyond the egoistic phase, is our greatest reward,” the elderly man said with a voice filled with love.”

Astounded I received this beautiful message. At the same time my inner conscience could not prevent the following words come out through my voice: ”But the Monarchs of Monetary Means. what about them? How could you allow anything as evil as egoism, the personal greed and the war mongering via the means of the old monetary paradigm? Why did you allow this to happen, if you knew about a good alternative? Why all the suffering among millions of human beings during thousands of years? Who are you to say such things straight into my face?!” Irritated, and in a state of revolt, I threw my words at him, rose and walked around for some minute before I stilled myself.

I did not expect an answer to my rude question and became speechless from the following statements by my hosts on board the Monetaria satellite:

”I AM JAHWEH, I have lived in 25 thousand years and have had the mission to survey the evolution of Life on Earth! It was me, I AM, who materialized in front of John the Baptist some 2000 years ago. In my revelation to him I was able to convey a ’manual’ or scenario for the evolution of wo/mankind during the cosmic year ahead. For him I had to speak in images. The Revelations is an important chapter of the vision of the Bible. The word ’Beast’ was the image I could convey to a frightened John. The concept of thirteen Monarchs of Monetary Means, was the image with which I could engage your mind as a journalist. Thus I AM able to visualize the long range masculine principles, controlling the religions and the financial world during the painful ’era of profitable wars.’

The egoistic phase of wo/mankind is now over. It has produced the materials, energy, transport and communications infrastructure needed for a evolved society. By means of Internet and computer control of technology you can now proceed. Trough the painful spiritual experiences from the long world crisis, you have now mastered your egoism. The Spiritual Awakening that I AM the creator of, and have carefully presented to mankind over recent cosmic years, seems now to have reached humankind as a whole.

I AM with you, as a Higher Self and con-science for the seekers who look for answers behind and beyond the personal. Your liberated souls can by now create the global society you deserve; in grace, harmony and peace. The Planet Earth is still our most important experimentation site chosen for the test of Humankind and its unique Free Will.

”And EVA is my name, I AM the God of Life. I AM the one, who with my feminine spiritual principles will help humankind enter The Golden Age as a balanced epoch Beyond Power. This part of evolution we first revealed with the symbol of a Tree of Life. Its ’fruits’ will mark the millennia ahead of us. Please, feel free to take a first bite….”

Monetaria, in December of year 2012.

Evo Nedivs
P.S. Professor Marilyn French, With a Ph.D. in Literature, has written a book with the title Beyond Power. It describes the historical battle between men and women during the latest millennia. Its title envisions a new epoch beyond masculine power. I recommend it for reading. E.N.