The President for Peace

A Political Scenario

A remote area of northern Europe was united by a king some seven hundred years ago. During the first five the country was involved in many brutal wars. The warrior kings were known not to take prisoners. Peasants were proud of serving the king and their saint patron, the protestant church. It was a great honor to participate, and return home rich from a successful war. Then a mental shift took place. The kings lost their courage and were beaten by its revenge seeking neighbors, and the country gradually adopted a more cautious policy of neutrality. Almost for two hundred years now it has not been involved in any wars! The country has been able to stay out of the two world wars of the 20th century. The diplomats of the country have been skilled in negotiating successfully between the major neighbors, and even the superpowers. In the 1930’s the country was labeled the middle way. It developed its social democratic lifestyle around their local interpretation of the concept of equality.

The country was successful in improving its standard of living and around 1970 its GNP per capita was one of the highest in the world. Its materialist lifestyle was a good help for overcoming the century old poverty. The protestant state church had served the government well in making the people into law obedient servants. The people hardly noticed that the Lord was gradually replaced by the Warlords, Landlords, the Lords of industry, and so on, to the present Lords of Bureaucracy. The written word was obeyed in all cases. The influence of the protestant church, serving the state, had become a lifestyle. Fear the lords, and their words of command. In this way it became natural to discard the possibility to engage in a war only on one side. During the decades of spiritual awakening, the Swedes became suspicious to the invitations from the Monetary Value System to choose side in a conflict. Divide and rule policy did not affect the peoples mind any more. Neutrality was the real thing. National politics became a mirror image of the East-West power struggle. Roland Huntford, a British author has written about this country and choose the provocative title: The New Totalitarians

Then fell the Berlin Wall. The peace loving country came into mental conflict with its basic attitude of neutrality. The middle way recipe could not work any longer if there was no major polarity to bridge any more. Furthermore, there was no real difference in view between the political parties on the environmental issue either. The preservation of a clean environment was dear to everyone in the country. At least five weeks of summer vacation was granted by law to every citizen. Take time off the job, go native, enjoy the sun and fresh air in the short summer months. Let nature make yourself healthy. Central Europeans regarded us as the ’silly swedes’.

The social welfare was first class. If you don’t feel up to it stay at home a day or two. A large automobile manufacturer had an absentee rate each morning of up to 30%! The national economy plummeted. In 1998 the CEO’s of the biggest industrial corporations got a major salary raise. Why? They had to show the loyalty and submissiveness to the international owner capital, of course. A year later, in a big sweep most major national companies were sold out to some GISC, Global Industrial System Corporation. Hired professors endorsed the tactics as economically sound for the industries involved and for the country. And the union members kept silent. Their silence was apparently bought by the same Monetary Value System in the usual way. Generous parachute agreements made even the union leaders eager to stay on with straight faces. No one believed them. The hostile takeover of Swedish blue ribbon industry, started to become a fact in 1999. The costly national welfare system had become the key problem. And people were unable to react any more. Furthermore, revolution was forbidden in this Brave New Totalitarian World.

After a century of prosperous growth to an industrial nation, respected globally for technical quality, envied for economy, respected for its social engineering, and admired for a environmentally friendly attitude, this country now was in a weak spot. What to do with the natural resources of sparsely populated land, healthy forests, relatively unpolluted waters, and some 8.5 million peace loving nature lovers? The Paradigm Shift is full swing. But what will be the meaningful role of this country for the next hundred years?

Brother Bernard, a Franciscan monk from London, did not hesitate in saying to an audience in Stockholm in 1997: it is the role for Sweden to be in the front of a World Peace!

Now, let us take the above as a starting point for a scenario, an outline on how Sweden can manage the transformation into a new paradigm of peace, reverence for the environment, balance between planning and free economy, and mutual respect for the feminine and the masculine in both men and women during the decades of rapid spiritual awakening?

Scenario scenes for the first decade of a new millennium.
The Church of Sweden is now separated from the state. The fear for Lords of any kind is replaced by an growing sense of freedom. A freedom to express the deepest feelings of love and joy, empathy and compassion. The annual Water Festivals in Stockholm during summer tell the story of a people, relieved of stereotype Protestant Work Ethic, opening up to a new millennium of opportunities. An evolution of consciousness is starting. Life has to be lived, enjoyed and worshipped as it is. A range of evolutionary projects are started to enhance life, develop it and care for it on the planet as a whole.

The core political issue is the spiritual awakening. People experience the power of freedom of speech, literature and ideas. The spiritual movement goes beside all religions, sects and established forms of worship. Spirituality is an issue of meditation and creativity, not of dogma, ritual or belief. It allows everyone to be creative and inventive. Everyone is allowed and even encouraged to design one’s own lifestyle. No deviation through organizations is accepted anymore, that hinders the individual to reach for her/his own personal and direct channel to the spiritual realms.

Sweden has the land and people with the attitude to test this newly awakened creativity. Life Sciences become prominent. Farmers and gardeners become become involved in frontier research on ecological food, frugal living and voluntary simplicity. Creative networking of farmers and researchers is becoming a world wide web issue. A renewal of education emerges through the free, open and virtual universities.

The spiritual movement in politics may have come in as a separate party, to become something more than a balancing agent in the political power game between the left and right wings. It seeks manifestation as a cooperative force, replacing some of the competition, divide and rule efforts from the old Monetary Value System and its global elite.

A world crisis is managed in the Middle East by the financial elite. It is ignited by the wish to take control of the remaining reserves of crude oil. An Axis of Evil is defined to entertain the people, and hide the real purpose of the alliance told to ’defending peace and democracy’. Fundamental Hebrew, Christian and Islamic values are victimized for the covert operations used to conquer control over mineral resources world wide. Sweden prepares to be neutral. It organizes itself to get in position for the peace process afterwards. A standing peace committee is formed within the Parliament. A national Peace Centre is being planned.

The spiritual politics issue deepens. IT-solutions for a more participatory democracy is discussed and tested. The world crisis makes it natural to form a joint government (samlingsregering), as was the case in Sweden during WW2. Traditional party tactics is replaced by cooperative efforts for the nation’s best. Thus the spiritual and human values such as peace, truth, love, righteous action, and nonviolence come more in focus than earlier.

Even if modern Information Technology helps spread the creative political dialogue, the representative democracy still prevails for the important decisions. But a constitutional king is no longer the solution for a neutral country trying to survive in a chaotic world environment. A presidency is considered, discussed and suggested to the people. A temporary and typical Swedish solution is proposed: A president with a support directly from the people is asked to cooperate with a representative from the Royal Family. Swedes never like to take a definitive stand, if the chance to have the best of both sides is available, somehow. Sweden is aiming to be a Royal Republic. This is the ’lagom’ solution, acceptable to the inhabitants. This Swedish word is untranslatable. It is beyond poor, meager, lean. It is less than extravagant, wealthy and rich. It is not a compromise. Lagom as a Golden Sufficiency, is a quality to strive for. Equality Plus.

Election Year 2012.
World peace is at hand. After a successful warmongering from an alliance of the great political powers of the world, this ’materialist beast’ has secured control over major natural resources of the world. But as a result of the worldwide spiritual awakening, the financial architects of the successful conquer were eventually revealed – red handed! The Mean Monarchs of Monetary Means were finally taken prison in the International War Tribunal.
In parallel to the drastic and unexpected ending of the WW3 as above, Sweden survived in its chosen isolation. The president of an international peace organization, is asked by the people in Sweden to act as political president for Sweden. He reluctantly agrees, if Queen Victoria’s help is guaranteed to perform the formal representation duties as before.

The president’s inaugural speech is worth quoting:

’Dear Swedish People, courageous Peace Lovers, caretakers of nature, and worshippers of Life on Mother Earth.

I am proud of being asked to help you as the first president for the Royal Republic of Sweden. I will first an foremost concentrate my efforts on the strategic long term issues for the country. I will not run the country politically. I only want to inspire you to show and act the capabilities and capacity that is already within you. The spiritual awakening has gone faster and embraced larger groups of individuals in Sweden than in most other countries. This paradigm shift of the mind and hearts of you can now help make Sweden a great contributor to the Peaceful New World Order. It is by means of your creativity, and your efforts that we can build our new country.

My humble role is just to help relieve you from the best ideas, that I know you are pregnant of. I am just the sort of ²midwife² that Socrates was. I trust in your most beautiful ideas for our country. I want to redesign the government and administration of this state so as to better serve its peaceful individuals. I want to inspire Sweden to be the model for a Peaceful New Paradigm Society. This will take its time. It is a century project rather than a thing that will be fixed in a decade.

During my time in Office, I will provide you with the most meaningful and inspiring ideas I have for the century ahead. Hopefully that can form a framework for industry and government planning for the decades ahead. For your personal economic well-being I hope for a system that makes every human being a wage earner from the birth onwards for the rest of her/his life in a body here on Earth. Personally I want to illustrate the idea with my own life. Thus my personal annual tax base income shall be 50% of the Swedish GNP per Capita from now on. I hope such a base income will eventually spread into a national principle. How and when is up to you to decide through the democratic process you choose. I am acting only as a philosophizing facilitator for the long term transformation process.

Sweden is not acting in a political vacuum. We are highly linked to other countries and an emerging Peaceful New World Order. As you might remember and heard before, I have a long term dream for peace:

I believe in a thousand year peace period for life on Earth. Develop GAIA, Life on Mother Earth into a healthy export product for the rest of this Universe. And I will remind you of the beautiful definition the United Nations adopted some decade ago for the concept: Health is not only the absence of illness, it is the well-being in physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual sense. To arrange such evolutionary conditions world wide might require a 100 year project to organize the very peace process itself between humans, their organizations and societies. In this mood we started the World Peace Foundation project.

What is the future role for Sweden in the above perspective? What can be our national contribution to a functioning World Peace? Neutrality! In my mind has for the last thirty years dwelled an idea that neutrality is something much more than to avoid being drawn into a war on one side of a conflict. Swedes do not listen to war mongers any longer since two hundred years. We do not listen to the Churches call for war to establishing the strongest religion. Neither do we yield to the Monetary Value System and its divide and rule strategy of separation, creating competition, conflict, crisis and war for the sake of profit. Their profit. The world is beyond that now after the Paradigm Shift. Creative cooperation is the key. Neutrality provides us with the diplomatic means for negotiations with all relevant parties of a potential conflict. Thus the role for Sweden now is to become a neutral agent between the International Government organizations and the Monetary Value System, that has ruled the world for the last five hundred years, through their covert international banking maneuvers. So the reason for Switzerland to be neutral is quite different from my dream of a visible economy as a basis for Sweden’s neutrality.

Let us make Sweden into a neutral guarantee for a World Peace. Let us invite the New World Order organizations now in formation after the tumultuous decade of the Paradigm Shift. Let us build a Global Peace in Mind City here in Sweden. The building of it hopefully is to be regarded as our contribution for Peace. Sweden has the land, professional skill, and work force to handle such an investment. Let it be our present for the World Community! In return, we will request a firm guarantee to be treated as neutral for a century ahead. And in return to that, Sweden will provide the safest place possible for negotiations of any upcoming conflict in the world, any time of the year, around the clock. The Swedish Armed Forces are offered as a active neutral peace keeping force for the Peace in Mind City in the first hand, and for international peace keeping police operations as the second priority. This is what I hope for: Sweden as a neutral country and guarantee for world peace. Sip the idea. I am sure you can come up with some crucial improvements if you really try sincerely.

Well, as you can see, I am only giving a direction with the ideas that I have digested for the last forty years or so in my philosophizing on the future role for a president in the Royal Republic of Sweden. During the last century, neutrality come to mean a balancing act between West and East European values, policies and economies. For the century ahead, I can see new polarities that have to be bridged by our talents for neutrality:

                 Planned Economy     –  Market Economy
              Materialistic Politics     –  Spiritual Politics
      Fundamentalist Religions     –  Spiritual Renaissance
                            Historicism    –  Futurism
                 Positivistic Science    –  Holistic Science
                                  Egoism    –  Altruism
                             Knowledge    –  Wisdom

The above polarities, energize the societal renewal. I propose a lagom blend of these polarities, a true synergy, i.e. a golden sufficiency, a voluntary simplicity and a humble attitude to overcome the separating forces involved in any of the polarities above.

After the fall of the Soviet Empire, the great polarity left is the dichotomy between materialism, versus spirit/idealism. How fast do we let the spiritual forces into our daily lives? What about government? How much of the monetary mechanisms from last century can we keep, use and develop further for a Peaceful New Paradigm Society? Furthermore, how much of the global economic system, that is fueling the industrial society with capital, natural resources and technology is still feasible for the era ahead? How to redesign an economic system for sharing, with inbuilt dynamics for strengthening peace, cooperation and love?

We do live in a dynamic time, worldwide. And as it is our role in Sweden to be pioneers for this development. A century of neutrality has been granted us. Sweden can now begin to test and develop a system of national economy without interest rate. This little trick can change the whole balance of the national economy. I suggest a careful investigation into the matter for the coming ten years and then a gradual adoption of the principles found acceptable. My vision for for the economic life in Sweden one generation ahead, is as follows:

1. Every person has an annual income guarantee of 50% of GNP per Capita over the entire lifetime, as a basic secure income.
2. For a young kid, its parents and/or its family group is offered the child’s income in return for the responsibility to raise and educate the child.
3. Any 15 year boy or girl is offered three job opportunities. It is a guarantee for apprentice service to society under responsible leadership and guidance into adult life. The guarantee represents a minimum 4 hours meaningful occupation per workday.
4. During adult life, each person is offered new work opportunities to grow mentally, emotionally, socially and spiritually, in her or his own pace. Any exchange of labor between individuals within the base-income level is highly recommended from a societal point of view, and of course tax-free. No declaration has to be given to authorities when living and exchanging services at this basic survival level.
5. At mature age, a graceful degradation of the physical work is recommended. Then it is time to give the wisdom of ones life experiences to the rest of the maturing society. This can take the form of political engagement, teaching the lessons of emotional intelligence and/or conveying the spiritual wisdom to those that want to learn.
6. At old age, the base-income replaces what was earlier called pension. Again, if spent within the family, the village community, private health care or state hospitals, it is up to the individual to decide.
7. The remaining 50% of the GNP-economy above its secure base economy is used for government projects, sustainable environment, capital investments, and industrial development, using the best experiences from the 20th century industrial development and market economy.
8. Interest rates, and all types of money speculations are forbidden by law.

The above points is my best impulse for you to improve upon. I know you can do better than me. Use your own experiences and ideas. Try them out in local experiments. I will endorse such initiatives. Well, I see it as my duty to encourage the development of a healthy economy for Sweden. The Swedish Krona can act as a stabilizing complementary currency for the entire European region. And please report all findings, good and bad alike. We need your full support for the creative change of our society. I want your full feedback on the process. I would like to present the results and experiences of your efforts here on TV. As you know, I have demanded and am acknowledged one hour of TV-time per week to present the evolving New Paradigm Society, to you, the very people making these changes happen.

Do not wait for the society to serve you its solutions. Believe in yourself, trust your ideas and intuition, make things happen, in your own pace and scale. It is now time for great social inventions. These inventions will form the base for societal support, that will make Sweden into a great country to live in. These societal innovations will form a framework for a Peaceful New World Order based upon human values. The people in Sweden are asked to do this. That is why we have been granted political neutrality and allowed to develop an interest free economy. The European Union will monitor our results. If I know you right, dear Swedes, We can create us into the Light from the North, as envisioned by the Nostradamus vision of the 16th century. Let us do it together!

Well, so far I have indicated opportunities that can make Sweden into a popular country. But this is not the only objective of the government. There are also some very touchy items to be handled. People maintain power positions, not for the relevance and strength of their ideas, but for the monetary benefits. Power has become a lifestyle in its own right for many non-creative bureaucrats. Some people control societal development with their timely ideas, others have to be content with a slice of power, however little. I will not leave these matters unattended, even if I will make many enemies. The totalitarian style of the materialistic welfare state must be turned into something more humane and meaningful. For this I need to convey all the inspiration I can. And inspiration is the end product of a spiritual life. Naturally, I will do the best I can, in line with the spiritual awakening I have been through during the last half century or so. In this respect I can only say as humbly as I can: So help me God.

Sweden and its population has over the last centuries demonstrated an social competence, envied in many other countries. The emotional intelligence needed to transform Sweden into a stable and dynamic Peaceful New Paradigm Country will be a challenge to all of us. An appropriate Spiritual Politics has to be developed that recognizes the freedom of will, thought, feelings and the very ideas specific to a sustainable lifestyle.

Well, as a president I also have to attend to a more urgent problem. After such a long time of peace, the bureaucracy is inevitably infiltrated by power hungry individuals more eager to maintain their benefits than inclined to help change the country to a post paradigm shift country. This is a world wide phenomena. Any new administration has to deal with it sooner or later. In our case a large number of equalitarian materialists will be clinging to power. Others will jump for the possibility of getting positions with ²creative responsibility.² Have you considered what it means? There is an old fine tradition of being a civil servant here in Sweden. This means that a person has to be both civil and servant to the Swedish people s/he is serving. But as we are lacking a strong constitution in our country, it has been seen as sufficient and customary to be civil and servant to the largest political party instead. That has formed our attitude to the state through all education reforms and the very school system itself. Due to this, the government spending has risen from some 10% to above 50% of GNP.

Thanks to the invention of the computer much much more of this work for materialist equality can now be done automatically. A system with a computer controlled base-income by smart chip cards will do it. Thus I can foresee that the state employed administration can be slimmed quite considerably. The future oriented work will grow out of personal creativity, social instinct and from new forms of family building, networking and sustainable and EcoVillage communes. All of this experimenting will come natural as a result of the crisis years that we just have passed, with the Internetting as the replacement for most physical commuting and traveling.

Please remember the Chinese proverb that no crisis comes alone, it is always accompanied by new opportunities. Grasp them! Try them. Improve them. Develop your personal variant. Be proud of your creative contributions. And tell me all about it via Internet. Contact The secretariat will see to that the flow of ideas and suggestions for projects are registered, acknowledged and included in the systematic buildup of a vision for future Sweden. I will personally do the best I can with my scenario writing talent. It will influence every speech I make, any dialogue I have, any radio or TV-appearence I make.

Furthermore, in the web page: you can find the document I AM Philosophizing. It describes my life long effort on how I developed my scenario building talent. This autobiography is a careful cybernetic treatise of how I developed myself into a networking instrument for peace.

Do you personally get ideas? Do you enjoy them or just discard them as fantasies? To me ideas have been the innermost drive since my spiritual awakening, when I saw a brilliant light oval and was told in a comforting voice to involve in politics. I was stunned by the experience and asked how I should manage such a task. The calm answer was You will get the ideas you need. That changed my world view and since that time, 43 years ago, I have been jogging the idea of the the need for a president office, its benefits to the country, and to the spiritual world of ideas. Once I asked inwards, ’how do I get good ideas to pursue,’ and was immediately answered do something about the ideas you have already got! So that is the trick. Do your job, be active, be creative from the real position you have.

So, when a new idea comes up in your mind, philosophize it for some time. Nine months is an appropriate time for this exercise in empathy and molding of a new project idea. Listen to your heart, develop a feel for the idea, mobilize a will to test it as a pure idea, and let your mind analyze the feedback of your intuitive philosophizing. Then after several rounds of this, when it feels right to act the idea – put it out in the world as a statement, a scenario or as a prototype activity of sort. Feel the joy of being creative, and take responsibility for your project baby, by careful listening to the reactions from environment and from fellow humans in society. Allow yourself to grow from the seeds of your own ideas. Learn from reactions and readjust your initial approach. Be active from out of your inner intuitive life. Don’t waste time by engagement in ²entertainment² designed by someone else to dumb your creativity. You can not kill time, without hurting Eternity, as said the American philosopher Henry Thoureau, when withdrawing from the industrial society for a simple life in a small wood log at the Walden pond. So, enjoy and be active with your own ideas. This is my best advice.

Spiritual politics, is creativity on a government level. To be spiritual is to be aware of the flow of ideas, around us in every moment of God’s eternal NOW. If you do not sense those ideas intuitively, you have nothing to contribute to politics. according to a danish politician Haeckereup. Politics is an art to develop ideas, scenarios and visions for the future, that coincide and release the innermost ideas of the people. That is why I need your ideas as feedback. I need to be on-line with the flow of ideas in this country in order to serve you. Yes, that is right, I am just a servant to this country. My talent is to release meaningful ideas. Your ideas and the ability to synthesize them into a policy, i.e. a direction of action, can give the country its future direction for development and evolution.

Furthermore, I have an ambition to be a civil servant and thus act in a way to inspire the rest of the administration in Sweden. That is my humble influence on politics. Humble because I do yield to those ideas that come from the spiritual world. As a developed human being, with a soul linking the physical body as a tool for the spiritual ideas beyond the time dimension, I do have to enrich the synthesis of your ideas, with the creative force from the Higher Self, the Collective Unconscious, or Cosmic Consciousness, whatever you want to call it. This is the reason why presidents in most countries, when they swear the oath for Office, repeat the words: so help me God.

Well, that is my personal explanation, of my political ambitions for a three year probation as president for the Royal Republic of Sweden. I will do my best, squeezed between the Will of God and the divine ideas and will coming from you, dear divine human beings in Sweden.

Your President.